The star actress Lucy Liu, a diva with dress evening on the red carpet

The beautiful actress of cinema and its evening dresses, an air of real diva on the red carpet

The sino American star was able to have its place in the middle of the American cinema and its code of popularity increases day by day. His current fame is also found under other sides, as that of fashion and her way of dressing. When the star wears an evening gown, she is, much of the time, magnificent, splendid and elegant. For you to discover the beauty of the diva, chouchourouge offers some of the most beautiful evening dresses that she wore on the red carpet and during the official ceremonies of the world of cinema.

Lucy Liu in evening gown, a diva

Her evening dress strapless at the Golden Globes 2013

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One of his last appearances was during the Golden Globe Awards in January 2013 where seen bears this gorgeous evening dress strapless signed Carolina Herrera. We know that the star chose with care its evening wear, and this time, she put a dress that leaves indifferent person. It has been admirable and conquered many people with this pretty evening dress. What we can say is that she was able to choose his outfit for this ceremony of cinema. Admire its posture of diva in that long dress of a very famous designer.

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If it describes a can this splendid evening dress, which is one of the most daring outfits of the ceremony, it’s a look successful. The complexion, the color of his skin and his hair that were plaited agree with perfection to the floral print dress. Of course, all gave a different result on another woman, but the star has this plus that makes that all the ingredients gives it a perfect elegance. This is an outfit without fault for Lucy Liu

A beautiful strapless at the Gala of the Women dress for Women

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It must be said that the star has really taste and knows choose his evening dresses during the official ceremonies of the American film world. Here, it was during Gala Women for Women in New York that Lucy Liu has developed a beautiful black evening dress. This time, it is a dress of black with a special neckline with beautiful sleeves.

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At the age of 43, the star always made sensations in beautiful gowns evening like this. Watching closely this splendid evening dress, see and note even more its beauty. First, the bust is covered on its entirety and she and connected to short sleeves that appear as of the beautiful shoulder straps. And the mermaid shape gives it a very sexy air because its forms are very well shown inside this tissue.