The best looks for summer and holidays

The best looks and the trendier for summer and the 2014 holidays

Finally, it’s the summer, with the holidays approaching also. As announced by the fashion designers, this summer will be the best fashion season. Chic fashion chic or the street trend, summer 2014 is very special.

Trends of summer 2014 and holidays

The major looks fashionable during this summer

As announced during the spring-summer parades de the greatest creators, trends de this season are rather open. Indeed, for this summer 2014, it revolves around pleated styles, flowery or artistic prints, the jacket or combinations. summer look It is in haute couture or in stores at low prices, the trend de summer married especially with casual styles. Also, the new styles and creativities de couturiers can go into guard’s dresses with these stores.

Trends headlights of the summer 2014

For the color season requires the most famous will be the summer colors and shades. There will be de green, de yellow and de blue also. As in the spring collection, it turned to prints and floral patterns as in dresses women on chouchoudress. summer trend Even if it is not de fashion victims, may still be impregnated de the summer without problem and without excess rather than fashion. First, there is the mode de t-shirt style jerseys de sneakers sports look. This trend has been sighted in parades de many fashion designers. summer trend In another style, it will also return de the combination, found since the spring of 2014. Was especially seen during the period de mid-season, and it is very chic for women who do not want to abandon this style. For the dresses fashion, the trend is slight flowery style. You can see de very interesting models for example in the ready to wear de chouchoudress collection. It is long and short dresses in floral prints and holiday’s colors.

Summer sales on chouchoudress and beautiful evening dresses

Summer sales with the most beautiful evening dresses arrived on chouchoudress

Currently, it is the summer sales on chouchoudress. The promotion on evening dresses is range up to a 75% reduction. For the summer and summer only, here is an opportunity not to be missed for women who want to have the most beautiful evening dresses.


The most beautiful evening dresses are in summer sales

A promotional offer up to – 75%

Just after the promotion of the feasts of mothers, here’s arrival on chouchoudress summer sales now. Like every year, it proposes to beautiful and splendid evening at broken price dresses. This time, it was even more with a reduction in arrival up to 75%.

-75% is the price offered in the summer of this year sales. And for the proposed evening dresses, they are quite simply splendid. There are different models among which you can choose because the choice is very wide to suit all tastes.


Some models of dresses in summer sales

As it was already mentioned before, many models of dresses are present in these summer sales. If we talk that long evening dresses, buster’s styles are very present. Some strapless evening gowns fill the collection with very diverse styles.

Here is for example a beautiful and sublime evening dress long strapless balance summer. It is a fully designed Pink dress with muslin. The apparent style is totally elegant and for these summer sales, this dress is only 109.50, €99.

Also, here is the evening dress long “mystery woman” in summer sales. This stunning evening dress is accompanied by a beautiful bolero for just €114,99. Of course, its color is also sublime style.

We greatly admire this strapless evening dress during the summer sales. This is ultra-jolie green evening dress. This model features shoulder straps as well as ornaments at the level of the bust. Her skirt long and wide is perfect to affirm its simplistic but elegant side.

Very sublime also among the dresses of summer sales, this elegant dress with a neckline in the heart. The bust is adorned with folds, as well as the size, where also a magnificent belt. It is one of the dresses cannot miss during the summer sales.

How recognize a beautiful cocktail dress?

The beautiful cocktail dresses designed with the finest fabrics and materials

With summer approaching, cocktail dresses are highly sought. As we already talked about the most fashionable dresses styles in the previous articles, now here is how recognize the finest cocktail dresses.


Choose the most beautiful cocktail dresses

A perfect dress is recognized by several details

A by external appearance, you should know that a cocktail dress is also characterized by its fabric, materials and color. The fabrics used widely contribute to the beauty of a cocktail dress because of these tissues depend on the final appearance.

For styles, the most popular are especially dresses corsets and dresses with straps. These models of dresses should of course be consistent with the materials that make up the dress. Here are a few tips to recognize a beautiful cocktail dress by the materials and fabrics that make it up.


The beautiful cocktail dresses with ideal components

A beautiful cocktail dress is characterized by its smooth appearance and appearance. When seen a smoothness and fluidity apparent, is that it is well designed. Obviously, when we touch the dress then, one senses this sweetness and this somewhat luxurious side.

It is indeed the case of satin cocktail dresses, as this model. It is a blue cocktail dress clearly designed with the taffeta and. These are beautiful materials that give the dress a look magnificent and splendid.

Chiffon cocktail dresses are famous for their natural splendor and more if they are like this. Here is the mini style heart neckline cocktail dress. Very upscale and elegant, its color adds more beauty to the muslin.

