An American star, Hall Berry dressed with sexy evening dresses

An American star, Hall Berry dressed with sexy evening dresses

Hall Berry, the sexy actress and her evening dresses of star that makes her look even more beautiful and elegant

Hall Berry, an American afro star, is one of the most beautiful and sexiest of Hollywood. The actress caused a sensation in all her appearances media or film. And this is normal, since it has very attractive attributes which give it this image. And in the more these appearances apart from the scenes of shootings, the actress is all still very sublime with beautiful and elegant star evening dresses evening dresses. We will decrypt, With chouchoudress, this elegant look of the star to its outputs and his appearances in public with her dresses if actress upscale.

A movie star with fashion evening dresses

Its short evening dress for the Silver Rose Gala

Hall Berry

Movie stars and stars of song have all gathered for the lifestyle of the Silver Rose Gala in Los Angeles. It was one of the most anticipated of the year evenings and actress Hall Berry has not missed the opportunity to make an appearance at the party. For the occasion, she, she is wearing a beautiful white color cut short evening dress. A white dress that fits the star beautifully.

Hall Berry

It has distinguished itself among these celebrities during the feast because its Gucci’s evening dresses is simply elegant, it is a very beautiful look for the star. With a conquering air and sexy posture, her dress mixed with sleek, revealing cuts caused a sensation. Not to mention that she mastered the sexy side. With its very sharp taste in evening dress, it perfectly takes its appearance.

Hall Berry

The cream tone of her dress accentuates and fits perfectly to her skin and the accessories that accompany the dress, are well chosen, as its integrated necklace and bracelet machete in gold with a very futuristic design. And her beige pumps with trays much complement its look and started her model figure. We can say that Halle Berry is one of the few actresses who never disappoints in his appearances, and it honors its reputation with its look.

A color on the red carpet dress

Hall Berry

Was during her appearance on the red carpet at the release of his latest film and as usual, the star never misses his kick. And it is obvious, en style material; Hall Berry is a connoisseur because she always has a star look whatever the style of dress she wears. To attend the premiere of his latest film “The Soloist” in Los Angeles, the actress chose to wear a colorful long evening dress. A color with shoulder straps dress that fits him perfectly and colorful its pretty dyed tanned.

Hall Berry

This choice of dress is very special for the star since we used to see in evening dresses very sexy with high heel shoes. This time, she chose simpler and it market. Her dress also made him stand out her beautiful curves and her pretty silhouette. To his feet, it has opted to complete her look with a pair of also called thongs. A look simple but elegant when it comes to Hall Berry who start.

A sport’s star in evening dress, Anna Kournikova and her sexy dresses

A sport’s star in evening dress, Anna Kournikova and her sexy dresses

Tennis player the world’s sexiest with her evening dresses, a look of a real star


Anna Kournikova, the tennis star is considered the tennis player the sexiest in the world. With his career as a tennis player, and her perfect body modeling, it has benefit. She has a perfect body mannequin that gives clear advantages in this field. We see especially on the tennis courts, but outside of the game, it is even more sexy evening dresses the most beautiful and elegant. The star is unanimity among his fans when his look in evening dress. You will discover Chouchoudress with some models of dresses sexiest star, evening gowns and caused a sensation.


A sport player that has a look of real model outside of sports

Extraordinary story of a true star of fashion

Anna Kournikova


It is certain that the star is best known for his body since its inception in tennis, even if it has already won the World Cup for juniors at a young age. The star was born in 1981, and in the 2000s it began to move in the field of modeling and media after sports injuries. His physique allowed him to post for sports magazines and is named ‘Sexiest Woman of the World “in 2002. From there, it’s her modeling career passing in front of his sporting career. Everyone became interested in these appearances it is dressed in evening dresses very gorgeous and sexy.


Anna Kournikova in sexy evening dress in Las Vegas

Anna Kournikova


Admire the star in this sublime evening dress brown. This is one sexy dresses of the star, and one of the most beautiful appearances she made. She wears here a strapless evening dress sexy brown. We can then admire the beauty and perfection of his body modeling and physical attributions. It is a short strapless evening dress that has straps that support the bust carefully.

Anna Kournikova


The dress with a short skirt perfectly follows the contour of the body and brings out its forms mannequin. To support its look during the evening, the star opted for a handbag of the same color decorated in golden color. And for shoes, nothing better than high-heeled shoes the same color as her beautiful gown. A perfect confirms the beauty and taste of the star model.


