News, swimsuit, beach wear, bikinis and trikinis for summer

The swimming suits, beach bikinis and trikinis for summer fall into the new collection

Here’s the surprise of the year. With summer, chouchoudress unveils its new collection for the beach and vacations. It is of course of swimwear, bikinis and trikinis added in the great collection of women’s clothes. Here is a presentation of these new products with very attractive promotional prices.


The new features that will appeal to women

Swimsuits with very attractive prices

To satisfy the maximum of clients, this new collection of chouchoudress is promoted at very competitive prices. This is the time to take advantage of these new features for this summer and vacation at the beach.

These new products of the chouchoudress site are from just € 22.99 and the choice is very varied, that it is the colors or styles. There are 2 pieces, bikinis, beach dresses and the trikinis inter alia in swimsuits.


Some models of swimwear for women by chouchoudress

Of course, women are preferred for this summer and this year Beach holiday. It’s because all styles are present in this collection. For sizes, its standards, and S, L and M sizes and for some models there are XL sizes.

For only €22, 99, here’s a bikini swimsuit two pieces in this collection. Very sexy looking and very comfortable it is a model sexy push up fashionable this summer at the beach. This model is available in other colors such as white, pink or yellow.

The tendency of the colors also happens at the beach. Here’s an outfit from Beach swimsuits with colorful floral prints. It is fully designed with polyester and comes with a round neckline. At chouchoudress, it’s only €51.99 with free delivery.

Very sexy also, here’s a swimsuit trikini designed with strips naked to the waist and hips level. For only € 37.99, it is a model very tendency this summer at the beach. This model is available in black and fuchsia on chouchoudress.


Very beautiful, there is also this beach swimsuit outfit accompanied by shoulder straps. The upper part is black while the bottom is more colorful with the colors of the summer to stand out to the beach.