News, swimsuit, beach wear, bikinis and trikinis for summer

The swimming suits, beach bikinis and trikinis for summer fall into the new collection

Here’s the surprise of the year. With summer, chouchoudress unveils its new collection for the beach and vacations. It is of course of swimwear, bikinis and trikinis added in the great collection of women’s clothes. Here is a presentation of these new products with very attractive promotional prices.


The new features that will appeal to women

Swimsuits with very attractive prices

To satisfy the maximum of clients, this new collection of chouchoudress is promoted at very competitive prices. This is the time to take advantage of these new features for this summer and vacation at the beach.

These new products of the chouchoudress site are from just € 22.99 and the choice is very varied, that it is the colors or styles. There are 2 pieces, bikinis, beach dresses and the trikinis inter alia in swimsuits.


Some models of swimwear for women by chouchoudress

Of course, women are preferred for this summer and this year Beach holiday. It’s because all styles are present in this collection. For sizes, its standards, and S, L and M sizes and for some models there are XL sizes.

For only €22, 99, here’s a bikini swimsuit two pieces in this collection. Very sexy looking and very comfortable it is a model sexy push up fashionable this summer at the beach. This model is available in other colors such as white, pink or yellow.

The tendency of the colors also happens at the beach. Here’s an outfit from Beach swimsuits with colorful floral prints. It is fully designed with polyester and comes with a round neckline. At chouchoudress, it’s only €51.99 with free delivery.

Very sexy also, here’s a swimsuit trikini designed with strips naked to the waist and hips level. For only € 37.99, it is a model very tendency this summer at the beach. This model is available in black and fuchsia on chouchoudress.


Very beautiful, there is also this beach swimsuit outfit accompanied by shoulder straps. The upper part is black while the bottom is more colorful with the colors of the summer to stand out to the beach.

The female tendency and the 40’s look

The style and 40’s look in the winter trend

40’s look

Like most nostalgic styles, the 40’s style has also managed to find a place this 2013 year for the modern trend. For the winter fashion, this nostalgic trend fits into women’s closets with beautiful and chic styles.


The chic trend of the 40’s look and modern fashion

Modernized the look of the 40’s details

 40’s look

Nostalgic fashion fit completely with modern fashion. As with the women of the 1920s trend which has been revised by the great designers this year, the trend of the 40’s is back.

 40’s look

Winter reserves many surprises and the 40’s styles are very varied with chic outfits. Skirts, reasons to tiles, dresses and coats are characteristic patterns of the 40’s for the 2013 winter look.


The 40’s look of the stylish dresses

 40’s look

In general, the trend of the 40’s is characterized by a sober enough look, especially at the level of the colors. There is mostly black, blue and grey and it doesn’t focus too much on beautiful evening dresses vintage style . The most popular color for winter andd the look emphasizes the very feminine morphologies.

40’s look

Moreover, to have a look of the 40’s it will draw styles proposed by Christian Dior. These outfits fit especially to hourglasses silhouettes to give a totally feminine look with soft and comfortable materials like silk.

40’s look

The hourglass silhouette is characterized by curved size, size high and the gathers. All outfits are so well that elongate the silhouette and mark the size are therefore preferred. Each woman decides to styles that will forward the size.

 40’s look

To keep the originality of the year look, we choose long skirts and very fluid blouses. Not to mention that the outfits patterned with tiles and sweaters will be returning for this winter. It is also preferable to opt for soft materials-wool, cashmere or in even in mohair.40’s look

For the accessories of the 40’s, opting for the classy styles and enjoy XXL bags, the red silk scarves or a capeline wool. That gives beautiful look to your dresses and outfits. The goal is to put the chic and the whole class. In addition, one pleated skirts and long coats to see a very retro look of the 40’s.

The Prada parade at the Milan Fashion Week

The future spring-summer 2014 collection of Prada at the Milan Fashion Week

   Prada Milan fashion week

The future female outfit’s collection of Prada will be very artistic. It is observed during the Milan Fashion Week where it was able to see a preview of that will be the spring-summer 2014 fashion. Fashion lovers will be spoiled next year.


