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Child of honor dresses models are currently in promotion on the site of chouchoudress. An offer that does not refuse in early spring so that your child or children in honor of your marriage is beards most beautiful dresses that are. Many dresses of honor of chouchoudress child models are beautiful dresses that cover your children and give a burst of happiness to the wedding ceremony. Currently, models of different styles children dresses are in promotion for the greatest satisfaction of our clients. And this promotion goes up to 50% of the original prices of these dresses.


A promotion for many styles of dresses of child

The collection of gowns of child of chouchoudress

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The child of honor of chouchoudress sundresses are evening for children of beautiful dresses. It’s models of dresses carefully sewn with styles that will give these children to the allures of little princesses. The child of honor robs are for children evening dresses they can wear at a wedding or other parties or ceremonies. In a wedding ceremony, the children of honors are very important and honorary. So, why not choose the most beautiful dresses for your children? Choose one of the robes of honour of chouchoudress child to have the ceremony shines with beauty and elegance of these dresses for child.


The child of honor dress black and white

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This cute dress for kids is part of the collection of dresses from child of honor promotion currently in promotion on chouchoudress. It’s a dress for bridesmaid for child conceived with satin. This little strapless dress will delight all little girls because it is the kind of dress that gives children unconditional elegance thanks to its very stylish and detailed cut. With the current promotional offer, this child of honor dress is currently at €52.99, which is 34% reduction compared to its initial price. This is an opportunity that not to be missed on evening dress chouchoudress.


The child of honor dress first dance

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Another dress bridesmaid for child who is always beautiful, it is the child dress of honor first dance. This cute dress for kids is a dress made with the ottoman and satin, so that the child has a very remarkable and chic class. The shape of the dress fits perfectly to the childish side and an atmosphere of marriage. Indeed, this dress for child has two pretty straps that fit together behind the neck. This is the kind of style that offers a nice appearance to the small bridesmaids. Currently in promotion, this child of honor dress is-47% of its original price.


The pretty child of honour rose garden dress

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This dress for child of honor is perfect. It is perfect for children who love fashion and who love to dress pretty dress of children. Designed primarily with the tulle and satin, this gorgeous dress has a particular style, it has straps designed veils thin and has a Ribbon belt of green color which contrasts and beautifies the white color of the dress. All little girls will look like angels in dressing this beautiful bridesmaid dress, a dress that does not betray you thanks to its beauty. This child of honor dress is at -50% on chouchoudress with the current promotion. Feel free to make your choice of dress for child of honor on our site.