The Nicole Kidman film actress with its most splendid star dresses

Star’s evening dresses of Nicole Kidman that have made her a celebrity on the red carpet


Well known for his roles in the films she has made so far, Nicole Kidman is one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood. In addition, it has a very advantageous physique. On the red carpet of the official ceremonies of the cinema, it’s all another advantage it has, its way of dressing and its evening dresses very upscale. Here is the presentation of a few models which scored it.


Always a great class with star’s evening dresses

An evening dress of satin for the Golden Globes 2013

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Nicole Kidman has must be feeling at the Golden Globes Ceremony presenting itself with a beautiful satin evening dress. His style takes a little air of siren and its forms and curves are put in values. Ornaments in lines traverse the entire surface of this strapless dress and we can say that style it is very fine. To customize her outfit, Nicole opted for a few feathers to decorate the bust. It’s a style apart but that works very well.


Dress with straps of Nicole to the 2013 Oscars

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A very recent emergence and success of the star, Nicole was presented with a large class and great splendor to the 2013 Oscars. A strapless gown, everything there is lovely and admirable that she bore with great happiness. It is a sparkling black dress with motifs Golden over its entire surface. The shape of the dress, in his usual tends slightly towards a mermaid style that highlights its forms and all over her body. This is a dress very well characterizes the beauty of our movie star.


Knee dress for a photocall

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Another style that matches very well with the allure of our lovely actress is the knee dress. It was in 2012 at the photocall at the Festival of Cannes. We chose express this to present this evening dress because it is going very well. Color and black and white tiles motifs marry well clear complexion of the star and long sleeves are very favorable. A signed dress Dior, Bare shoulders and a black belt at the waist are a special delicacy to ensure the splendor of the actress.


A dress with asymmetric strap to 2012 Cannes

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The 2013 Cannes festivals are approaching and Nicole is part of the Board members. Waiting to see what dress she will choose for the occasion, let us focus on this outfit that has been set the year last at the Cannes. It had opted for a pretty dress with asymmetrical red ramp. This is a dress with a draped skirt and a top equipped with a belt at the waist. Folds are seen on the skirt and its tangible assets taken on any evening dress.


The star in black gown by Nina Ricci

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Home matches dinner, a parade of star dress evening

A very special dinner, the stars have all put their finest evening gowns, dinner home matches


2013 White House correspondence dinner was held on Saturday, April 28 at the White House or there were many stars dressed in their finest evening dresses. The US president and his wife invited, like every year, the stars and personalities at a dinner at the White House. This is one of the largest dinners of the year, the dinner don’t miss so that the stars and politicians women showing their prettiest dresses. Chouchoudress makes you discover some of the most beautiful dresses, evening during dinner, including the wife of the American president.


American dinner at the White House, an opportunity to dress a beautiful evening dress

The first evening dress Lady Michel Obama

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Since it is in the ranks of the organizers of the evening, Michel Obama did the maximum to be among the most elegant of the evening, and it worked. Like every year, the guest list was long and the first lady ought to be perfect for this evening. And it succeeded, because the evening gown she has chosen is a surprising and beautiful dress. Of course she was reflecting his image of First Lady of United States of America.


She chose a slightly different style of the year last with less rhinestone. But very bright anyway, because the few decorations on her dress makes it shine so much. Her evening gown was one of the most beautiful in the evening, and it is normal because it is dune high-end dress. This was the kind of dress that a first lady deserves.


Eva Longoria evening dress

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Initially, for journalists and the characters from the small screen, the White House Correspondents Dinner has become an unmissable evening for many stars. Indeed, each year, the presidential couple adds names on an invitation list, a list that does not stop only on journalists. The example of star Eva Longoria, she brought a pretty white short evening for evening dress. With a somewhat special neckline, short sleeve evening dress goes quite in the mood with these reasons to bust level. The skirt is slightly domed to give a very good effect. Her dress is not the most beautiful of the evening but she still has a good taste which does not leave indifferent those who have noticed.


