2014 Halloween promotion, sexy costumes

Sexy costumes promotion of Halloween is now on chouchoudress

Sexy costume

During this month of October, women are flocking to the costumes special Halloween. And this 2014 year, chouchoudress’s website presents a great promotion on the models of special sexy Halloween costumes. A good idea for women to surprise their men.


The promotion of Halloween and new costumes

The promotion of the year for women

sexy costume

Always put into honor since the beginning of this year 2014, women will be delighted. This Halloween 2014 promotion is a totally female promotion because price products are stylish and sexy Halloween costumes.



For Halloween, a large collection of sexy lingerie is implemented promotion with a reduction of 70%. Costumes sexy models, the reduction are 65% on all models. It is a chance not to be missed by the end of the year, to spend the holiday of Halloween in beauty.


Some nice 2014 Halloween costumes models

Here is the sexy Halloween costume charming pirate captain. It is a model of costume with a very feminine and sexy side. On the other hand, the rebellious style is also highly noted with black and red color. This sexy Halloween costume is currently only € 18.99.



For the amateurs of history of pirates, they will be satisfied with this costume sexy seductive pirate Halloween. It is a model colored in black and red, with a sexy miniskirt and very remarkable and attractive assets. This model is currently € 18.99 also in promotion.

If some women like to play the evil, this witch costume will be perfect. Referred to as the sexy costume Halloween wicked witch mysterious, this model is very sexy with a cut flush with the body. Its black color and its long sleeves add a very attractive effect on this costume. Promotion, this wicked witch Halloween costume is only€ 19.99.



Some women may captivate their men by choosing this sexy costume. It’s the costume sexy enchanting Halloween violet. This costume is black and purple color very attractive, with a chic super bust adorned with beautiful rhinestones.



The largest promotion of Halloween attendent is on chouchoudress. It is the time to take the opportunity to acquire new models of sexy costumes. Promotional prices and reductions are proposed there for all styles and tastes.

News dress in chouchourouge, club dresses

New sexy short dress models arrive on chouchoudress, club dresses

clubwear dress

This is news that is welcome with the end of the year approaching. chouchoudress offers all new models and styles of short and sexy dresses. These are of course club dresses that will surely appeal to many women.

Sexy short dress of chouchoudress

A very interesting collection with attractive models of short dresses

clubwear dress

That is what can make pleasure to lovers of fashion as new dresses? It is a great surprise to discover these new short and chouchoudress sexy club dresses. It’s very special models with very particular apparent advantages.

clubwear dress

In this new collection, you can meet very sensual styles and very feminine clothing. With these features, the colors are equally attractive and charming. To go out at night, these new club dresses are simply ideal.

Some models of club dresses

clubwear dress

Besides being sexy attractive and sublime, these chouchoudress club dresses have the advantage to be sold at very attractive prices. Indeed, they are sold from just € 21.99. And the biggest advantage is especially their very high quality.

clubwear dress

Most of these club dresses are designed with polyester. This material allows to have a look simply gorgeous and also a very feminine effect. In addition to this is added the different styles that provide the rest.

 clubwear dress

One of the most interesting models of dress club is it. This is a very sensual club with a contoured side very sublime rob. Designed with polyester and with a halter style, it helps to have a beautiful appearance.

clubwear dress

The black club dress with long sleeves is also very sensual. It is also designed with polyester and has very beautiful asset. Indeed, her short skirt puts forward the sexiness, and tailcoat long sleeves provide a striking femininity.

clubwear dress

The Golden club dress is a true wonder. It is a model of short dress very sexy and very attractive. The contoured style is sublime and his well-structured short sleeves are very sexy. The body is perfectly highlighted with the style of the dress.