Play with colors in his autumn-winter outfits

Vary the colors of her look with outfits and fall-winter evening dresses


outfits colors

Learn to play with color is a great advantage in the autumn-winter fashion. About dress evening and other outfits, as well as accessories, it balance the colors. These tips will help each fashion woman to play with the colors of its look.


The styles of dresses, held and accessories with the right colors

Play with the colors and styles


outfits colorsBe able to associate colors with a good style, it is not always something easy. However, the style of colors always brings a finishing touch to an outfit. Here are tips to properly associate the right colors in the autumn-winter.

 outfits colors

It should be noted that fall-winter fashion imposes some colors that you must have in the evening wear. The essential will be the cyan blue and turquoise, purple and the golden color, not to mention the orange, green and magenta red.

outfits colors

It works with all the required evening, be chic pants and a jacket, a shirt, a skirt or a long dress. Associate the beautiful colors allows a very feminine look of winter while being elegant.


The ideal evening wear and perfect colors

outfits colors

One of the lights of winter colors will be harmony shades. It is a color gradient composed of a same shade. If there is this color for an evening gown during a feast in winter, a very romantic effect will be visible, while in a way of the monotone color.

outfits colors

In order to have a cheerful look in her outfit or her evening dress, it is always better to choose more dynamic colors this winter. The ideal is to find a perfect combination of colors by combining sparkling shades with evening dress and the accessories that accompany it.

outfits colors

Have an original look all in color during the winter can be done with an elegant two-tone evening gown and a nice coat. Of course, the second color should be minimal presence as a touch of glamorous style.

outfits colors

It is impossible to eliminate the small dress short black winter fashion. For a little color, opting for colorful accessories. For example, can accompany the black dress of a golden handbag, jewelry or a white belt.

Luis Vuitton at the Paris Fashion Week

The evening wear and the Luis Vuitton spring-summer collection at Paris Fashion Week

 Luis Vuitton Paris fashion week

As one of the greatest designers, the collection spring-summer 2014 Luis Vuitton has been a great revelation. During the Paris fashion week, evening dresses and other women’s suits marched with splendor. It is a collection that will delight many amateurs of fashion.


Paris Fashion Week, a successful bet

Marc Jacobs and Luis Vuitton collection

 Luis Vuitton Paris fashion week

The Paris fashion week is very successful for Marc Jacobs with his very surprising and feminine collection. It is a real fashion show he offered and all her outfits are very inspired with dark tones and perfect structures.

 Luis Vuitton Paris fashion week

In this future collection spring-summer 2014 Luis Vuitton, all outfits are directly inspired by the look of the muses the couture House. There is also a small inspiration filled with energy inspired by the styles of American urban outfits.


The outfits for the Luis Vuitton spring-summer 2014

             Luis Vuitton Paris fashion week

For models of dresses and outfits properly said, color dark and Black colored clothing are privileged. The models that we have seen on the podium were dressed and coiffed with trimmings of feathers and sometimes even of an extravagance for which it is used.

Luis Vuitton Paris fashion week (7)

We don’t forget to note the sophistication and sexy collection, visible side on many outfits. So, these are outfits to the sexy look with very attractive dark colors and sophisticated styles.

 Luis Vuitton Paris fashion week

Outfits that have marked this collection are especially long skirts like evening dresses, jeans to FishNet encrusted and blue sweaters. These are all models that will surely delight fans of fashion.

Luis Vuitton Paris fashion week
We also love the superimposition of jeans to the masculine look and long tulle evening dress. It also offers a sophisticated look. The midi skirt and flat boots with small dresses black offers a look rock roll more masculine gender.

 Luis Vuitton Paris fashion week

If summarizes this large collection of Luis Vuitton, the daring of Marc Jacobs has led to greater freedom and madness. These very artistic creations are simply fabulous. And these very feminine evening wear have sublimated the Paris fashion week.

Accompany the sandals with a dress and other suits

The best outfits to accompany the famous sandals

 dress with sandals

It is a fashion that does not choose season to delight the outfits and styles of young women. We can even say that everyone is seduced by the wave of trend of sandals to accompany outfits, whether it’s long skirt or a very casual long dress.


What best outfits to accompany the sandals?

The modern trend of sandals

dress with sandals

They can replace without problems closed shoes and pumps by offering to foot a respite with a very casual look. Sandals became a timeless trend that adapts to almost all the women’s outfits, including the skirt and the evening  gown.

dress with sandals

When you want to be special and model, wearing sandals is no longer a harmless gesture. Need to know associate styles with the outfit, assemble the perfect colors and also accessories. In summary, you need to know how to adopt a beautiful look with sandals.


