The decorations and ornaments that make the beauty of your evening dress

Long or short, the most beautiful evening dresses, those who have magnificent decorations


An evening gown is always to be elegant and with a sexy side for a short evening dress. Ornaments and decorations are the details that make the beauty of an evening gown and they must stand out on each dress so the dress is really special and unique. At chouchoudress, our evening dresses also identify with their decorations and their ornaments that come with splendor and the elegance offers to women who wear our evening dresses. Here is the most beautiful decorations of evening dresses, with the new collection of evening dress chouchoudress.


The beauty of an evening dress

A real evening dress is a well decorated evening dress

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You have surely understood, a perfect evening dress is not only a dress that suits you perfectly; there are other important details to considered to be dealt with as well. An evening gown that is worth is a dress that has been treated with care until its smaller ornaments like rhinestones for example. Rhinestones are shine dress and must be chosen and incorporated into the fabric with great precision and care. Depending on specific investments of these Rhinestones, evening dress will appear more beautiful with that without. And it is valid for other types of decorations, it is wrinkles, ornaments the bust or the skirt.

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It is also the case with the semi precious stones, the belt, and the decorative knots. These different types of decorations are that the final appearance of the dress is elegant or not. For example, a belt can give a touch of flower and an evening gown; or a touch of class to a sexy cocktail dress. The same goes for semi precious stones; If they are properly placed on the parties to highlight on the evening dress, the result will be more than amazing because they are part of the most prestigious decorations which offer an evening gown enough magic.


The square neckline long evening dress

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Here is a model of chouchoudress evening dress, one of those that have been decorated with the most beautiful decorations. It’s the evening dress to the pink square neckline of chouchoudress. This strapless evening dress is especially decorated in a very remarkable. All its beauty is seen on his shoulder and his light belt rhinestones. Indeed, if we imagine this evening dress long without the belt and the decorations on the shoulder straps, realizes immediately that she will look to nothing, and especially not a long evening dress that is supposed to be elegant.

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What makes that the belt of visible rhinestones at the waist level offers to dress very great perfection. And this belt of rhinestones decoration fits perfectly to the decorations in rhinestone on the edges of the shoulder straps from the pink dress. There is a kind of symmetry between the decorations that brings out the real beauty of evening dress. It is therefore a perfect example of the need for decorations on an evening gown that she is really regarded as an elegant evening gown. Then, it can be concluded that rhinestones play here the role of decoration that completes the image of evening dress.