Prada and its collection of hyper-feminine’s outfits

A feminine style claimed with the street style

Prada Milan fashion week

It is a real claim to a women’s fashion that Prada will make in its future spring-summer collection. We can even say that women will take the power of fashion thanks to assets of staggered seduction, fantasy and very artistic look.

Prada Milan fashion week

Miuccia Prada has spared no efforts to replace women on the fashion front. Indeed, the designer has opted for very flashy looks. Whether its dresses, coats, and other women’s evening wear, everything is very visible.


Models of gaudy female outfits

Prada Milan fashion week

Very inspired by the ‘street art’, the spring-summer collection of Prada at the Milan Fashion Week is so skews toward looks younger and more colorful. What makes this is a collection 100% feminine with dresses and very feminine outfits.

  Prada Milan fashion week

The brainchild of designer is based on the fact that women must be seen, heard, and above all views. Between representation of style of strong woman, active and more sensual and delicate touches women fashion could find their ideal in this collection.

Prada Milan fashion week

First example, we can observe evening dresses colored like this. It is a dress very model representing a woman very visible, reassured and who pays. The style is very feminine with features that highlight the silhouette and tangible assets.

  Prada Milan fashion week

Still in the women’s field of the ‘street style’, the collection spring-summer 2014 Prada also includes models of dress with a presence of assets of embroidery and graphic design. The artistic side is very visible with the style of the skirt.

Prada Milan fashion week

This very artistic collection goes as far as amazing classic styles. For example, there is this portrait dress that puts forward the fantasy and seduction. In most of these “street styles”, there is even the style of supports throat very militant to highlight the power and the femininity of the outfits.

What dresses and what outfits to accompany the gold?

A look with gold and the most beautiful outfits and evening dresses

 dresses with gold

It is a very chic and valuable metal. The gold is a beautiful gem that can accompany the most beautiful outfits and evening dresses. As the silver and the most beautiful outfits accompanying, gold also has many strengths that highlight the very feminine look.


Wear gold to accompany her outfit with class

The effects of gold on the look and dresses

 dresses with gold

Gold yellow or gold white, it is a very precious metal which offers a large class that chose him. When it is in the form of jewelry, gold is a marvel. When worn with a pretty elegant long evening dress, he assures the perfection.

 dresses with gold

According to the outfit or dress with which it accompanies a jewel or deliver more in addition to secrets. What you need to know so, is to adequate maintenance so that the desired effect. Because it is also to clarify that gold cannot embellish any outfit.


The different possible looks with gold

dresses with gold

You should know that all outfits and dresses may not necessarily accompany gold. And this is valid also for styles. Depending on the time of day the gold agrees with different outfits and offers varied results. In general, the look is chic or glamorous.

dresses with gold

During a night event, to accompany a beautiful evening dress, you can choose a gold cuff bracelet. This style can offer a very glamorous look. The result can be sexy where the choice is focused on a black dress neckline, it is superb.

 dresses with gold

During the day, the gold can display both a discreet, chic look. The holding will then be a sleeved dress accompanied by a yellow gold ring. For the choice of a necklace, it can be accompanied a beautiful blouse, ideal for going to work. The classy effect will be insured perfectly.

dresses with gold

To keep on the fashion look with gold, nothing beats a gold collar accompanied by a little fluid dress. Another possible choice, these are small earrings accompanied by a pullover v-neck or a light outfit that fit. It will offer a young and casual look while remaining glamorous.
dresses with gold

For colors, it depends on the color of gold. For yellow gold, it is accompanied by mostly outfits of Brown, orange, black or pastel colors. As white gold, it is better with brighter colors such as red, Plum, turquoise or Raspberry. And he does not forget the grey and broken white.

How to have a true peplum look?

