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Women dresses models are added to the collection of chouchoudress

Here’s a new that will liked the dresses’ lovers. Many models of short dresses and long dresses are added to the collection of women dresses. More stylish, more trends, and younger, these new models are going to be the leading products of the 2015’s spring-summer season.

The woman dresses and fashionable 2015

New models of stylish and casual dresses

These new models of dresses women have varied and all styles trends. Indeed, the dresses category is divided into two parts, long dresses and short dresses. All of these models have the same strengths; they are chic, casual and young dresses.

These new gowns are designed in a very precise manner in accordance with the current trend. They perfectly reflect the trend spring-summer 2015 fashionable women. You can see among others of various designs, bright colors and very feminine and…

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The most beautiful bride in the collection of Christmas dresses

For Christmas, the most beautiful wedding dresses are discounted on chouchourouge

As evening dresses and sexy costumes, wedding dresses are also promotion at the end of the year on chouchourouge. It’s models of wedding dresses selected with great assets and a Royal elegance.


Christmas promotion, new wedding dresses

A purchased Christmas wedding dress, an article at broken prices

For those who want to marry in December or the beginning of 2015, it is an opportunity to seize. In this promotion, the choice is wide, the styles and models of proposed dresses are all splendid.

As for evening dresses, a purchased wedding gown to be able to afford another Christmas article for just € 10. Regardless of the dress model selected in the category ‘article of Christmas’, it is valid.


Some models of Christmas wedding dresses

A dress star in this category, here is the Christmas white wedding dress long strapless . Its beauty is noticeable on the ornaments seen on the bust and the skirt, the alley of delicate roses. Brides who love this style will be completely filled.


For brides who prefer halters dresses , this neckline model they like. This wedding dress is designed with chiffon and satin and his style fits perfectly with the spirit of Christmas. Especially that at the level of the waist, this little ornament, a jewel that enhances the look of the wedding dress can be seen.


In elegance, this dress is surely one of the most beautiful. This is a wedding dress Christmas tulle and chiffon with ornaments in patterns of flowers on all the bust and the rest of the dress. The shoulder straps also accentuate the pure elegance of this splendid wedding gow.


If the bride wants to be a real Princess, is this dress it the wonderful wedding Christmas dress satin and lace to sophisticated style. Its great beauty is noticeable on the front of the dress. The skirt is very elegant with folds vertical and offers a very feminine look.


Still in the Christmas promotion, this dress style stands out completely. This is the Christmas low-cut Mermaid wedding dress. It is an exquisite tulle dress embroidered with Rhinestones at the level of the bust. His Mermaid skirt is very elegant as the rest of the dress and allows to have a Royal approach during the marriage.

The collection 2015 of chouchoudress’s evening dresses

The new dresses from the 2015 collection arrive on chouchoudress

Many women waited it for a long time in the wardrobes; here is the new collection of chouchoudress. It is sumptuous and elegant evening dresses, all new models in the 2015 collection, which is currently available on the web site of chouchoudress for all fashion fans.


A new collection, a new modern trend

Royal evening dresses styles

For this new collection of 2015, fashion designers have given themselves fully to provide one of the models of dresses totally feminine and Royal. All the advantages of the feminine charm are included in these new evening dresses. This is a set of total elegance and feminine sensuality in fashion.

It has accentuated the side charming dress with corset-style dresses. Our dresses in suspenders, a greater femininity and a great chic side is present on the surface of the dress. The slot at the level of the skirts, the folds as well as ornaments is simply sublime. All these details have a look perfectly in phase and offer a Royal appearance to these new evening dresses.


Some examples of new the new 2015 collection dresses

Here is an example a splendid very elegant evening dress. It has a skirt with a slit perfectly in synthesis with the rest of the dress. The strapless style accentuates elegance, especially through the rhinestones that you can see.

With a blue color King, here is a beautiful wide straps evening dress. Expressing perfectly modern image is chic of a woman; the seam is just simply stunning. At the level of the bust can be seen of the horizontal folds that descend on the front until the vertical skirt.

Women who love the dresses to halters will love this model. It’s a glittery Halter evening dress. Indeed, style halters is decorated with fantastic sequins, which offer a high gloss appearance, a great attraction and elegance to all.