Each style of sandals for a look

dress with sandals

In order to have a look very casual during the day, the better it is to opt for flat sandals. They are perfect to accompany the small fluid dresses, skirts and shorts. We can accompany those flashy accessories, a large ring to increase the effect.

dress with sandals

The heels high and thin sandals are preferable to accompany right pants. And if chosen pants declines rather about style hippie look with a large size or high, the effect will be also provided but with another style.

dress with sandals

We do not forget the evening dress. Curved, straight or with a style of femme fatale, if we accompany it with sandals, a glamorous and chic effect will come out. It is therefore a strong set that gives a chic result. You can also accompany a small pocket for a seductive look

         dress with sandals

During a festive evening, you can dance in the middle of the track with sandals and an evening gown flared baby doll. Movements will be easy and chic effect will be provided through the association perfect sandals and dress.

dress with sandals

And for the winter, an ideal outfit is for sandals. Sticky associated sandals will be one looks to have during this cold season. The idea is to harmonize colors and the look in general by choosing rather dark colors. Black was the preferred color.

A beautiful evening gown for a wedding in the fall, advice

Opt for the beautiful and the perfect evening dress for a fall wedding

 evening gnown for a wedding

It’s a beautiful season to get married, and invitations are many during the fall season. A wedding means dress and evening dress, and it is necessary to choose the most beautiful for such an opportunity. To be the most elegant possible during a wedding in the fall, there are some tips to follow


An autumn wedding requires a wonderful dress

 An autumn wedding, a beautiful wedding

 evening gnown for a wedding

When we are invited to a wedding celebration, we would like to give a perfect outfit. The choice of evening dress can often seem quite difficult, especially as there are many elements to consider, not mentioning budget.

 evening gnown for a wedding

Don’t panic, these tips are designed to make your life easier by choosing a beautiful style of dress. An outfit that does not betray you by its beauty and physical and perceived strengths it can bring you also.


Be perfect in an autumn wedding in a beautiful outfit

 evening gnown for a wedding (7)

The first thing to clarify is that the focus is the bride. You should therefore not upstage him by choosing a too provocative outfit. Whether it is in the fall or during other seasons, it is still valid.

 evening gnown for a wedding

The ideal will be to choose a dress with a glamorous style that adapts perfectly to a season that is colder. Comfortable and thick materials are therefore preferred, and can even opt for a dress with long sleeves to keep the glamour effect.

 evening gnown for a wedding (9)

For colors, red is perfectly suited to a wedding in the fall. There are many choices for styles such as ornate knee sleeves, lace models. You can also opt for very feminine simplicity accompanied by neckline long sleeves.

 evening gnown for a wedding

Other ideal colors for a dress at a wedding of autumn it is plum and blue. The styles of dresses can be draped or near the body. The second style will be a fairly simple cut but it will be stylish enough to highlight the holding and the color of the dress.

  evening gnown for a wedding

For those who prefer the short dresses and cocktail dresses, the floral print or the baroque style will offer a super chic look for a wedding in the fall. Version dress trousers, black or white, these styles are equal all with this chic side.

 evening gnown for a wedding

And to finish in beauty these tips, there is always the small black evening dress , ideal for a wedding and other occasions. For fall, better choose a style with Ruffles or lace. You can even accompany with walleye or pattern.

What evening dresse to wear for a wedding in the spring?

What evening dresse to wear for a wedding in the spring?

Attend a wedding in the spring, an opportunity to dress with the most beautiful evening dresses


The smell of spring is everywhere with the wind blowing through our windows. And this is the case in all areas, including the fashion and evening dresses. Many couples decide to get married during the spring season to have a wedding ceremony full of life and very friendly. Thus, evening dresses for wedding wear to attend these ceremonies must be in harmony with the environment and the spirit of spring spring wedding. This is the perfect evening dresses for wedding like spring models Chouchoudress evening dresses.


Evening dresses and spring, an inseparable whole

Characteristics of an evening dress for a wedding in spring

Amazing Trumpet/Mermaid Strapless Floor-length Evening Dress With Bowknot(In Stock)


The idea that there is an evening dress for a wedding in spring is very broad. Often referred to birds, flowers and colors full of life and hopeful that cover the garden. That is to say, a total joy with all smiles and good mood that fill the day. It is to enjoy all that this choice falls on the organizing a wedding in the spring. And the same ideas and powers are discovered also in evening gowns to make during wedding ceremonies in the spring. He then s’gira evening dresses colorful with perfect cuts and a sparkling appearance.


