Courtney Cox evening dresses, a fabulous movie star

The star who has been proven in the world of cinema and fashion with its gorgeous dresses evening


It is a strong and determined actress, and it is noted in his way of playing, but particularly in fashion. Noticed too often in a look very masculine and rebellious in his films, the star American has still a great asset, real woman’s beautiful body, with a good taste in evening dresses. She stands largely compared with other stars of cinema at private parties or major awards ceremonies. Here is a description of the most beautiful looks of the Courtney Cox star and some examples of its most beautiful evening dresses, detailed with evening dress chouchoudress.


Very feminine and well chosen evening dresses

She is a new woman with her new look

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Long remained discreetly in her looks outside the red carpet, we can say that it is taken in hand and went back to dressing as a real woman. Indeed, during much time, the star remained in the simplicity in fashion and evening dress up to her divorce from actor David Arquette. Now, it develops his style and adopted a look sexy, elegant and captivating. This is the case with this purple short evening dress she chose for an evening between stars. This is a very feminine short dress who married well her skin tone and its forms. It is a short dress with knee sleeves and a cut altogether following her young mother body. So, it’s look that betrays the not real evidence that it is taking in hand with this radiant air.


The actress dressed as joy short evening dress in the series “cougar town.”

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It’s his last series, or the star is wearing a beautiful carefully cut short evening dress. Is this not a true Marvel? She really taste. In this excerpt from the series, it is leaving bins which the magnificent door evening dress. Many people have criticized the actress does not have taste in dress, but this appearance proves the contrary. This is a short grey dress that includes a special neckline that highlights his beautiful bust. The straps that gather in her neck is perfect, and agree well with the belt at the level of its size, just at the bottom of her chest. This is a perfect outfit for the star because she is radiant in this small short party dress.


Its pretty evening dress at a charity in March dinner

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In the meantime the filming of her next film, the American star of the series “friends” does not miss its look for the prestigious red carpet in Beverly Hills, in Los Angeles. It was during an evening of charity in favor of the environment and she is dressed in a prestigious evening dress. A stylish therefore look that distinguishes the other guests of the evening. In fact, she chose a look with class and sobriety. Courtney Cox has chosen a dress all in black in black that gives the side sexy and discreet. The dress was satin and split on the front. It’s a look that marks well with the young MOM who always keeps his class.

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