Beautify its short evening dress this year’s end

Combine a beautiful short evening dress with beautiful evening shoes

evening shoes and short dress

In this month of December, the occasions of feasts occur. For this, one needs to choose a cute short dress and accompany it with a lovely pair of very stylish shoes. Here are a few ideas to put the ideal shoes with a beautiful short dress.

The most beautiful evening dress a beautiful look with evevning shoes

Short dresses and perfect evening shoes

For the holiday season for years and other occasions in the month of December, we must choose his look. The most important thing is to opt for a beautiful short dress and a lovely pair of evening shoe. Of course, the choice depends on the style and the desired effect.

evening shoes and short dress

There are many tricks to get noticed during the year-end holidays. To accompany a short evening dress or a cocktail dress, you can choose the boots over the knee. With the cold climate, it allows to have a super chic look.

evening shoes and short dress

And if the feast and the ceremony is attended by place warm, the ideal is always the beautiful heel shoes. By choosing a short dress stylish and rather sexy, could highlight the legs and morphology.


Examples of look at try

evening shoes and short dress

An original idea and that always makes its effect, it is the choice of a pair of shoes. These glamorous fringes evening shoes are a perfect example. Choose this model so d ‘ accompany your short dress. With a golden color, its beauty reflects a festive atmosphere.

evening shoes and short dress

For a more elegant and less sexy short dress style, these evening shoes marine stones are a very interesting choice. Indeed, one can accompany them with a splendid short dress with a same style. The result will be perfect elegance.

evening shoes and short dress

The beauty of these models of evening shoes, it is that they adapt to the chosen party dress styles. One effect, if it accompanies them with a short dress that stops at the level of the knee, the style combined will be small but classy.

evening shoes and short dress

Other models of evening shoes will make all the effects you wish to have. The important thing in these tips is to choose the perfect party short dress and choose shoes that can offer these effects.

black short evening dresses, elegance safe value

black short evening dresses, elegance safe value

The secrets and beauty of black evening dresses on Chouchoudress

The short black evening dresses is a marvel of fashion because it assembles wholes positive sides of fashion and dress. Can be found in this dress all the ingredients that make up a real elegant evening dress, glamorous and sexy especially. Do not forget that the black short dress is a dress that has a very sexy side and causing time. It is made ​​for women who have dared style and are not afraid to express their beauty and sexiness. In Chouchoudress, there are many styles of evening dresses black short to meet all preferences of our clients.


Black short dresses, the expression of a sexy body

The choice of a black short dress, a must try

Elegant Ribbon Belt One Shoulder Knee-Length Cocktail/Prom Dress With Scarf


The black color represents elegance and sexiness. The color is attractive and provoking in evening dress. And it goes without saying that short evening dress black dress is a very attractive and looks like a glamorous dress. Another advantage of the black dress is that it has the same characteristics as the white dress, it is versatile and fits almost all situations and all the events that you can attend. A black dress that also has a little side inaccessible fashion and appearance with this personality in itself. You will notice all these features in evening dresses black Chouchoudress in his great collection.


Black short evening dress oriental style

Sumptuous Sheath Black V-Neck Short Empire Chiffon Cocktail Bridesmaid Dresses with Beadwork Crystal


Short evening dress with oriental style is a special dress with her ​​sexy side and, as its name indicates, a key oriental style. This is what makes it so unusual and beautiful. It is decorated carefully at the waist with rich patterns and semi-precious stones to keep perfect elegance. It has a V-neck and irregular folds which traverse the surface of her short skirt sensual, which is natural for a short black dress. The sexiness is simply perfect as the cut of the dress makes it perfect ment follows the curves and shape of your body. The benefits of short black dress are demonstrated here with this particular style of dress that is a mixture of elegance and oriental style.


The short evening dress classy black woman

Gorgeous Lace Beading V-Neck Knee-Length Holiday/Party Dress


Here, the name of the dress sums up the result if you choose to buy. This evening dress black dress Chouchoudress is spectacular because you will definitely a higher class appearance with quality assured. You will be like a mannequin with this style very strict. Indeed, short dress classy woman, made with taffeta takes the form A-line and has been carefully embroidered. The bust has made ​​short sleeves with lace and it is carefully decorated with white pearls that shine the upper part of the dress in contact with light. The V neckline adds grace to the dress and the skirt fits perfectly with the rest of the style of the black dress.

Match the color of the evening dress and the atmosphere

Match the color of the evening dress and the atmosphere

How to match the colors of your clothes, evening dresses and the theme of evening?


