The most beautiful evening dresses at the Radio Disney Music Awards 2014

The red carpet at the Disney Music Awards 2014 unveils the most beautiful dresses of the young stars

Radio Disney Awards red carpet A ceremony very followed by young people and adolescents, the Radio Disney Music Awards unveiled the young trend of the moment. On the red carpet of the ceremony the stylish dresses of the young stars of music was very elegant. Here are some of these 2014 Radio Disney Music Awards outstanding dresses in Los Angeles.

Notable styles during the 2014 edition

The Radio Music Awards, a very young ceremony

Radio Disney Awards red carpet As we all know, the Radio Disney Music Awards is a ceremony that reward the young talents of the music. It has seen pass many stars of music such as Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and others still. It is a real bargain for the young stars of the music. Radio Disney Awards red carpet This year 2014, these young stars have held promise especially at the level of the looks. The red carpet of the Radio Disney Music Awards was a real fashion show with the. Evening dresses and outfits hyper trends and youth have impressed more than one on the red carpet. 2014 Radio Disney Awards red carpet dress The first singer who impressed on the red carpet, this is the famous Stefanie Scott. The singer opted for a super elegant dress leaving to display her hips with a body on the top style. With a black color, skirt flaring and asymmetric made him see a totally beautiful appearance. 2014 Radio Disney Awards red carpet dress Then, there are the beautiful and the unique Selena Gomez. The star chose a beautiful dress peplum short skirt and long sleeves mid. With the top in black and two-tone black and white skirt, she displays a very sublime look on the red carpet of the Radio Disney Music Awards. 2014 Radio Disney Awards red carpet dress We also admire the sexy look of Eva Sambora. Indeed, the star opted for a short mini dress with a ultra skirt to display its tangible assets. With a color very upscale, Eva has not passed unnoticed on the red carpet of the Radio Disney Music Awards. 2014 Radio Disney Awards red carpet dress Kelly Osbourne played the two-tone style. Her outfit was in white and black stripes. She lets appear her hips to keep sexiness, and long sleeves allows him to have a classy look. Her short skirt is superb and the whole is splendid. 2014 Radio Disney Awards red carpet dress One of the most stylish on the red carpet is the singer Emily Osment. Her dress is beautiful with the starry color of her skirt and top in black. She and perfectly morphology in value and asymmetric skirt gives a perfectly fabulous appearance. We love very much.

The most beautiful evening dresses at the Cannes 2014 closing ceremony

The closing ceremony of the Cannes Festival 2014 and beautiful evening dresses

 2014 Cannes dresses

It is one of the events of the year. The 2014 Cannes Festival ended this last Saturday and the red carpet has kept its promises. Fashion and clothing trends of biggest stars succeed in elegance and beauty. Here is a summary of mode of this closing ceremony.


A ceremony of closing with beauty

Very calculated styles and trends dresses

2014 Cannes dresses

It was a very special ceremony that actresses have wagered all on their appearance. Dress, shoes, necklaces, hair, everything was calculated for the biggest stars of cinema in order to appear as princesses.

2014 Cannes dresses

In addition, almost all the beautiful dresses seen on the Croisette at this closing ceremony are the creations of famous designers. One can dream’s best opportunity to see such evening dresses, especially since the show was transmitted live.

2014 Cannes dresses

The watchword for this red carpet of the Cannes Festival 2014 is its closing and haute couture elegance. The styles were especially very chic. The extravagant styles were not present during the ceremony, which makes the happiness of the amateurs of evening dresses upscale.


The most beautiful dresses on the red carpet at the 2014 Cannes Festival

2014 Cannes dresses

The first actress that much impressed this is the actress Paz Vega. It is very elegant in its stunning white evening long-sleeved dress. The style of her dress and perfect with the long drags of the flared skirt. At the level of the shoulder, the dress has a black floral ornament sublime.

2014 Cannes dresses

The beautiful Nicole Kidman chose a beautiful and elegant dress from Giorgio Armani for the closing ceremony. It is a style strapless dress that highlights her chest. It is a style all in white with a cup Mermaid skirt. At the level of the waist, there is also a tissue ornamental silver, very sublime.

2014 Cannes dresses

It is simply sublime, Natasha Poly. She is dressed like a Princess for the closing of the Cannes 2014. His body is perfectly put forward with the style of her dress. With a clear bust and skirt styling slightly puffed, she perfectly represents the female sublimity.

