Costumes sexy for Christmas, already available

Sexy Christmas costumes are already all loans on chouchoudress

For this Christmas and the end of 2014’s year, chouchoudress presents a few surprises for the sexy fashion lovers. Indeed, the end of the year is a pretty special opportunity to wear the most beautiful dress. Chouchoudress sexy costumes are currently put forward for all.


Pass a 2014 year-end with any beauty, sexy costumes

Christmas and end of the year, a special trend costumes

For the year-end holidays, some women have used to buy beautiful and splendid evening dresses. For this chouchoudress has its new collection of dresses. For others, the choice turned rather towards costumes and sexy outfits.

For this second choice, the catalogue of chouchoudress currently has a large collection of sexy Christmas costumes. Many models are present with varied, all styles so attractive that charming.


Unreleased models of sexy Christmas costumes

Intended to be worn during the nights of end of year, for Christmas, sexy Christmas costumes are almost all in Christmas color. The red color is so privileged because it is also synonymous with attraction and love.

Here is the sexy costume short dress of Christmas who has a splendid strapless style. With its red color has a sexy side. The bust is supported very elegantly and offers a super feminine look. Currently, this costume sexy Christmas is $ 30.99 on chouchoudress.

For women who love the longer costumes, here is the sexy costume Christmas mantle. This long costume features long sleeves and a hood. With a very feminine appearance, the costume is decorated with a wide belt at the waist, at the bottom of the bust. This model is currently $ 47.99.

Here is the sexy costume Christmas sensual short dress, a model very interesting. With a price of € 23.99, this costume has an essential asset, its sexy side accentuated by the black belt. The hood allows having an apparent discretion while keeping a very sexy side.

A glance on splendid evening jewelry

Necklaces and earrings, chouchourouge is a true Cave of Ali Baba thanks to evening jewelry

Evening jewelry are beads which that beautify the appearance of a woman. Jewels are even considered as a part of female beauty. The jewelry such as necklaces and earrings say even their true beauty. At chouchourouge, it prefers this beauty. Here is the large collection of jewelry from chouchoudress

Chouchourouge evening jewellery collection

Necklaces and earrings, proof of femininity

When we see a woman in evening dress, we still admire its beauty and elegance. But you should know that the party itself dress is not complete, the presence of evening jewelry is sometimes required. Of course, necklaces and earrings are privileged with their elegance.

In the middle of its magnificent evening dresses, Chouchoudress has a large collection of jewelry by evening. Various styles are represented with necklaces and models of classic earrings as well as sophisticated, all in elegance models.


Superb models of necklaces and earrings

Here is a luxurious and charming pair of beautiful earrings named two-tone earrings for women. It’s a very chic template with a green color and a bright effect of stones. It is ideal to accompany a superb long evening dress.

Richer in color, here is a luxurious and elegant pair of earrings Crystal pendant. With more color, yellow, blue and green, the appearance is more vivid and more chic at the same time. This model is available on chouchourouge with a very interesting price.

Here is a very chic necklace model. This is the necklace gold motif and luxurious elegant flower. This lovely necklace is the result of a perfect alloy and beautiful semi-precious beads. Chouchoudress currently, this fabulous necklace is sold with a price of just$ 13.99.

Some women fans of insects will be attracted to this luxurious necklace set with semi-precious stones with a blue heart charming model. The stone is in the form of Spider with an elegant appearance. On chouchoudress at the moment, this jewel is $ 13.99.

The class in its natural state, it is what appears when you can see the beauty of this beautiful necklace. This is a fancy pattern yellow and transparent Flower necklace. It is a model with a short evening dress. On chouchoudress at the moment, this beautiful necklace is € 9.99.

The 2014 big destocking with chouchoudress evening dresses

Beautiful evening gowns and cocktail dresses are in destocking

For this summer, this is the offer not to be missed currently on chouchoudress. Destocking is happening currently with totally cheap price. Short evening dresses, long evening gowns and of child dresses are affected by these great 2014 destocking.


Evening dresses destocking, a gift

Pretty dresses in storage

The destocking of chouchoudress lasts until July 31, 2014. For all stock evening dresses, the price is only € 29.99 regardless of the model, as long as it is in stock. For all short evening dresses in stock and the child of honor dresses, priced at just$ 22.99.