Her long evening dress at the BAFTA event in Los Angeles

Anna Kournikova

This time, the star model chose to wear a long evening gown for one of the most prestigious events in Los Angeles. It is the BAFTA evening or you can meet many stars and celebrities. For this occasion then she wore this beautiful long evening dress turquoise blue suits her beautifully. Dress, draped with a strap fits him perfectly. Even if you do not see many attributes are tangible and size model, her beauty is not less visible with this long evening dress. Indeed, side draped it goes quite well with these folds that cover the surface of this dress. Not to mention the pretty princess smile makes the feature of the model.

Dress of a star in Italian style, Monica Bellucci’s splendid dresses

Dress of a star in Italian style, Monica Bellucci’s splendid dresses

Evening dresses and look that make the beautiful Italian actress a real supermodel


Monica Bellucci is known for its impressive and magnificent charm, tenderness and sexiness that attracts almost everyone, be it in the cinema world and in everyday life. This is a full star attraction, and that is why it is so sublime when she dresses from the most beautiful evening dresses star. And the beauty she has, she is one of the largest reference rising stars of cinema. Chouchoudress with, you will discover and understand some descriptions of his look and his best evening dresses. The Italian diva has conquered everyone with star dresses.


A charming diva in all its appearances in evening dress

Its pretty evening dress at Curse Cartier party

Monica Bellucci’s splendid dresses


This move is in Rome, The Curse Cartier evening which brings many artists and celebrities of all kinds. The beautiful Monica Bellucci was obviously answered present at this event. And it does not come to any outfit, she wore a dress of the most sublime of his wardrobe. Indeed, for this special occasion, we noticed the movie star with a sexy evening dress fitting.

Monica Bellucci’s splendid dresses


It is true that she knows how to use his curves as a person because she has a gorgeous body and ultra sexy. Her black evening dress with drooping shoulders has a nice neckline that gracefully enhances his chest. Robe gives her siren air with heels she chose to accompany him and stretch his body. Not forgetting, of course, gorgeous accessories like a bracelet that gives a little color to its overall look.


A beautiful lace dress for a premiere in Paris

Monica Bellucci’s splendid dresses


At the beginning of April, the Italian star attended the premiere of the film “People who kiss in Paris.” It has been observed wearing a beautiful evening gown lace that does not deceive her physical assets and her angelic beauty. At age 48, she still keeps her sexy side and captivating. This outfit is gorgeous out, in fact, the great beauty of his Italian roots. This is an evening dress lace long sleeve made ​​entirely of lace. Best for a diva in her class. The dress is decorated over its entire surface foral decorations. Long red dress perfectly follows the contours of her sexy body, and this is consistent with what style these long sleeves fit him so perfectly.


charming evening dress of the diva at the Golden Globes

Monica Bellucci’s splendid dresses

A true ambassador of charm, the actress never misses an opportunity to win over other women. This is the case during the Golden Globes ceremony with an evening dress, charming and beautiful. In fact, she was cast in a red evening dress full of beauty and class. This is an evening dress sheath with drooping shoulders that revive the beauty of the star. Complexion beautiful dress and perfect fit that perfectly follows the outline of her rounded it accentuates the air of sexy woman, which is indisputable quality in the actress. Be aware that evening dresses Chouchoudress offer you a charming side that will please many thanks to evening dresses sexy and classy there in his collection of evening dresses.

Fashion star, evening dresses of the actress Jennifer Aniston

Fashion star, evening dresses of the actress Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston and its evening dresses of young woman in the streets of Hollywood, look impressive


Jennifer Aniston, one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood right now is a woman full of charm and has a wonderful taste in evening dresses and her style of dress in general. It must also be said that the young girl’s body is very advantageous for the star. Therefore, she dresses in a very detailed way with dresses that represent and give a nice look at her body. She knows how to take advantage of his body with beautiful gowns With Chouchoudress, you will discover the tastes and some of the most beautiful evening dresses the actress star in the world of world cinema.


