The worst evening dresses of the stars of the MTV Awards ceremony

The stars evening dresses that did not effect during the MTV Awards 2013


Times, our favorite stars are also a bad not with their look and do not choose good evening for the good ceremony gown. Or quite simply, they lack the taste and choose evening dresses that do not at all. During this evening of the MTV Awards, some of these artists have had a lack of taste and appeared with an air of apprentice fans of fashion. Unfortunately, everyone there in the famous ceremonies of MTV Awards, and even the missteps of the stars evening dresses. Chouchoudress presents some of the worst held evening during the evening of the MTV Awards 2013.


The stars song with totally wrong dresses

Everyone has his day of bad taste to dress

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Know this, everyone can be wrong taste in fashion and evening dress. And our favorite stars are sometimes choices unsuitable for their evening dresses. But it is not good for the stars or even for some of them to bad not during an evening so prestigious and famous. A bad look during the MTV Awards is synonymous with shame for some. But it is the vicious circle of the fashion of the stars; sometimes all v well, and other times it wrong look and there look a little ridiculous in light of all the fans.


The short dress of Rosie Huntington

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The star chose the wrong day to have the bad look of the evening. Because MTV Awards is a very followed by ceremony and is not at all the right time for planting with her dress. His style is a little suspicious because she started in a jungle style a bit outdated compared to its body. Because even her gorgeous body of dummy was unable to embellish his failed look. His choice should not have to stop on this short evening with these long sleeves dress. The tigress version of a long-sleeved dress is a bit too loaded, hence this very negative appearance.


Nicky Minaj and her look too

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For the occasion, she chose not to put an evening gown, and it may be there that just his bad choice. She chose to put another kind of outfit, a very wild look can we say. The star rapper played really hard on her outfit, but unfortunately, it missed. Indeed, she has chosen to put a push-up with tight slim trousers. With this kind of outfit, one can easily see its remarkable rounded forms, and that it voluntarily revealed. In addition, she completed her look with compensated studded bracelets and accompanied by a large golden necklace. Missteps or voluntary, it is sure that it did any good taste for this evening of the MTV Awards.


Reese Witherspoon and her short evening dress

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The star, who has received an award for his career during the ceremony did not had awards for her outfit. Its short evening dress was not the most elegant of the evening, one can say. Even if she has a beautiful figure perfect, color is rather overwhelmed the circumstance and the current fashion. It is not one of the months upscale, but it could do better.