Long evening dress for marriage split

Gorgeous A-line Beading Sweetheart Strapless Graduation /Ceremony Dress(IN STOCK)


This is an evening dress for wedding, perfect for a spring wedding. Its white color is its main advantage, an advantage that the spring defines the purity of the color. How not to love this gown. If we look in detail this beautiful evening dress, you can see its elegance. Indeed, it is designed with chiffon and satin, to keep the class in spring gracefully accompanies its white color.

article2 (1)


Slit dress is also characterized by the V-neck is one of the most ideal styles to wear to attend a wedding in the spring. Apart from this, we see obviously decorated and draped skirt that fits well the shape of the A-line dress. The bust is carefully decorated with semi precious stones and has a neck closure straps behind the neck. Therefore an ideal choice with colors, ornaments and shape of this long evening dress for spring wedding. This dress promises a result ensuring Chouchoudress.


Blue chiffon evening dress for wedding

Sheath Scalloped Neck chapel Train chiffon Prom Dresses With Ruffle


Here we find the color that characterizes the arrival of spring and spring style. This evening dress for wedding color is light blue, a color that radiate in a wedding day. This strapless evening gown style A-line fills completely the conditions to be worn in spring. The entire length of the dress is made in beautiful and folds at the waist, you can see this black belt mixed thoroughly into the fabric of the gown. Obviously, we can not forget that behind the offer with this lovely dress. Looking for evening dress for wedding to attend a romantic wedding in the season of love this spring dress is yours on Chouchoudress.

Try purple evening dresses from chouchoudress

Try purple evening dresses from chouchoudress

And why not try the chouchoudress purple evening dresses, beautiful dresses

Evening dresses, clothes that will never cease to surprise. There are styles and the many models that make all women, real stars. As an evening dress can give you all like you want and each evening dress a characteristic that distinguishes and differentiates the other. At chouchoudress, you could pamper yourself with its many models of evening dresses by choosing your favorite style. This time, we will see talk special evening dresses by color Viola chouchoudress t, its responsibilities and the beauty of seams.

Purple evening dresses, detailed mode works

What makes the beauty of a chouchoudress evening dress?

Purple evening dresses

The purple color is a color that has attributes special because it is a color which adapts to various other components such as white, black or brown. It is an amazing color, especially when it comes to dress. But in other cases, it is also special and beautiful. We know especially with this electric and attractive look, but behind these strong qualities, violet is also a color of sweetness and dream.

article1 (2)

The evidence is seen especially in these divine evening dresses, and it is mainly why it is so interesting, it is the color of the dream. The purple color is the result of the whole contradictory red and blue, a perfect set which gives a beautiful color, especially in fashion and evening dress. Not to opt for a color evening dress purple for acquire you all these advantages it offers so feel.


Chouchoudress evening dresses

Embellished floral line evening dress

A-line/Princess Sweetheart Purple Evening Dress Embellished With Draped Floral


Thirst of elegance and beauty, this purple evening dress will be perfect for you. It’s an evening dress strapless splendid and sumptuous. Made with chiffon, you will be satisfied with these floral ornaments that traverse all the dress. It is an evening gown short with a doubled by a fine veil long skirt that iterates through the dress since the size. The bustier is carefully decorated with floral these folds that revive it and this ornament at the level of this bust.

A-line/Princess Sweetheart Purple Evening Dress Embellished With Draped Floral


These floral ornaments are also visible on the skirt with details on the ends of it to perfect this appearance. The pace offered by this chouchoudress dress is impeccable, over this gorgeous dress has an a-line style, perfect for women who have tangible assets or those who want to appear with an incomparable beauty. This splendid evening dress veil is part of the chouchoudress evening dress collection, which offers daily the best of fashion.


Dress evening long gown

A-line/Princess Sweetheart Purple Evening Dress Embellished With Draped Floral


You will be one of the most beautiful and most elegant women of the evening if you choose this evening dress long gown. Because it is a discreet, elegant and glamorous evening dress. Violet Purple, it stands as a very classy to give you dreams tunes. Made of chiffon, it comes in the form of dress single strap which assembles the front and back of the dress in the back. This careful appearance of the evening dress is very visible, and this is one of the beauties of the chouchoudress evening dresses, and it is also the advantage of purple evening dresses.



Surprises evening dresses cheap long 2013

Surprises evening dresses cheap long 2013

Long evening dresses cheap, Collection 2013 of Chouchoudress; a surprise for all clients


For this year 2013, Chouchoudress you some surprises on his collection long evening dress cheap. It really is a total surprise for women because it was put in that category this year, evening dresses and priceless quality of a very popular class of haute couture. This is an opportunity not to be missed for those who love the fashion as it is a great opportunity to acquire very classy dress styles for cheap prices. Enjoy, evening dresses very classy cheap, we do not see every day.


