A youthful look of Selena Gomez

Fashion and look of Selena Gomez in various situations

We know well the young Selena Gomez by actress heel for fashion but it also has its own flavor and specialty. The stars are our images and mirrors in the streets and the young Selena is the idol of numerous girls of her age and she assumes this responsibility by dressed she puts it brings style and fashion to young current.

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The beautiful actress and always look top

Selena, very involved in his case
As you all know, the young Selena Gomez is not currently with pop star Justin Bieber. And it seems that since the young actress is no longer with the singer, she is always smiling wherever it appears. Saturday, Selena Gomez was in concert in New York to benefit UNICEF. As an ambassador for the charity, the young woman must be present. She made the cover of many songs and it was great.

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Selena look for a charity concert for UNICEF

For this occasion, she wore a pretty and beautiful fluffy white evening dress with long sleeves and more, and she was barefoot. Maybe the young woman felt more comfortable without shoes or so it was better to stick to her pretty dress hippie. As accessories, Selena had worn two different necklaces. The first, a silver geometric form with a pearl and the second, silver with a small pattern above. In addition to this, the young actress wore colored rings and a white braided bracelet.

Selena Gomez


You have probably noticed, Selena Gomez was in her hair flowers that resemble daisies. It gave him once again a nice look. The brunette is actually a fairly simple makeup and very fresh, natural complexion and bright and a touch of gloss and it was beautiful.

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To go to a doctor, Selena Gomez

If we saw that the singer is very pretty with her ​​white dress with flowers in their hair, here we see in the streets of Beverly Hills a few days later with a very casual and cool outfit to go to his appointment at doctor. It was then a t-shirt a bit loose and long with designs on the front, behind which was entirely black jogging pants in blue velvet and a big beige scarf. To complement this, she was tong.

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Moreover, we can see that there was plenty of sunshine and the pretty brunette actress had large rectangular sunglasses. With accessories, Selena Gomez wore, as usual, a black tote bag with a small green bracelet and a gold ring. She had left her beautiful brown hair is natural and slightly to the side. Look very casual and young which fits perfectly.