The peplum look, a look to know for fashion women

 peplum look

For a fashion lover, all looks are good to try, especially as the trend changes all the time. The peplum, look also called basque look is a feminine trend very much appreciated by the stars. Until today, the fashion designers are still attaching it great importance.

The true look peplum in the fashion of every day

The small details of the peplum look

 peplum look

Very still visible on the red carpet today, the peplum look comes first from a Latin word. A Word from the Latin “peplon” which means tunic. It is almost, since the tunic is already an outfit in itself, but the peplum still has other secrets.peplum look


Before becoming a fashion trend, the peplum is appeared during the 19th century. Originally, it referred to a short skirt with a superposition of jacket, blouse with a dress or a flared wheel. All are sewn to the size of the jacket or a corsage, a real beauty.

peplum look

The omnipresence of the tissues should generally highlight the hips of women. Of course, it will not be able to appeal to all women. And to by this, the steering wheel also showcases all the part in which it is placed on the holding.


The peplum looks in modern fashion

peplum look

Having a peplum look means that we have all the components and the necessary outfits. You need ka jacket or top, and then it is necessary to have the ideal skirt and dress. What is certain is that with so many accessories, this look may not be ideal for all types of morphologies.

peplum look

For the jacket, you must choose the most beautiful. The perfect example would be the inspiration for Dior with his jacket new look. This style of jacket has a large suit at the edges with a very flared cut and marked size. One can even have a big belt.

article1 (1)

For women who have very pronounced hips, you must choose a top or tailor model Basques that value. Naturally, the curves will be highlighted and it will give a very feminine look. Wear with a nice straight skirt or pants, the result will be always satisfactory.

 peplum look

Women who do not have these tangible assets may also have a peplum look. Simply choose a skirt or a peplum dress. All it is to restore the volume they wish to have. And for those who have rather large thighs, should just avoid the too low models in order to hide them.

The discovery of the eastern baroque fashion

The true baroque oriental style trend and these flowery dresses in women’s fashion

 baroque fashion

There are so many styles and trends, and sometimes we get lost. However, we must know what is worn to impress. The eastern baroque style is currently part of favorite looks of young fashion. Especially since the arrival of autumn and winter, these special dresses models are the buzz.


The flowery dresses of the baroque style are much admired

The eastern baroque style on the front of the fashion

baroque fashion (1)

Filled with colors and gilding, the Eastern baroque style with these dresses have a style very colorful which please much to young women. This look is inspired by the bright hues of outfits in North Africa. The creators have left talking about their inspirations to provide beautiful clothes.

baroque fashion

That said, the fashion designers do refuse nothing. Since the popular revolutions of the countries of North Africa, this style has been highly visible and conquered many young women. And currently, it is a tendency to have, especially in the autumn-winter fashion.


Adopt a baroque oriental style

baroque fashion

The first thing to know is that the Eastern baroque style is a look very light, visible. With dresses and held flowers, we can say that it is not made for too discrete women. But between flowery style and colors bright golden, everyone can find his preference.

baroque fashion

Among the fashion designers, it is a true handicraft they do mount on the catwalks. The outfits are very bright with flowered headscarves, very valuable moucharabieh, and even a little side bling bling Golden customer couture.

baroque fashion

Among the fashion lovers, they can adopt better style with a black color with some fashion accessories. The flowery grounds must not be forgotten. It is always better to opt for red or pink shades in order to integrate a touch gold on accessories.

 baroque fashion

As an example, we can adopt a baroque style with a beautiful legging in printed tapestry accompanied of a black blouse to balance the look. But what should not forget is the flashy jewelry. And for those who want more, they can always add studded boots.

 baroque fashion

There are even styles for the more timid of fans of fashion thanks to the black look. The idea is to play on the small details and colorful textures perfectly seconding monochrome style. The little dress can make a very nice effect.

baroque fashion

For other accessories, fashion fall-winter requires wise shoes. Embroidered ballerinas will do well the case. We can even accompany the small flowered dress baroque style with lace tights. It will be its effect with other lovers of fashion.