Various luxurious long cheap evening dresses

An offer from Chouchoudress for its clients

Spectacular Beading One Shoulder Trumpet Floor-Length Evening/Wedding Dresses


Collection 2013, evening dresses are dresses Chouchoudress made ​​with high quality fabrics and great gentleness. In order to offer the best, we have designed many beautiful gowns to offer them to our customers at prices cheap. In this collection, you can find dresses made ​​of chiffon, satin, strapless evening dresses, cocktail dresses with straps and other models with styles very special, elegant and classy.


Evening dress orange red

Fabulous A-Line/Princess Spaghetti Straps Floor-Length Chiffon Evening Bridesmaid Dresses Beading Ruffle


This is the evening dress that gives you the best look you want to have a red dress in orange. This is the dress that you will elegance you crave. The orange red evening dress is a strapless evening gown that has straps that support the bust gracefully decorated with splendid pearls and semi precious stones. This bust also folds beautifully designed that favor the appearance of the dress. Made of chiffon, the skirt and the size seems to turn into a sail fabric overlay which animates and gives life to the long evening dress.


Evening dress and long loose magic

Sumptuous Beading Sweetheart Pleat Floor-Length Prom Dresses


All women fall in love with this dress evenings Chouchoudress not expensive. It is a strapless dress that can offer a very elegant and classy look to your body, which will benefit your forms. The dress long, wide and decorated with magical details on the outline of the bust with a special neck. With its dark blue color and made ​​with muslin, it offers many benefits that wholes evening dress can give. Quality is required and the cheap prices for this evening dress and long loose Chouchoudress magic.


Evening dress pink long freshness

Glamourous Beading Draped Sheath Floor-Length Bridesmaid Dress


We can say Chouchoudress made ​​gifts this year 2013. With this evening dress pink long freshness, everyone will say that you are beauty personified because the dress has extraordinary beauty. First, with its splendid straps decorated with semi-precious stones, and pleated bust that offers an elegant touch to your appearance. This is a very classy dress cheap. You will not find such a generous offer elsewhere. For Chouchoudress only offers long evening dresses quality at cheap prices for these clients. Do not hesitate to choose this cheap evening dress collection 2013 Chouchoudress.

What dress your first evening with work colleagues?

What dress your first evening with work colleagues?

Choosing an evening dress to attend the first evening with work colleagues with dresses of Chouchoudress


An evening with work colleagues is a good opportunity to assert themselves and show that we have a good taste in fashion. But often we confront a difficult choice especially if it is the first evening with your colleagues. And it is even higher if your hierarchy is present because you need to know to impress. Chouchoudress with its many styles of evening dresses, has models ideal to impress your colleagues at your meetings in the evenings.


Choosing a dress for an big evening’s work

Impress his colleagues with her beautiful evening dress

Junoesque Sequin Fringe Black One Shoulder Ceremony Dress With Crystal On The Waist


Coworkers and friends are also sometimes considered as members of the family since spent most of the time working. That’s one way to see, but the other is that they are judges who can criticize our ways as the way they dress. Dan on the other hand also there among coworkers competitors in fashion. The silent competition between women and their manner of dress did not start yesterday and it is still valid, even among colleagues. So you have to pick her dress for a meeting between co-workers especially in the case of the first meeting. And the first meeting is a big occasion to have contact with theses new friends.


The evening dress and bare shoulder slit skirt

Junoesque Sequin Fringe Black One Shoulder Ceremony Dress With Crystal On The Waist


If you intend to choose a dress, black dress that you will satisfy with all this elegance that emanates from it. Just looking at the long slit skirt, it is convinced of his total elegance. On the edges of the skirt, you can notice these ornaments semi-precious stones. The bare shoulder look also offers a very sensual and sexy side while keeping a classy and elegant woman. This dress e Chouchoudress ceremony will be a great asset for a weak first evening with colleagues and to impress your friends at the office. You will simply sublime in this evening dress.


The short dress printed snakeskin

Chic Bateau Snakeskin Print Sheath Mini Holiday Dress Decorated With Rhinestone


In case you prefer to choose a short dress is what style evening dress which will be perfect for a night out with your colleagues. This dress is printed with these special color snake skin. Made with lycra and with a neck wide enough, you impeccable comfort during the evening with friends and colleagues.