In this category of cheap evening dresses, one can see beautiful models, including the best-selling dress of chouchoudress. Colors, styles and trends are present and there are more customers that choose the most beautiful dresses with a given price.


Some dresses in destocking

As mentioned previously, destocking evening dresses are very varied in style and color. But for the price, it is the same for all long evening dresses; it is the same also for short evening dresses and child of honor dress.

Here for example Chameleon cocktail dress. It is a beautiful black color chouchoudress model. It is designed exclusively with the satin and chiffon with an asymmetrical neckline and an ornament pleated at the waist.

As elegant and € 29.99 only, here is the magnificent neckline strapless long evening dres

s. It is also designed with satin and chiffon with a color Viola to give a totally stylish effect. This dress style is currently in storage on chouchoudress.

The children of honor dresses are also prevalent in this destocking. They are $ 24.99 only as this beautiful child of honor dress purple color flowers dress white. This beautiful child dress is available in sizes 2 to 16 years on chouchoudress.

Total elegance is affordable with this magnificent long tulle evening dress. With a silvery color and its plunging neckline, this stunning long dress provides elegance. Also in storage, it is $ 29.99 only until July 31.

News, swimsuit, beach wear, bikinis and trikinis for summer

The swimming suits, beach bikinis and trikinis for summer fall into the new collection

Here’s the surprise of the year. With summer, chouchoudress unveils its new collection for the beach and vacations. It is of course of swimwear, bikinis and trikinis added in the great collection of women’s clothes. Here is a presentation of these new products with very attractive promotional prices.


The new features that will appeal to women

Swimsuits with very attractive prices

To satisfy the maximum of clients, this new collection of chouchoudress is promoted at very competitive prices. This is the time to take advantage of these new features for this summer and vacation at the beach.

These new products of the chouchoudress site are from just € 22.99 and the choice is very varied, that it is the colors or styles. There are 2 pieces, bikinis, beach dresses and the trikinis inter alia in swimsuits.


Some models of swimwear for women by chouchoudress

Of course, women are preferred for this summer and this year Beach holiday. It’s because all styles are present in this collection. For sizes, its standards, and S, L and M sizes and for some models there are XL sizes.

For only €22, 99, here’s a bikini swimsuit two pieces in this collection. Very sexy looking and very comfortable it is a model sexy push up fashionable this summer at the beach. This model is available in other colors such as white, pink or yellow.

The tendency of the colors also happens at the beach. Here’s an outfit from Beach swimsuits with colorful floral prints. It is fully designed with polyester and comes with a round neckline. At chouchoudress, it’s only €51.99 with free delivery.

Very sexy also, here’s a swimsuit trikini designed with strips naked to the waist and hips level. For only € 37.99, it is a model very tendency this summer at the beach. This model is available in black and fuchsia on chouchoudress.


Very beautiful, there is also this beach swimsuit outfit accompanied by shoulder straps. The upper part is black while the bottom is more colorful with the colors of the summer to stand out to the beach.

Summer sales on chouchoudress and beautiful evening dresses

Summer sales with the most beautiful evening dresses arrived on chouchoudress

Currently, it is the summer sales on chouchoudress. The promotion on evening dresses is range up to a 75% reduction. For the summer and summer only, here is an opportunity not to be missed for women who want to have the most beautiful evening dresses.


The most beautiful evening dresses are in summer sales

A promotional offer up to – 75%

Just after the promotion of the feasts of mothers, here’s arrival on chouchoudress summer sales now. Like every year, it proposes to beautiful and splendid evening at broken price dresses. This time, it was even more with a reduction in arrival up to 75%.

-75% is the price offered in the summer of this year sales. And for the proposed evening dresses, they are quite simply splendid. There are different models among which you can choose because the choice is very wide to suit all tastes.


Some models of dresses in summer sales

As it was already mentioned before, many models of dresses are present in these summer sales. If we talk that long evening dresses, buster’s styles are very present. Some strapless evening gowns fill the collection with very diverse styles.

Here is for example a beautiful and sublime evening dress long strapless balance summer. It is a fully designed Pink dress with muslin. The apparent style is totally elegant and for these summer sales, this dress is only 109.50, €99.

Also, here is the evening dress long “mystery woman” in summer sales. This stunning evening dress is accompanied by a beautiful bolero for just €114,99. Of course, its color is also sublime style.