An another evening dress which caused a sensation, the dress Michelle Dockery violet

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One of evening dresses that have marked this evening at the White House is this pretty Michelle Dockery purple evening dress. The star made a good choice by wearing this outfit because it goes it very well and its appearance is simply Royal. The star has chosen to put a pretty purple strapless evening gown which gives a beautiful complexion. This dress has a belt Golden at the level of the waist a little contrast to the whole. The lines of the dress are well plotted out the lines and curves of her body. It’s a very good choice for the White House Correspondents Dinner. The skirt of the dress Michelle is as comfortable and stylish side it is always faithful with his body still very young.

Pamela Anderson, the star who does not look with her dresses

Actress Pamela Anderson, evening gowns and her look that continues to impress the world


The actress most famous promotion do forever cease to surprise us with its evening dresses. And Yes, Pamela Anderson still effect with her look and her dresses in his appearances. To specify that the star has always known prevail over its rivals in the apparitions in the evening in Hollywood, and this from a young age. Today, she continues to impress more than one person with a total look young and always as sexy as before. Chouchoudress invites you to discover the evening dresses and the look that have marked this sexy and extravagant, star with its evening dresses the most elegant that she wore.


Evening dresses always top for the star

Her dress of evening at the London fashion week

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We all know that the star is a real follower of fashion and after fashion week in New York, she has made the trip to London. A great opportunity therefore for it come and admire the new collections of famous creators. It has distinguished itself in the middle of the present young stars during the parade, like Beyoncé or Claudia Schiffer. Indeed it has put a more than interesting evening dress, an evening dress short bustier. It is a black evening dress who still star with his chubby body beauty. Even if it is no longer in the youth, she still has much to offer with its body model. Her dress had shoulder straps that go it to delight.


A sexy draped long dress for an evening in Los Angeles

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The star remains an icon for a whole generation. Considered Queen of surgery among the actresses of her promotion, she was able to assume. It is part of the stars who go at the end of extravagance when it comes to dressing, and is the case during this evening in Los Angeles. Indeed, this gown she has chosen is just sooooooo sexy and daring. It’s a long white evening dress; a strapless dress that fully exposes his generous chest which she is proud. The skirt, draped the two side we recall his true daring style and the sexiness of the dress that follows its forms adds pepper to this very sexy evening dress.


The star in a low-cut and sexy party at the White House dress

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It was at a dinner at the White House in Washington. This was a real honor for any actress or movie stars. For this special dinner, it has step betrayed his usual look and she was faithful. And the star made the difference among these other actresses in the evening. She chose to wear an evening gown very Halter with air still as sexy as usual. Her dress graciously exposes his bust and more, it is an evening gown Halter. It was a dress still hot so for the actress, even for a dinner in the most prestigious House with the most important personalities of the United States. This is where his side sexy and daring that it assumes perfect whatever the situation and what is the respect of its fans for this special actress.



Lindsay Lohan and her evening dresses, a star who has many looks

The young and sexy Lindsay Lohan in her most chic evening dresses


It heard a lot talking to her, the actress who moves everything in its path. For a time, it was feared for her. But the star stood and took everything in hands, and this is also the case in its way of dressing. This is not new, the star Lindsey Lohan is one of the young actresses of Hollywood’s best-dressed. She has this way to impress with his style and his body that promotes the splendour of an evening gown. Chouchoudress offers some of the most beautiful evening dresses the star worn on the red carpet and during the official ceremonies of the world of cinema.


Lindsay Lohan and her evening dresses that highlighted it

Lindsay and her evening dress at the dinner at the White House

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It was the return of the star and it caused a sensation, because it was one of the most beautiful evening dresses that she wore during his career. And Yes, the actress always has great potential to seem like a real star in his dresses on the red carpet. During this dinner, Washington, she chose this black evening dress who gave him splendid and amazing tunes.


Of course, many of the stars and renowned actresses who were present at the evening, like Kim Kardashian and others. But it has established itself with its look. She put a long evening of neckline black dress what has completed with beautifully arranged hair and a well done makeup. The dress has a sexy and elegant neckline and a size tight, a wise choice.