Evening gowns for the star who dresses like a supermodel

A mature woman with a young body in his dresses

Jennifer Aniston\

Star quality wins, and you have to dress and appear in public by behaving well. The most important thing for a star, actress Jennifer Aniston is like wearing a dress that highlights its functions. I must say that these stars are not entitled to errors when they wear an evening dress at risk of receiving severe criticism from fans and media. The beautiful actress Jennifer is never late when it comes to the most beautiful dress for a public appearance or on the red carpet. And even if it has no age girl, sexy and famous actress Jennifer Aniston may surprise many in her ultra glamorous evening dresses and sexy.



Jennifer, radiant in her evening gown at the premiere of Wanderlust

Jennifer Aniston


On the occasion of the premiere of the film, the actress, 40 years dressed in a sexy way in her evening gown that was left near the body to mark its forms. Indeed, the actress chose a pretty strapless dress to highlight her beautiful complexion young woman. The regular on the red carpet yet feeling so during the evening presentation. Her dress had her sexy side which apart from other actresses present during the evening. Her dress has some psychedelic prints inlaid with leather ends. All from her sexy body and gives the dress an impressive because the mixture is shifted accentuated by tube cut her pretty gown. With black and white mixed long and twelve o’clock that reveals a little legs, this dress offers impressive results, yet a success for actress sexy.


An evening dress sexy and sublime, sexy woman at the Oscars 2013

Jennifer Aniston

Many women expect the appearance of Jennifer Aniston at the 2013 Oscars to admire evening gown she chose for the occasion. And they were not disappointed with the result. The star unveiled her pretty graceful and long red evening dress strapless. We can say that the red carpet shine passing of the actress who has been the world’s sexiest. This is an evening dress Valentino. The dress emerges largely his shoulders, giving it a look assured and elegant. The size is a little tight to provide express its forms and the skirt has irregular horizontal folds to accentuate the elegance, widening a little.

Jennifer Aniston

Star evening dress, the beautiful queen Shakira dressed

Star evening dress, the beautiful queen Shakira dressed

Evening dresses for Shakira dressed like a queen


She is currently one of the most beautiful pop singers of the moment. After having her first child last month, it has increased its quota of celebrity. It is also one of the celebrities who has the most beautiful body and most beautiful form with a special taste for evening dress. She was pregnant or not, she always seemed elegant in her evening gowns as it is beautiful. Here is a description of some evening dresses with a star evening dress Chouchoudress to explain the taste and choice of dress famous pop singer.


Star with a deep breath with evening dresses

Is a bit of Shakira, a special pregnant evening dress



This happened at the beginning of the year and that is that UNICEF Shakira pregnant and her husband Gerard Pique took topless pose. For the first photo, it was a baby shower for a good cause. And the second is a very interesting because it is pregnant Shakira wearing a long evening dress. Indeed, for good cause, the singer appeared on this picture long white evening dress.



If we describe the dress, you can see it is a slinky evening dress to her hips and flared in the lower part. With its beautiful body of a pregnant woman, she’s doing pretty well with this white dress as she chose a V neckline which is accompanied by beautiful and wide straps draped knotted in the back. I say more for this magnificent appearance of the star speaker. She is gorgeous in her evening gown even if she is pregnant.


Shakira at the American Music Awards



Who does not remember that night or the Colombian singer caused a sensation by wearing two different gowns. It was during the evening of American Music Awards. In fact, it is twice as feeling her colleagues and rivals at the ceremony since she chose to wear two different dresses as sexy as the other one. For her first dress she chose yellow for a small short evening dress really sexy and glamorous, which expresses the special taste of the star.



It is a strapless evening dress decorated with golden lines symmetrically along its surface. Forms and sexy body of the artist is well expressed in this pretty dress. At the end of the skirt, you can see patterns in the form of inverted triangle to embellish her ​​dress. To complete his ball appearance, she chose to wear platform shoes and some bracelets on her hands. Look perfect and sexy.


For his second evening dress, one could say that Shakira never tired of showing off her beautiful perfect curves. It is also here a very sexy minidress colored rock. Her little black dress reveals her nice curves. It is a strapless patterned square. This special gown has long sleeves separated. One might think that the reasons are strange dress, but the dress bride with the perfect silhouette of the star and expresses its forms so elegantly that sees only beauty in a beautiful dress. To complement her beautiful dress, the star chose to long boots that cover the ankles but suggests her long legs and pretty model.