We greatly admire this strapless evening dress during the summer sales. This is ultra-jolie green evening dress. This model features shoulder straps as well as ornaments at the level of the bust. Her skirt long and wide is perfect to affirm its simplistic but elegant side.

Very sublime also among the dresses of summer sales, this elegant dress with a neckline in the heart. The bust is adorned with folds, as well as the size, where also a magnificent belt. It is one of the dresses cannot miss during the summer sales.

 Beautiful evening dresses at the Empire Awards 2014 ceremony

The red carpet and the most beautiful dresses at the Empire Awards 2014 of London

Empire Awards

It was the last appointment not to be missed for the stars, actors and actresses for the month of March. The ceremony took place in London this Sunday, March 30 where it was observed the most elegant evening dresses and required of celebrities on the red carpet. Here is a summary of the most beautiful looks of this ceremony.


A film festival and a fashion red carpet

Empire Awards 2014 became inevitable

Empire Awards

Since 1996, the ceremony of the Empires Awards reward of many actors and actresses of film. It is in fact awards by the British magazine ‘Empire’ devoted to film for the best and most beautiful films of the year.

Empire Awards

Of course, it is also an opportunity for the stars, forward on the red carpet. English actresses are considered to be the most trends and fashionable, and they prove it on the red carpet at the Empire Awards 2014 with gorgeous evening dresses.


The stars shine on the red carpet with their evening dresses

They are likely to have chosen gorgeous dresses for evening at the Empire Awards 2014. But some only have illuminated the red carpet with extraordinary evening outfits. Some examples of these dresses beautiful and magnificent.


2014 Empire Awards

Sexy short dress of Sophie Turner was one of the most beautiful dresses of this ceremony. It is indeed a model of designer Mary Katrantzou dress. It is a short green dress patterned with short sleeves and a cut near the body which puts forward his beautiful morphology.

2014 Empire Awards

On the red carpet, this long evening dress marked elegance. It is the dress that actress Sarah Harding has chosen to mark this evening. The red color and the perfect cut of her dress with wide straps have much attracted. She has produced an excellent choice of evening dress.

2014 Empire Awards

Always in red evening dress, Margot Robbie has chosen to have a classic look that fits him very well. It is drooping strapless dress with a thin black belt at the waist. She is very glamorous with this look at the Empire Awards 2014.

2014 Empire Awards

Stephanie Leonidas has opted for an evening dress black with a knee skirt. Its short sleeves fit in perfectly with the style of her dress that perfectly follows his body. This actress has also marked the red carpet at the ceremony in London.

Dresses and look, fashion’s good tips to dress in spring

To prepare 2014 spring with the ideal look and perfect dresses

spring look

Everyone looks forward to hosting the beautiful days of spring, and this is the time to prepare. The cold has lasted long enough and it is time to get a nice light evening dress and the spring look that all everyone likes.


The looks don’t miss this 2014 spring

The indispensable for a good choice of look and spring dresses

 spring look

Pending the arrival of spring, you should know that the good choice is necessary in order to have a perfect look. These basic tips can help make the right choices on dresses, clothes and other fashion accessories.

 spring look

For the 2014 spring fashion trends tend to solid colors and lightness. Skirt, jeans, black pants or jacket, the important thing would be to avoid scratches and reasons in order to have more combinations possible.


The clothes and styles to have at any price this spring 2014

We know all that the wardrobe must adapt to all opportunities that arise. It must therefore be the clothing habits, traditional outfits, casual clothes and the necessary for small outputs weekend end.

spring look

Therefore, having basic garments of the spring to enjoy the most and vary them then. These essential and basic clothes are the jacket, the little black dress, jeans and black pants. If you have these clothes, on little easily match its look.

 spring look

For spring dresses, style will depend above all opportunities. For evenings and cocktails, the best would be a pretty solid color cocktail dress. A spring color would be better like this yellow strapless cocktail dress unique coquette and feminine.

spring look

For a usual output or weekends at the beach for example, the dresses will be preferred. If we do not want to choose the little skirt, the ideal is to choose a solid color and to accessorize the look.

spring look

To ventilate the look in the spring therefore, do not forget the accessories. Make the right choice of accessories to completely change its look. The choice is wide in the spring trend enter the necklaces and scarves. Whatever the choice of clothing, it works.