Its sublime evening at the Amfar gala dress

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This is one of the evening dresses the most expensive that the star has worn, because it cost more than $ 1,000. It is on the occasion of the charity evening of Amfar in New York she has put it, and it caused a sensation at the near the other guests invited to the evening. Amfar Charity Gala then gathered funds for l medical research. Among the guests there were stars of all kinds with very gorgeous evening dresses.


But as always, Lindsay was able to make the difference with its silver long evening dress which shone in the middle of all the others. It is a strapless evening dress decorated on its entire surface of precious stones, which gives all this elegance to the dress. Furthermore, forms of the star fit in perfectly at the cup of evening dress.


A very nice dress from evening to evening Cartier

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This was a success for the actress appearance because she has been able to put an evening gown with a very prestigious evening class. In fact, she appeared fabulous in her long black and white evening dress. This is an evening gown with straps that gather in his neck. Assembly and the result between the black and white color are perfect, and the dress is a real success. Motifs in horizontal and diagonal lines perfect beauty of this evening dress, and the forms of the young actress do even more. Complete with a black handbag and pretty bracelets silver, she pulled it off. It is a look to Lindsay Lohan, the star who has great taste and often works.

The worst evening dresses of the stars of the MTV Awards ceremony

The stars evening dresses that did not effect during the MTV Awards 2013


Times, our favorite stars are also a bad not with their look and do not choose good evening for the good ceremony gown. Or quite simply, they lack the taste and choose evening dresses that do not at all. During this evening of the MTV Awards, some of these artists have had a lack of taste and appeared with an air of apprentice fans of fashion. Unfortunately, everyone there in the famous ceremonies of MTV Awards, and even the missteps of the stars evening dresses. Chouchoudress presents some of the worst held evening during the evening of the MTV Awards 2013.


The stars song with totally wrong dresses

Everyone has his day of bad taste to dress

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Know this, everyone can be wrong taste in fashion and evening dress. And our favorite stars are sometimes choices unsuitable for their evening dresses. But it is not good for the stars or even for some of them to bad not during an evening so prestigious and famous. A bad look during the MTV Awards is synonymous with shame for some. But it is the vicious circle of the fashion of the stars; sometimes all v well, and other times it wrong look and there look a little ridiculous in light of all the fans.


The short dress of Rosie Huntington

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The star chose the wrong day to have the bad look of the evening. Because MTV Awards is a very followed by ceremony and is not at all the right time for planting with her dress. His style is a little suspicious because she started in a jungle style a bit outdated compared to its body. Because even her gorgeous body of dummy was unable to embellish his failed look. His choice should not have to stop on this short evening with these long sleeves dress. The tigress version of a long-sleeved dress is a bit too loaded, hence this very negative appearance.


Nicky Minaj and her look too

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For the occasion, she chose not to put an evening gown, and it may be there that just his bad choice. She chose to put another kind of outfit, a very wild look can we say. The star rapper played really hard on her outfit, but unfortunately, it missed. Indeed, she has chosen to put a push-up with tight slim trousers. With this kind of outfit, one can easily see its remarkable rounded forms, and that it voluntarily revealed. In addition, she completed her look with compensated studded bracelets and accompanied by a large golden necklace. Missteps or voluntary, it is sure that it did any good taste for this evening of the MTV Awards.


Reese Witherspoon and her short evening dress

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The star, who has received an award for his career during the ceremony did not had awards for her outfit. Its short evening dress was not the most elegant of the evening, one can say. Even if she has a beautiful figure perfect, color is rather overwhelmed the circumstance and the current fashion. It is not one of the months upscale, but it could do better.


The most beautiful the MTV Awards 2013 evening dresses

The ceremony of the MTV Awards 2013, a ceremony, or the stars have put their most beautiful evening dresses

The MTV Awards 2013 happened April 14. It is a very prestigious ceremony in the world of American cinema and it is also a great opportunity for these stars to exhibit their finest evening wear. Actresses, leaders or stars of the song, they all made the maximum to be the most elegant during this famous ceremony broadcast live on American television. And many of them were lavish in their evening dresses. Here are some of the most beautiful and splendid evening dresses during the ceremony. This is a thorough decryption with Chouchoudress evening dress .

