The new handbags of chouchoudress are there

For women, the new handbags arrive in the chouchoudress collection


Here is the great novelty of chouchoudress, the handbags for women. It’s all new models that are encrusted in the large collection of 2014, and with very attractive prices. Female tastes are very varied, and that is why these new bags have very different styles also.


The new handbag collection very upscale

For more feminine women handbags

In this new collection of hand bag, there is precisely a valorization of femininity. This is noticeable especially on the outward appearance and colors super trend. Styles are also very modern to stay in the wind of fashion.

For other details, one can observe also the pure elegance with diamond styles, floral patterns, material and capacity of bags which is proportional to the size. Whatever the style sought, it is present in this collection of handbags from chouchoudress.


The selection of handbags in the collection of chouchoudress

For lightness and a very young style for the summer and fall, here’s a very special handbag. This is the purse broad trend color summer hit. Ideal for a stroll in the city and even to go to the office, this bag has a zip closure very trend.


For more elegance and class, there is the choice of this beautiful cream-colored handbag. This model features ornaments gold with two zip closures. In the chouchoudress collection, this bag is only € 23.99.

To play the glamour trend, the right choice would be this rectangular stylish plaid handbag. Wrists m i-long steel of tungsten is its peculiarity. Ideal to accompany a short evening dress, this bag is only € 26.99 currently on chouchoudress.


For the most elegant women and upscale, the choice is easy on chouchoudress through this model of handbag. This is a bag with wrists in semicircles very elegant, modern style. Ideal for a pretty dress, this bag is € 25.99.

For women who love the colors, here is the perfect handbag. It is a model of form envelope with multiple slides. This bag is in blue, and also available in other colors. On chouchoudress, this bag is only € 29.99.