Chic Bateau Snakeskin Print Sheath Mini Holiday Dress Decorated With Rhinestone


The cut of the dress perfectly follow the shape of your body to get a sexy look while keeping total elegance. Of course, this short dress is part of the collection Chouchoudress and you might have for a promotional price. Do not hesitate and surprise your friends and colleagues, dare to wear appropriate dress for your first evening with your colleagues.

Put your trust in Chouchoudress and its evening dresses

Put your trust in Chouchoudress and its evening dresses

Chouchoudress, the site selling evening dresses that satisfies you in details


This is one of the websites selling gowns in the most amazing time. It provides very satisfactory and in addition, the products are high quality and beautiful evening dresses are faithful descriptions and pictures posted on the site and the details are amazing. In fact, Chouchoudress such professionalism is more than one client recommended to purchase an evening dress, cocktail dress, a wedding dress and accessories, and many were those have fallen under the spell of Chouchoudress.


Clothes and dressed for all women

Evening dresses for taste preferences and every types of women

Trumpet/Mermaid Halter Ankle-Length Satin Evening Dress With Split Front


A special feature of this site is that everyone can be recovered. One can find many styles and types of dresses you want to have. That is to say that dresses are wholes tastes, dresses for all body types and all types of evening. In short, there are models of dresses for all women. That is to say, on Chouchoudress, you are sure to find what you are looking and what you want and if you want details or changes you want to have the dress, fashion site would be pleased to make us.


Evening gowns for all sizes

Elegant Lace A-Line Empire Sleeveless Mother of Bride Dress


Whether you are a small, medium or large, the evening dresses are made for all Chouchoudress. Especially for tall women, you will not have trouble finding the evening gown that we go because there is a special category for evening dresses size. What can you ask for? In addition, these dresses are very elegant and charming princess.

Graceful Beige Evening Dress 2013 Fitted With Radiant Rhinestone Belt


A example of this red evening dress orange dress is made with chiffon silky. This is the style of dress that makes everyone in love with his class and its beautiful decorations. This is an evening dress with straps adorned with rhinestones on the bust, pleats on the waist and a little fabric overlay at the skirt. It is very elegant with style A-line and it is only $179.99 -60% of its original price. You will not find better than Chouchoudress with such an offer.

Star evening dresses, Vanessa Hudgens dressed in the colors of spring

Star evening dresses, Vanessa Hudgens dressed in the colors of spring

The dresses and the look of the star Vanessa Hudgens in early spring with colors

It is felt everywhere, spring is close and some women already living with their looks and dresses that are spring colors. This is the case of the young movie star Vanessa Hudgens. For some time now, she is dressed in the colors of spring with beautiful dresses. Of course, for parties and ceremonies, it still maintains a more formal side and class. Details and explanations Chouchoudress with the spring look and evening gowns from the beautiful movie star Vanessa Hudgens.

Dresses and colors of star in spring

The pretty floral dress in the colors of spring for a shopping trip in Beverly Hills

Vanessa Hudgens dress

Seen in the streets of Beverly Hills in California in late February, the young actress chose to wear a dress very flowery for a day of shopping. A dress that already announced that spring is here. At the exit of a store, you can see with this robe very top. One can notice that her dress is a bit split on the sides. Floral motifs give a beauty and life to it is the dress of navy blue. These reasons really revived the dress with the pink, purple and yellow.

Vanessa Hudgens dress

This is a look that more than welcome and surely many of his fans will be copied. And why not, the dress suits her perfectly. To complete her look in early spring, Vanessa raised her hair with a braid crown is well out the beauty of her pretty face. That leaves also see that tattoo in the shape of butterfly on her neck, not to mention his usual big glasses. The actress is well into spring with this dress. Chouchoudress in, we are already also in the spring season with our party dresses in spring colors.

A spring dress shopping in Los Angeles

Vanessa Hudgens dress

No later than Tuesday 02 April, Vanessa Hudgens has once again see that the spring is in place with lovely flowery robe. Always a day of shopping, the star chose this time a pink flowered robe almost identical to that she has put in Beverly Hills. This time, his look sings the spring from head to toe. Sison beautiful spring is an opportunity to shine in her dress and she enjoys thoroughly. If we describe this dress, can see that n is large enough to let it breathe his body. The dress is also bent at the chest and embellished with floral prints with spring colors and flowers everywhere, yellow, pink, purple and many others radiate its appearance completely.

Vanessa Hudgens dress


To complete her look lighter spring Vanessa has a pair of open sandals and some silver bracelets, not to mention the famous glasses. It is now clear, the winds of spring has arrived in the world of stars. Chouchoudress is not lagging behind in this case because the range of dress 2013 new collection includes dresses that fit naturally in the spring.