Evening gown or tuxedo, man or woman, it is unanimous, it takes a nice assortment of colors if you are invited to attend a party or a ceremony. Because being dressed in a beautiful way is with a beautiful evening gown. But be dressed in matching colors is even better if you know how to do it. Agreements between colors are the visual beauty of a woman who knows how to dress or party whole evening.


The importance of colors in the appearance

Why do we worry about colors?

Knowing to wear and match colors in an elegant way will allow you to develop without being noticed. And also, in the case of a party, to blend in, or at least show that you understand the codes of elegance. In this case, dress well means not only wear evening dress, but clean and elegant as in the way they dress, behave, what to discuss.

Beautiful A-Line/Princess Empire Floor-Length Evening Dress With Beadwork


Knowing how to identify and associate colors

If you are wearing an evening dress, usually its color is the dominant color and at least and at least one must have a secondary color, coat or scarf. In this case, scarf or coat is the color of the dress for a more classic style and a sharp contrast or on your style for a younger and fresh. Of course, your shoes will be the color of your evening dress. You should know that if you do not wear a single color in your dress, you may go for a decorative element, a pole, a wall. The best thing is to have at least two colors.

Beautiful A-Line/Princess Sweetheart Split Chiffon Satin Prom Dresses With Sash


Groups dipping colors
Note that even if you can have four colors by dressing, there are gathering of colors that are not good for your evening dress. Black and navy blue for example are two dark colors and are not complementary or additive. There are also black and brown, for the same reasons as black and navy blue, black and brown are set to avoid.

Glamorous Draped One-Shoulder Short/Mini Graduation Dress

Most watched in her evening gown for an evening with colleagues.

During the evenings between coworkers, being one of the most beautiful women admired her evening gown is a dream.

Women seek to be beautiful, especially during an evening ball. Evenings with colleagues are one of the privileged occasions for it. When you choose your cocktail dress to wear during the festivities, you always want to keep the feeling of comfort and perfection in mind. So, we offer the most perfect.

A perfect evening for you and your friends

being classy in the party

No woman will say, “I do not want to be beautiful for the parties.” Because everyone wants to be noticed and long evening dresses will help you attract the eyes of others who are in such an occasion. You must imagine that the evening is dedicated to you because if you feel special is that you are dressed special. This type of clothing is very classy model flamenco taffeta and chiffon, making a high fashion chic for evening like the night of New Year’s Eve. Its uniqueness is maintained strapless bust with a skirt made of several layers of ruffles. You do not tighten indifferent and clothing her and many will be envious.

robe de soirée longue


Unanimously for this model short evening dresses

They all said yes when the question was asked, “is that you like to wear a short evening dress for dinner with colleagues? »In fact, many ladies prefer to wear a short dress to be more at ease in their movements and gestures. Available in other colors, it offers under this short evening dress strapless taffeta specially crafted. She has a beautiful drape fancy belt with a bow for a low swelling with a drape.



An evening cocktail for a gorgeous look

Cocktail dresses within reach of all

Go to an evening cocktail is always a challenge for the ladies, and they often ask “what dress to wear tonight? It is often difficult, especially when it comes to an evening with colleagues. To relieve your conscience and less anxiety, here is your solution. A cocktail dress with floral silver satin, decorated with flowers delicately handcrafted with the same fabric as the dress. Topped folds made manually for originality. Folds upward are on the top refining the size, and more vertical lowest value to the hip to accentuate the elegance.

robe de cocktail



Better quality of evening dresses with chouchoudress

The evening dresses of chouchoudress with the best quality at the lowest price

Evening dresses are our specialty and Chouchoudress guarantees quality products for dress. Because we know that the dresses are not just dressed but they are part of the daily lives of women fashion fans. We offer you the styles of evening dresses with great prices and quality priceless.

Our models of low-priced evening dresses

The model evening dress flavor of grape 

robe de soirée petit prix4

With the aim of satisfying you and giving you the best without ruining yourselves, we created this dress for you. The soft feeling is cool of a reached maturity grape, sweetened and adjutant, , this is what offers this subtle strapless short evening dress that makes cutting easy and ornamentation style original and charming. Its purple, at the same time warm and pleasant color for a fruit which can turn out particularly refreshing brings a mixture of feelings and contradictory desire to this dress.

robe de soirée petit prix5

Its strapless straight, almost rounded off, reminder once again the round shape and sensual some fruit. To put highlight your bust, a delicate crystalline semiprecious stony ornamentation comes to add of the class and some charm to the whole. The tissue hardly livened up by some subtle folds, which spread out with an elegant simplicity on the body of its host, back to the smooth and silky surface of this fruit full-flavored and filled with sensuality.