2014 Cannes dresses

The white robes are the most beautiful during this closing ceremony of the Cannes 2014. Uma Thurman has been one of the most beautiful and elegant ceremony. The actress chose a long evening dress, flared skirt, adorned bust and size decorated with floral motifs. The style of her dress is also very sublime.

The red carpet and beautiful dresses of 2014 MTV Movie Awards

The most beautiful evening dresses and the look of the stars on the red carpet at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (3)

The MTV Movie Awards 2014 were held this April 13 in Los Angeles. Everyone expected all this ceremony with impatience. Expected which would receive trophies, but the passage on the red carpet was also expected to see who has the most beautiful dress is and who has the most beautiful look.


MTV Movie Awards, a parade of stars on the red carpet

The beautiful singers and actresses have not gone unnoticed

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (1)

Like every year, the MTV Movie Awards ceremony held his promise on the red carpet. For lovers of fashion and the tendency of the stars fans, this is the most wonderful moment of this ceremony. They are likely to have lit up the red carpet with beautiful gowns and a beautiful look.

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (4)

Rihanna at Jennifer Lawrence or encor Jessica Alba, they have all opted for a beautiful look to traverse the red carpet and being photographed by the paparazzi. The glamour and relaxed style has favoured this year among the stars. Here are some examples of the most beautiful looks.


The beautiful look and celebrities dresses on the red carpet

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (5)

The beautiful actress Jessica Alba has chosen a very glamorous look of Kenzo, she lit up the red carpet with her smile. The star was a set including the white top and the skirt of yellow color with a length at the knees. Accompanied by a drawstring pouch, it is simply lovely with this look.

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (6)

The other star marked the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards, it is the singer Rihanna with her white look. She chose an outfit style bodied lightly dressed without being vulgar accompanied by a fine long coat style dress to complete her look.

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (7)

The actress Leslie Mann chose a glamorous evening for the red carpet dress. Her evening dress is sublime with the side slit skirt and belt integrated into the size. The printed color black and white accentuates more sublime and glamorous look.

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (1)

The young Victoria Justice, for its part, has played all on one attractive dress mini pink color. Effect provided, print and single ramp of his mini dress highlight her body of a young woman. She completed her look with pouch silver very upscale.

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (2)

Very sexy and glamorous, the beautiful Rita Ora also makes its effect on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards 2014. She chose a black evening dress long sensual to the low-cut plunging highlighting its beauty and its forms. She was amazing on the red carpet, especially as her glamorous gown features pockets.

Sandra Bullock, a star to look great in her evening dresses

The movie star Sandra Bullock and its most beautiful dresses on the red carpet


This is an actress who has their own taste in fashion and a way of dressing to her own. Although in roles in these films, it is always elegant. But you will discover today that even in everyday life, the star knows dress her pretty body and can choose from magnificent evening dresses. Sandra Bullock is part of American actresses who have a body and forms of true dummy, and it benefits fully. You will discover here, with chouchoudress evening dresses the most beautiful star has worn so you know his taste, his style and his preferences in fashion and evening dress.


Evening dresses that make effect

Sandra Bullock to the 2013 Oscars evening dress

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Admire this beautiful dress she chose for the Oscars ceremony this year 2013. It is amazing, because it is too perfect in her Princess outfit. Everyone has loved to see it in a such evening dress that showcases all over her beautiful body dream. The most impressive it is the beauty of this evening gown she chose. Indeed it is an evening gown signs Elie Saab, a very beautiful dress style that leaves no one indifferent during the 2013 Oscars ceremony.


An evening dress Mermaid for the 2012 Oscars

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Decidedly, the Oscar ceremony is the fetish ceremony of Sandra Bullock. The proof is that during the ceremony of the Oscars in 2012; her dress was elected among the most beautiful in the evening. It’s an evening dress strapless Mermaid style that greatly enhances his body. A black and white contrast between the skirt and the bust is fine, mixed with the reasons that lie at the level of the waist. Admire the beauty of this star evening dress.


Red dress at the 2011 Oscars for the star

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It must be said that it is on the red carpet of the Oscars that the star puts his most beautiful evening dresses. She brought one of its most beautiful dresses at the Oscars ceremony the year 2011. An evening or she has established itself before many young rising stars of cinema and of many American singers. Just to see this red dress, on a breath by its beauty and the elegant posture as the star in its approach.


Sandra Bullock at ease in short evening dress

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It was on the evening of the MTV Movie Awards, our actress has chosen to wear a small short evening dress. It is an unusual style, but it wills him as much as the long evening dresses. Well, this is not as elegant as a long dress but it is very sexy. Her outfit was the surprise of the evening while almost all present stars at the ceremony wore long evening dresses.