The denim skirt at work, an autumn look idea

Choose a denim skirt to go to work, an alternative look at the dress

denim skirt at work

The arrival of autumn announces many things. And with fashions lovers, this is the ideal time to highlight their pretty legs. To secede from cocktail dress go to work with an autumn look, the denim skirt is there.

Looks for those who have a lot of tastes

The look in denim skirt who seduces many women

denim skirt at work (4)

The fall season is really a blessing for women’s fashion. We have already seen many styles as the luxury evening dresses of the autumn trends that will all have their place in fashion for fall. This one of the last to make his entrance will be the denim skirt for women who want to go to the office with a nice look.

denim skirt at work

Already announced since the beginning of the year, the denim skirt will take an important place in this fashion for fall. Thanks to his style and especially the outfits and accessories with which one can accompany him, it will be perfect. It’s time to take the step and follow this trend.

The looks that one can have with a denim skirt

denim skirt at work

Being a piece of timeless fashion, the style skirt jean returns in full force to give the look. It is ideal if wear you at the office, an appointment, the beach and even in other circumstances. Various styles are possible with the denim skirt. Need to try it at any price.

denim skirt at work

Elegance will be ensured with a jean skirt if it is well along. A simple United shirt will case and not bulky style. It is perfect for going to the office. Add a XXL leather bag and you will become a much-admired woman.

denim skirt at work

To have a pretty casual look, the denim skirt is perfect, especially if it’s a style you want to have during the day at work. To accompany it, nothing better than a shirt in light cotton. For colors, electric color or tart prints will enhance this look.

denim skirt at work (1)

For the ladies who love colors and want to opt for a denim skirt, it is still the Bohemian-style. Accessories, large earrings and colorful bracelets are all welcomes. Everything is allowed, even printed for the top holding, but avoid only extravagance.

denim skirt at work

Of course, other styles can be adopted with the denim skirt. These are just the looks of bases that will have the most success the coming months which will come. You choose the look that makes you the better for your day at the office, with the denim skirt and versatile styles.

The look and style of 80’s, a renewed trend style

Dressing with an 80’s look becomes a very modern nostalgic trend

article2 (2)

For young current women who saw the style of the 80s through TV or books, this is a true revelation. Fashion 80’s is back with a very visible and very attractive, ideal fashion for modern women.


Outfits, dresses and attitude to have a 80’s look

Get ahead with its 80’s look

 article2 (3)

Have a look 80’s fashion is to accept to be visible, with an eccentricity sometimes. But the richness of the looks is an advantage should not be underestimated. Fluorescents colors, cuts unstructured outfits and staggered, style seems to be a widening of style and the seventies look.

article2 (5)

For some styles, the 80s look plays much with eccentricity, a great provocation that goes on the front of the fashion scene. Associated with the current modern trend, the result of this look is just perfect.


Varied styles with outfits very trendy

 article2 (4)

In its true nature, the 80’s fashion is marked by diversity where women dare to put a shoot to their appearance. The fashion allows you to highlight and reveal his true face and his taste in fashion.

article2 (6)

As a result, with the current fashion, look 80’s, to opt for outfits and clothing of neon and pastel colors with tones very lights. You can add with this glitter to perfect the look.

 article2 (7)

For accessories, the choice faithful and modern would both be pins and badges, not to mention the very large costume to the flashy colors. It is also more interesting to accompany the jean jacket with large sunglasses with a square style.

article2 (8)

The choice of outfits should be adapted to the flashy accessories. The idea is to opt for fine materials such as lycra, and print also so that it is really visible. It is said that it is at the end of the eccentricity, but if one knows vary colors and styles, the result will be perfect.

 article2 (1)

Other variations highlight the trend based on the color black as the New Wave style for example. It offers something more rock and Gothic silhouette. This does not always add small touches of color to keep the authenticity of the 80’s look.