The best ways to slim

What are the effective solutions to slim during the holiday periods?

We think it of all when the holiday period approaches. Am I going to enlarge? What do I have to make to slim during these festivities? And many fall in the craze of the holidays there and is allowed go. However, know that there is solution to avoid that you lose your physical assets quite in passing of made maids and to eat in your hunger.

The stages to be followed to have the same forms at the end of the festivities

To slim does not mean making look losing weight

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A festive meal

Here, the purpose is not to make you lose weight or you make lose weight, but especially that you do not take it during the holidays. Follow the tricks thinness to rebalance your body and recover between meals high in calories.

During the holidays, we tend to gulp down many more calories than usually, in fat, in sugar, in alcohol, but also in proteins. The idea thus is to drain by drinking a lot so that the body is not too heavy, to favor the elimination of fats and sugars which inflate the stomach.

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Do not make abuses


The necessary to eat

In this case, choose some water rich in minerals, or even some soup, broth, mashed vegetables. It is also necessary to eat fibers like fruits, vegetables as leeks, spinach and beans, whole grain cereal as bread or bulgur, but in smaller quantity than vegetables. It favors the elimination, by preparing the digestive tract and helping on the way back in the normal.

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Vegetables and raw vegetables

You then have to eat balanced, without charging too much in proteins, and you also have to anticipate the menu of the holidays. And you should limit you to some drops of oil and not too much margarine. We are not going to hold and to release from the appetizer. You should not be in the limitation, but to eat in volume, low-fat and in sugar added.


Some rules which can be useful during the meals of holidays to slim

When the festive period comes, it would be necessary to know how to behave and not to be carried away because you got ready. Here are some tricks of bases to hold at the time of to have dinner and to slim till the end of the festivities:

Do not serve again, because a meal of a plate is widely enough. Furthermore, there will be still other dishes later.

Take away the bread basket, when the meals are long, we nibble at it without being careful there. If it is possible, skip over the cheese.

Do not deceive too much petit fours and other crunchy sofas. Often very calorie, they are real enemies of the silhouette.
Favor appetizers with vegetables, fruits of sea, the smoked salmon…

Arrived at the following meal, listen to your appetite; if you are no more hungry, do not force. If not, make a normal meal by not putting fat and by limiting you the meat or the fish in acceptable quantity.

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Limit what we eat

Take care of your body; the massage

The benefits of massage to your body

Our body is a great unit that produces a lot of energy and get tired easily as when it is too. To be able to repair, gain strength or to relax, you can opt for the massage. Massage is a solution to many complicated equipment and it has many positive sides to the body.


The positive effects of massage on the body

Massage on the key points of your body                            
The massage works on different parts of the body according to the selected region. The expected effects will therefore depend on the location of the massage. We will speak of a few specific locations and appropriate policy with the result obtained to perform a massage:



Back massage

An effective massage back helps improve posture and posture while rejuvenating the back of new energies. Because the back is a cornerstone for the human body, such factors as putting oneself in a static position for too long or sit in sedentary result in the accumulation of power at it. It is also the same for the adoption of poor posture in everyday or wearing high heels. The back massage is essential to put an end to the various ills permanently back.



The head massage, blood circulation and oxygenation

To be truly effective, the massage of the head must be closed. Fingertips are part of the hand that is appropriate for this type of massage. Applying an upward movement from the skull base to the temples, the masseur takes the precaution to remove and tighten her fingers while covering her head. Circular movements are most appropriate for this part of the body and gestures precise and delicately applied are de rigueur for a powerful massage of the head.



Foot massage, pain relief and evacuation of tensions

Feet are the part of the body that supports the entire weight load. They often suffer daily attacks and require very special care. Foot massage offers members lower a moment of relaxation after a prolonged standing, overweight or following the footwear permanently preventing them from breathing. A good foot massage can thus restore balance to the body and to address various problems to which it is not always natural to think.



Hands massage, release tension and reliefs of many organs

Finally, this part of the body houses the nerve endings. Hand massage can stimulate the organs and through the solicitation of reflex zones. Hand massage has rapid effects on the body, as the hands are easy to handle and offer a mini map of the body. Hand massage then helps to find flexibility it for more nimble gestures