An irresistible model of evening dress, here is the dress with a bustier in heart. It also has a very long split skirt. The slit in the skirt with the strapless heart form a perfect asset to have a Royal appearance to the gown.

The most beautiful evening dresses at the Cannes 2014 closing ceremony

The closing ceremony of the Cannes Festival 2014 and beautiful evening dresses

 2014 Cannes dresses

It is one of the events of the year. The 2014 Cannes Festival ended this last Saturday and the red carpet has kept its promises. Fashion and clothing trends of biggest stars succeed in elegance and beauty. Here is a summary of mode of this closing ceremony.


A ceremony of closing with beauty

Very calculated styles and trends dresses

2014 Cannes dresses

It was a very special ceremony that actresses have wagered all on their appearance. Dress, shoes, necklaces, hair, everything was calculated for the biggest stars of cinema in order to appear as princesses.

2014 Cannes dresses

In addition, almost all the beautiful dresses seen on the Croisette at this closing ceremony are the creations of famous designers. One can dream’s best opportunity to see such evening dresses, especially since the show was transmitted live.

2014 Cannes dresses

The watchword for this red carpet of the Cannes Festival 2014 is its closing and haute couture elegance. The styles were especially very chic. The extravagant styles were not present during the ceremony, which makes the happiness of the amateurs of evening dresses upscale.


The most beautiful dresses on the red carpet at the 2014 Cannes Festival

2014 Cannes dresses

The first actress that much impressed this is the actress Paz Vega. It is very elegant in its stunning white evening long-sleeved dress. The style of her dress and perfect with the long drags of the flared skirt. At the level of the shoulder, the dress has a black floral ornament sublime.

2014 Cannes dresses

The beautiful Nicole Kidman chose a beautiful and elegant dress from Giorgio Armani for the closing ceremony. It is a style strapless dress that highlights her chest. It is a style all in white with a cup Mermaid skirt. At the level of the waist, there is also a tissue ornamental silver, very sublime.

2014 Cannes dresses

It is simply sublime, Natasha Poly. She is dressed like a Princess for the closing of the Cannes 2014. His body is perfectly put forward with the style of her dress. With a clear bust and skirt styling slightly puffed, she perfectly represents the female sublimity.

2014 Cannes dresses

The white robes are the most beautiful during this closing ceremony of the Cannes 2014. Uma Thurman has been one of the most beautiful and elegant ceremony. The actress chose a long evening dress, flared skirt, adorned bust and size decorated with floral motifs. The style of her dress is also very sublime.

The most beautiful Oscars 2014 evening dresses


The 2014 Oscars ceremony reveals the stars with pretty and elegant evening dresses

 2014 Oscar star dress

After the 2014 BAFTA best stars dresses, the Oscars ceremony is one of the most important festivals of this year. It is also an opportunity to see and admire the most famous actresses with evening dresses breathtaking.

More evening dresses and other styles

Star dresses, always innovative

 2014 Oscar star dress

We can say that these famous movie stars are always a few things in order to highlight their beauty. Indeed, in evening dresses, innovative styles and ultra elegant looks discover always.

 2014 Oscar star dress

For these Oscars 2014, there was then elegance, sexy side, a bit of romance and a great sexy side. The colors also took place during the Oscar 2014 thanks to stars unique and sensual evening dresses.

The beautiful dresses of the Oscars 2014

 2014 Oscar star dress

First evening dress that has drawn attention is that of…

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Associate the simplicity and elegance in an evening gown


The choice of a simple evening dress who assumes elegance

evening dress

Women did not have the same taste when talking about fashion. Some prefers stylish evening dresses, ultra sexy or even showy. And some prefer a more simple style, feminine and at the same time has a feminine elegance.

Adopt a classic and simple dress and have a stylish look

Have a nice look in a classic evening dress

evening dress

These tips will ensure to give a nice look and a very feminine look to women who prefer pretty simplistic evening dresses. As stated above, is not necessarily the most extravagant or very sexy dresses that are the most elegant.

evening dress

The first thing to know is you need to know to be comfortable in her evening dress, whatever the style. Simply to choose models adapting to his body and its physical features and know how to accessorize all.

Few simple dresses…

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