Sandra Bullock, a star to look great in her evening dresses

The movie star Sandra Bullock and its most beautiful dresses on the red carpet


This is an actress who has their own taste in fashion and a way of dressing to her own. Although in roles in these films, it is always elegant. But you will discover today that even in everyday life, the star knows dress her pretty body and can choose from magnificent evening dresses. Sandra Bullock is part of American actresses who have a body and forms of true dummy, and it benefits fully. You will discover here, with chouchoudress evening dresses the most beautiful star has worn so you know his taste, his style and his preferences in fashion and evening dress.


Evening dresses that make effect

Sandra Bullock to the 2013 Oscars evening dress

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Admire this beautiful dress she chose for the Oscars ceremony this year 2013. It is amazing, because it is too perfect in her Princess outfit. Everyone has loved to see it in a such evening dress that showcases all over her beautiful body dream. The most impressive it is the beauty of this evening gown she chose. Indeed it is an evening gown signs Elie Saab, a very beautiful dress style that leaves no one indifferent during the 2013 Oscars ceremony.


An evening dress Mermaid for the 2012 Oscars

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Decidedly, the Oscar ceremony is the fetish ceremony of Sandra Bullock. The proof is that during the ceremony of the Oscars in 2012; her dress was elected among the most beautiful in the evening. It’s an evening dress strapless Mermaid style that greatly enhances his body. A black and white contrast between the skirt and the bust is fine, mixed with the reasons that lie at the level of the waist. Admire the beauty of this star evening dress.


Red dress at the 2011 Oscars for the star

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It must be said that it is on the red carpet of the Oscars that the star puts his most beautiful evening dresses. She brought one of its most beautiful dresses at the Oscars ceremony the year 2011. An evening or she has established itself before many young rising stars of cinema and of many American singers. Just to see this red dress, on a breath by its beauty and the elegant posture as the star in its approach.


Sandra Bullock at ease in short evening dress

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It was on the evening of the MTV Movie Awards, our actress has chosen to wear a small short evening dress. It is an unusual style, but it wills him as much as the long evening dresses. Well, this is not as elegant as a long dress but it is very sexy. Her outfit was the surprise of the evening while almost all present stars at the ceremony wore long evening dresses.


Its success at the Golden Globes