The most beautiful evening shoes for 2014 spring-summer

The most beautiful selection of evening shoes in chouchoudress for this spring-summer collection

For a wedding, engagement or baptism, spring and summer are privileged moments to celebrate in. And to be at the top of the look, nothing beats a beautiful pair of evening shoes. Chouchoudress then presents its most beautiful evening shoes trends to ensure a very feminine look.


Accompany the dresses of spring with the perfect shoes

Trends of spring evening shoes

To make the good choice of evening shoes this spring-summer 2014, should see the collection of chouchoudress. In terms of colors, styles and trends, models on the site are in total agreement with the seasons. Splendor and glamour are some of the peculiarities of these shoes.

And even if sometimes it often faces a difficult choice, chouchoudress offers dune effective solution. What is certain, regardless of choice of footwear, they adapt perfectly to the spring-summer fashion because styles refer to spring fashion.



Sublimate the evening dress with these shoes

To ensure a female extra look for this spring-summer 2014, here are some suggestions of shoes that will delight certainly many women. Considered the most important fashion accessory after the evening dress, one must choose the most beautiful shoes.

In the first example, here is a beautiful and splendid pair of evening shoes black upscale with glamorous red ribbons. With an outdoor composition leather, it will be perfect to accompany a long evening for a night wedding dress.

Then, for Moon Festival in the summer, here is very interesting models of shoes with heels. They are designed with the satin embellished with beads on the edges. Ideal for attending a wedding, these beautiful shoes are also available in several colors and models in blue are sublime.

Now here’s sensual models accompanied by a pretty short cocktail dress. These are models very sexy which include ankle bracelets. The effect is guaranteed and these shoes are intended for women who want to be seen in a sensual short dress.

Finally, future brides will be happy to admire the beauty of these evening shoes special wedding. Perfect for the spring-summer season, these evening shoes encrusted with shiny beads are perfect to accompany the beautiful wedding dress.

Beautify its short evening dress this year’s end

Combine a beautiful short evening dress with beautiful evening shoes

evening shoes and short dress

In this month of December, the occasions of feasts occur. For this, one needs to choose a cute short dress and accompany it with a lovely pair of very stylish shoes. Here are a few ideas to put the ideal shoes with a beautiful short dress.

The most beautiful evening dress a beautiful look with evevning shoes

Short dresses and perfect evening shoes

For the holiday season for years and other occasions in the month of December, we must choose his look. The most important thing is to opt for a beautiful short dress and a lovely pair of evening shoe. Of course, the choice depends on the style and the desired effect.

evening shoes and short dress

There are many tricks to get noticed during the year-end holidays. To accompany a short evening dress or a cocktail dress, you can choose the boots over the knee. With the cold climate, it allows to have a super chic look.

evening shoes and short dress

And if the feast and the ceremony is attended by place warm, the ideal is always the beautiful heel shoes. By choosing a short dress stylish and rather sexy, could highlight the legs and morphology.


Examples of look at try

evening shoes and short dress

An original idea and that always makes its effect, it is the choice of a pair of shoes. These glamorous fringes evening shoes are a perfect example. Choose this model so d ‘ accompany your short dress. With a golden color, its beauty reflects a festive atmosphere.

evening shoes and short dress

For a more elegant and less sexy short dress style, these evening shoes marine stones are a very interesting choice. Indeed, one can accompany them with a splendid short dress with a same style. The result will be perfect elegance.

evening shoes and short dress

The beauty of these models of evening shoes, it is that they adapt to the chosen party dress styles. One effect, if it accompanies them with a short dress that stops at the level of the knee, the style combined will be small but classy.

evening shoes and short dress

Other models of evening shoes will make all the effects you wish to have. The important thing in these tips is to choose the perfect party short dress and choose shoes that can offer these effects.

The cocktail dresses of chouchoudress in all their States

A great presentation of the models of cocktail dresses of chouchoudress for your greatest pleasure 

Chouchoudress presents itself as a professional in the field of the manufacture and sale of evening and cocktail dresses. Designed dresses are examples of the most beautiful dresses currently in the market and the current fashion. To tell you the most beautiful products currently in vogue, and to help you in the choice of your future cocktail dress, here is a presentation more fabulous styles available through chouchoudress cocktail dresses.

Models dresses varied and very trends

Short strapless black cocktail dress

article1 (1)

Bustier cocktail dress is one of the favorite of women currently cocktail dresses, and it is a very beautiful dress model. The black color also, here a role great in this dress. Bustier cocktail dress has a sexy side that is the peculiarity of short dresses. In addition, can point out the beauty of the taffeta leaf with which the dress was designed. Cocktail bustier dress exudes the splendor of the shoulders and legs. What gives a good overall result?

Chouchoudress strapless cocktail dress

article1 (2)

Cocktail dress with suspenders is a marvel of couture. We are sure that it is a really special dress because it both keeps the sexy side of the short dress and also offers elegance with these braces that enhance its quality. This chouchoudress chiffon strapless short dress gracefully presents itself through muslin and these floral patterns on its surface. Its sophisticated side offered by its black color and style that follows on measuring body and the form of that which will bring are no longer to be specified. This is evidence of a perfect cocktail dress.

Cocktail dress with a Ribbon

article1 (3)

The Ribbon is a characteristic component of the most beautiful dresses, and there are many designers who were inspired ribbons. At chouchoudress, we have cocktail dresses with belts of tape like this. The belt tape plays a major role of perfectionist compared to the beauty of the bust and the skirt of this sexy cocktail dress. This is the detail that makes the benefit of a cocktail dress and these types of chouchoudress cocktail dresses are present in different styles.

Pleated bust cocktail dress

article1 (5)

According to some women, the dress with pleated bust is a very original dress that gives a very feminine effect. And that assessment is appropriate, alone in seeing this strapless pleated bust beauty offers. Can be widely identified bust pleated this dress that is consistent in style and color with the details given to her skirt with frills and ornaments rhinestone visible on the edges of the same bust. In general, the chouchoudress pleated bust cocktail dresses give a result very enchanting females.

Cocktail dress and sparkling glitter

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