The most beautiful of the MTV Movie Awards evening dresses

Selena Gomez sexy short evening dress

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For this prestigious evening of awards, Selena Gomez has chosen to wear a pretty and very sexy Julien Mc Donald short evening dress. And indeed, she was really sexy in this short dress. This is an evening gown. We can say that it was the star of the evening with this very special dress. It is a short dress that has long sleeves that accentuate its appearance and the look.

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On the bust and neck, can out these ornaments thin veil which covers and who graciously adorn this outfit’s star. The golden color of its evening dress is very bright and brings a touch of fairy tale to her dress. In addition, she has been able to accompany her outfit with accessories that highlight it, hence this allocation to be one of the widely-read sexy evening.

Kim Kardashian, the presenter in a beautiful black dress

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She was the presenter of the ceremony by 2013, and she made a great shot by leveraging a   sexy and gorgeous black evening dress, but both simple. Indeed, as it has been the most visible, it has relied on the attractive and attractive side. This is a short dress with a very special and elegant cut. Indeed, the dress has puff sleeves that expose many forms of the star, especially at the level of the bust.

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These puff sleeves, dress perfectly follows his body, with all its advantages, and the neck has a small draped side, just in the middle. And the skirt gives a sexy look with a length that ends at the level of the knee. Same color shoes complete her look without putting other accessories


Kylie Minogue, always sexy in a beautiful evening dress

At the age of 44, Kylie Minogue caused a sensation at the ceremony of the MTV Movie Awards in evening dress with a nice futuristic look that fits him very well. It is a very glittering evening dress which gives it a very bright air.

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Her evening dress features very metal ornaments with black and blue colors edges for a successful contrast. This is a dress with knee sleeves that fits him very well. One can see that the years did not have a effect on the star and that this evening dress suits him as much as during his young age. It is very upscale and its appearance is of any class. This is a look successful so for the pretty Kylie Minogue in her very elegant short evening dress.


Courtney Cox evening dresses, a fabulous movie star

The star who has been proven in the world of cinema and fashion with its gorgeous dresses evening


It is a strong and determined actress, and it is noted in his way of playing, but particularly in fashion. Noticed too often in a look very masculine and rebellious in his films, the star American has still a great asset, real woman’s beautiful body, with a good taste in evening dresses. She stands largely compared with other stars of cinema at private parties or major awards ceremonies. Here is a description of the most beautiful looks of the Courtney Cox star and some examples of its most beautiful evening dresses, detailed with evening dress chouchoudress.


Very feminine and well chosen evening dresses

She is a new woman with her new look

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Long remained discreetly in her looks outside the red carpet, we can say that it is taken in hand and went back to dressing as a real woman. Indeed, during much time, the star remained in the simplicity in fashion and evening dress up to her divorce from actor David Arquette. Now, it develops his style and adopted a look sexy, elegant and captivating. This is the case with this purple short evening dress she chose for an evening between stars. This is a very feminine short dress who married well her skin tone and its forms. It is a short dress with knee sleeves and a cut altogether following her young mother body. So, it’s look that betrays the not real evidence that it is taking in hand with this radiant air.


The actress dressed as joy short evening dress in the series “cougar town.”

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It’s his last series, or the star is wearing a beautiful carefully cut short evening dress. Is this not a true Marvel? She really taste. In this excerpt from the series, it is leaving bins which the magnificent door evening dress. Many people have criticized the actress does not have taste in dress, but this appearance proves the contrary. This is a short grey dress that includes a special neckline that highlights his beautiful bust. The straps that gather in her neck is perfect, and agree well with the belt at the level of its size, just at the bottom of her chest. This is a perfect outfit for the star because she is radiant in this small short party dress.


Its pretty evening dress at a charity in March dinner

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In the meantime the filming of her next film, the American star of the series “friends” does not miss its look for the prestigious red carpet in Beverly Hills, in Los Angeles. It was during an evening of charity in favor of the environment and she is dressed in a prestigious evening dress. A stylish therefore look that distinguishes the other guests of the evening. In fact, she chose a look with class and sobriety. Courtney Cox has chosen a dress all in black in black that gives the side sexy and discreet. The dress was satin and split on the front. It’s a look that marks well with the young MOM who always keeps his class.

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