This dress is in wind on our site for a very interesting price challenging all the competitors. As well as being beautiful and elegant, this magnificent short evening dress is cheap with a 79, 99€ price only.

The beautiful strapless evening gown taffeta cheap

robe de soisrée petit prix

This twinkling evening dress in taffeta decorated with flowers in the size will make for you shone in all the ceremonies. Its heart-shaped bustier made with a tissue wrinkled for the hand gives this particular charm of the classic dresses of the big years. With it, the rose in its size brings this touch of innocence sufficient to make of you a desirable and sexy princess.

robe de soirée petit prix2

This beautiful evening dress also finds its peculiarity in its very elegant skirt. In fact it widens a bit to offer a small effect princess in your step. And of course, its price is significantly below with respect to elegant evening dresses of this style. This evening gown is offered for only € 79.99 on chouchoudress, our website.

robe de soirée petit prix3

Subscribe to the youth with chouchoudress

Be young with evening dresses on our site of on-line sale

In the world of the fashion, it is always necessary to know how to update its look not to be in the tail. The fashion changes and evolves and the youth queen on this ground. On chouchoudress, we always know about new styles and about new trends of the young thoughts. Our products are always fashionable.

Still young and trends

Evening gowns for those who have taste

robe de soirée jeune5

If you want an evening dress young, you should know that this is a dress which includes all the details of the evolution of trends. That is to say, it’s an outfit that knows how to identify itself and represents your own style.

The short evening dress classy woman

robe de soirée jeune

This evening dress is ideal for semi-formal evenings and cocktails. His bust short sleeves made ​​of lace valuable finely embroidered with pearls pearly white sports wise but refines V neckline edges curled very distinguished both in the front of the dress and back. Its high waist guarantees comfort and safety while providing this outfit look distinguished.

robe de soirée jeune2


Its skirt is constituted by a delicate taffeta which trains a harmonious linear set in successive stages to finish at the level of knees and leave showed the sensual legs of the one who wears it. To accompany this very beautiful cocktail dress, an attractive matched shawl will come to cover shoulders during the a little cooler evening.

The trendy young long evening dress

robe de soirée jeune4


Enjoy this beautiful evening dress long blue. A-line style mixed with elegance gives a very young woman who wears it. The single handle style with this small ribbon gives a nice effect. In addition, it has a beautiful decoration at the right hip with a long skirt arranged a few folds.

robe de soirée jeune3



Long evening dresses or short evening dress

The choices and challenges to a long evening dress or a short evening dress

It is the choice of dress to which is always difficult when you decide to go to a party or a ceremony. The question put on the dress will still be there and you have all the answers. Learn to select the ideal dress for the evening without breaking your head. You can find your evening dress long or short here.

General information on choosing an evening dress

The right dress for the right occasion

When you are invited to a party, it must be mentioned in the invitation: “evening dress required” and this is where you jump on the choice of dress to wear. Long evening dress, short evening dress, cocktail dress, evening dress for a wedding dress, evening dress, and little black dress, know that whatever dress you choose, you should choose the evening gown flapping.



An evening dress for a party in summer
If you are invited to a party in summer if you put a long evening dress or short dress, both types are acceptable. You can even choose colors and prints spring, lightweight fabrics, jewelry and sandals with heels. If the event takes place outside in the countryside, long evening dress is exaggerated because it is not adapted to the environment of the evening.


The perfect dress for a party in winter

It is a party in winter, it is possible to put the cocktail attire, evening dress short and long. These three types of dresses are both possible in winter. You just know how to adapt to climate accessories. By cons, tissues should be richer, more muted colors and shoes must be closed. Of course, you need to cover your lower legs because the climate will not make a gift.


The wedding and evening dress for wedding

Finally, if the invitation is a party or a wedding ceremony, the bride may express a preference on the length of the evening dress that you wear. You can ask him his preference to her wedding ceremony. But it can not impose robe. It is the guests to make the choice. However, you will leave the bride the privilege of wearing the white or cream.


Of tips

If you have the choice between long dress and short dress to go to a party, do not spoil your details unsightly elegance. Please check that the straps or bra nor underwear demarcations are not interfering in impeccable shape your silhouette.