Its success at the Golden Globes


Lara Fabian, a star with fabulous evening dresses

Lara Fabian, the most fabulous evening dresses of a star that never ceases to impress us
On stage and on the red carpet, it is always seen full of grace, and it has always been long. Lara Fabian is a world-famous singer and is famous for its beautiful interpretations. From another point of view, it is just as beautiful and extraordinary, it is of course of her outfits and dresses. The star is one of those who really know how to dress and wear the perfect evening dress perfect moment. Dresses that are worth some comments and admiration from us. Chouchoudress you then reveals patterns dresses the most beautiful star of the music has brought these appearances on the red carpet evening.

An extraordinary singer, a true star

Outfits and the stage, a characteristic of a star

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Lara Fabian is a star who can confirm her name, she appears in public and in the evenings always beautiful. She always donned the most beautiful evening dresses her wardrobe with great elegance. And it is probably for this star allure it that many designers and fashion houses are calling for her to dress new evening dresses in their new collection. The wonderful star with his pace and discretion of real woman conquered everyone. Whether it is the fashion professionals or simple fashion fans, the singer gives evening dresses she wears a kind of life that makes them beautiful and graceful.

An extraordinary evening dress for a charity event in 2013

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Become an unavoidable ceremonies for pop stars, the charity dinner are been a great opportunity to do a fashion show for many stars. Lara Fabian was one of the guests for an evening for a charity in Los Angeles and for such an occasion, she was able to choose the evening dress to be ideal. Among other American actresses, the Sicilian was able to point out with a very European style of dress mixed with a little romance as was his habit.


But to customize her evening gown, she relied on a few details. Indeed, his short black dress and evening has rather strange but stylish sleeves. This is a wise choice sleeveless dress with short sleeves. Just see to understand its beauty.
Her evening gown presentation of her latest album in April

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The beautiful American film star Jessica Alba and its beautiful evening dresses

Jessica Alba and its most beautiful evening dresses, elegant actress who has the class and a good look on fashion

We love it and we admire it for its beauty and its incomparable elegance. Jessica Alba is one of the most beautiful and chic Hollywood actress. In addition to this, she has an amazing body, a real model because it is a model for many women with his waistline. Each appearance of the actress, she is still beautiful. And when she wears evening dresses during ceremonies and feasts private stars, it is simply fantastic set is free of charge. With chouchoudress, you will discover some of its most beautiful evening dresses and his undoubtedly beautiful look.

A star at the body of dream and beautiful dresses

Jessica Alba and her pretty evening dress in Black Lace at the Producers Guild Awards

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Ultra glamorous in her dress, the beautiful actress was present at the evening Producers Guild Awards, which happened in Beverly Hills earlier this year. Its look is beautiful in its usual with this long dress. Indeed, it was the most elegant star during this evening thanks to this long evening dress that features long sleeves that give a perfect agreement.

article3 (2)

The black color of the dress gives even more elegance to this star who is always at every appearance. It can be noticed under this semi transparent body very well made dress. The bust of the dress also features a very sexy look that is unique to Jessica Alba. This is a perfect look which proves that the actress has a preference mode.

Jessica Alba in a beautiful evening dress at the Golden Globes 2013

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Certainly, she is the most beautiful and the most magnificent of all American movie stars. And it is probably one of the most elegant and noticed on the evening of the Golden Globes this year. For this award ceremony, Jessica Alba appeared with a stunning look because she was wearing a pretty dress strapless Oscar De La Renta watermelon. This is a dress that represents very well its chic and glamorous side.

article3 (3)

This strapless dress she chose is simply splendid, because increasingly, it is an evening dress Mermaid style. Its size and its forms are very underlined with the perfect cut of the dress that perfectly follows his body. It is a very well chosen look therefore for the beautiful actress for this great ceremony.

Blue evening dress of the star at the BAFTA red carpet

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It was during the sumptuous and class evening of BAFTA. Jessica Alba has chosen to put an evening dress strapless blue color, a dress that is not very and too sexy but that was fairly understated elegance. The strapless dress has a unobstructed bust allowing Jessica to have a look of dummy. The rest of the dress is pretty simple, but on the star, it becomes an evening gown elegant strapless and upscale. This look fits perfectly to the atmosphere that has occurred during the evening as all the actresses and present stars in the evening had generally the same style of dress.