Evening Dresses of a movie star, dresses of Catherine Zeta Jones

Evening Dresses of a movie star, dresses of Catherine Zeta Jones

Evening dresses that characterize the Hollywood star Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones, one of the most famous Latin actors in the world of cinema. She is also known for its beauty and flawless body of young woman. Therefore, it has a good taste in fashion, especially in evening dress. The star of more than 40 ns still has the appearance of a young woman with her beautiful dresses and mannequin body. With Chouchoudress, we will describe some of the dresses that have marked the actress who have effect with fans and lovers of fashion and dresses. Evening dresses very chic, like those of the 2013 collection of evening dress Chouchoudress.


A star in evening dress, a surprising result

Evening dress of Catherine at the Vanity Fair party

dresses of Catherine Zeta Jones

It is a beautiful evening gown that the actress has responded to the Vanity Fair party with her husband Michael Douglas, the ideal couple in Hollywood. We can say that the dress fit her perfectly with all that her husband chose to. Her dress is by Michael Kors with a shiny fabric sewn entirely pretty sequins.

dresses of Catherine Zeta Jones

A sexy dress with silver colored sequins that give a gray complexion and does well out forms genreuses. It has a strap that supports the bust perfectly pronounced and that fits perfectly to the shape of the skirt wrap. This dress follows her curves perfectly so eloquent. This is an outfit that makes her sexy side come out well, especially with the rest of the accessories she chose sandals colors that illuminate the entire evening.


Evening dress billowing from the star at the Golden Globes

dresses of Catherine Zeta Jones

It was a revelation, the actress has returned to its roots by choosing a beautiful evening dress. In fact, she has distinguished herself during the Golden Globes ceremony in choosing a dress Monique Llhuillier. It is a beautiful evening dress that evokes the atmosphere and the charm of Spanish flamenco. We can not say anything other than the word sublime, since this is the effect that the dress on the actress.

dresses of Catherine Zeta Jones

This dress has a beautiful originality with the color green, the side strapless dress is very well said. In terms of size, you can see the fabric that hugs the body and offers a sexy show. The most beautiful in this dress, this is the bouffant skirt behind which gives value to the appearance of the star.


Catherine and her beautiful evening dress at Tony Awards

dresses of Catherine Zeta Jones

That’s where she got the award for best actress, and it is not only the price it should have because she wore a stunning evening gown. For this occasion, Catherine has chosen a beautiful strapless evening blue sky ice at Versace. Such in his films, she appeared with an air of queen. More specifically, it looked like a mermaid because it is an evening dress mermaid style which is quite its forms and body enhancement. The strapless dress has a bust and imposing rigid and with it, a train which offers lightweight comfort.

Dresses of star, the latest looks of the actress Bella Thorne

Dresses of star, the latest looks of the actress Bella Thorne

Evening dresses and look that marked the star Bella Thorne these days


Bella Thorne is an actress who never cease to surprise us with its fashionable taste. It has always appeared radiant in these lovely dresses. I must say it is a young woman opened in fashion and dress, and these days, she caused a sensation by making beautiful dresses, dresses with colors of spring. So look in color and very stylish, Here is the description of the latest dresses and look of the star Bella Thorne described Chouchourouge evening dress.


Dresses of star breathtaking

Its beautiful cocktail dress very bright yellow

Bella Thorne


When the movie star a cocktail dress is in color, it is the maximum, come to dress her choice this yellow cocktail dress very bright. It n’st not go unnoticed with this pretty dress. Arguably fluently her look and fashion in general because in that dress, it is simply radiant. It was a cocktail dress lemon yellow with long sleeves slit giving a cool style and reveal her arms gracefully.

Bella Thorne


Of course, it is a short dress that also reveals gracefully curved legs Bella putting both the beauty of its silhouette. Apart from the color of the dress, she was also a plus with his shoes. She chose to accompany the short dress with a pair of black platform shoes with big heels that fit perfectly golden manicure bicolor green and pink. As for accessories, fancy bracelets and a few rings have a complete look pretty color.


Bella Thorne on the red carpets of Hollywood

Bella Thorne


Not later than the end of March, the young actress Bella is shown with a sublime look for the premiere of his latest film “The Host” in Hollywood. The pretty young movie star dazzles us yet again. We could see on the red carpet in Hollywood with a beautiful evening gown strapless short blue night. This dress has special reasons in the form of small white squares present throughout its length.