And when satin and chiffon assemble, here’s what happens. It is a stunning cocktail fuchsia color dress. This dress, in particular, has a fantastic appearance with flowers at the bust level and size. And the skirt lined with fine fabrics, it is simply splendid.

And to show the beauty of lace cocktail dresses, here is a very elegant black color model. Associated with the muslin, lace highlights perfectly the desired effect. Note that the lace is a very upscale, used mainly for beautiful wedding dresses.

 Beautiful evening dresses at the Empire Awards 2014 ceremony

The red carpet and the most beautiful dresses at the Empire Awards 2014 of London

Empire Awards

It was the last appointment not to be missed for the stars, actors and actresses for the month of March. The ceremony took place in London this Sunday, March 30 where it was observed the most elegant evening dresses and required of celebrities on the red carpet. Here is a summary of the most beautiful looks of this ceremony.


A film festival and a fashion red carpet

Empire Awards 2014 became inevitable

Empire Awards

Since 1996, the ceremony of the Empires Awards reward of many actors and actresses of film. It is in fact awards by the British magazine ‘Empire’ devoted to film for the best and most beautiful films of the year.

Empire Awards

Of course, it is also an opportunity for the stars, forward on the red carpet. English actresses are considered to be the most trends and fashionable, and they prove it on the red carpet at the Empire Awards 2014 with gorgeous evening dresses.


The stars shine on the red carpet with their evening dresses

They are likely to have chosen gorgeous dresses for evening at the Empire Awards 2014. But some only have illuminated the red carpet with extraordinary evening outfits. Some examples of these dresses beautiful and magnificent.


2014 Empire Awards

Sexy short dress of Sophie Turner was one of the most beautiful dresses of this ceremony. It is indeed a model of designer Mary Katrantzou dress. It is a short green dress patterned with short sleeves and a cut near the body which puts forward his beautiful morphology.

2014 Empire Awards

On the red carpet, this long evening dress marked elegance. It is the dress that actress Sarah Harding has chosen to mark this evening. The red color and the perfect cut of her dress with wide straps have much attracted. She has produced an excellent choice of evening dress.

2014 Empire Awards

Always in red evening dress, Margot Robbie has chosen to have a classic look that fits him very well. It is drooping strapless dress with a thin black belt at the waist. She is very glamorous with this look at the Empire Awards 2014.

2014 Empire Awards

Stephanie Leonidas has opted for an evening dress black with a knee skirt. Its short sleeves fit in perfectly with the style of her dress that perfectly follows his body. This actress has also marked the red carpet at the ceremony in London.

Dresses and look, fashion’s good tips to dress in spring

To prepare 2014 spring with the ideal look and perfect dresses

spring look

Everyone looks forward to hosting the beautiful days of spring, and this is the time to prepare. The cold has lasted long enough and it is time to get a nice light evening dress and the spring look that all everyone likes.


The looks don’t miss this 2014 spring

The indispensable for a good choice of look and spring dresses

 spring look

Pending the arrival of spring, you should know that the good choice is necessary in order to have a perfect look. These basic tips can help make the right choices on dresses, clothes and other fashion accessories.

 spring look

For the 2014 spring fashion trends tend to solid colors and lightness. Skirt, jeans, black pants or jacket, the important thing would be to avoid scratches and reasons in order to have more combinations possible.


The clothes and styles to have at any price this spring 2014

We know all that the wardrobe must adapt to all opportunities that arise. It must therefore be the clothing habits, traditional outfits, casual clothes and the necessary for small outputs weekend end.

spring look

Therefore, having basic garments of the spring to enjoy the most and vary them then. These essential and basic clothes are the jacket, the little black dress, jeans and black pants. If you have these clothes, on little easily match its look.

 spring look

For spring dresses, style will depend above all opportunities. For evenings and cocktails, the best would be a pretty solid color cocktail dress. A spring color would be better like this yellow strapless cocktail dress unique coquette and feminine.

spring look

For a usual output or weekends at the beach for example, the dresses will be preferred. If we do not want to choose the little skirt, the ideal is to choose a solid color and to accessorize the look.

spring look

To ventilate the look in the spring therefore, do not forget the accessories. Make the right choice of accessories to completely change its look. The choice is wide in the spring trend enter the necklaces and scarves. Whatever the choice of clothing, it works.

Associate the simplicity and elegance in an evening gown

The choice of a simple evening dress who assumes elegance

evening dress

Women did not have the same taste when talking about fashion. Some prefers stylish evening dresses, ultra sexy or even showy. And some prefer a more simple style, feminine and at the same time has a feminine elegance.

Adopt a classic and simple dress and have a stylish look

Have a nice look in a classic evening dress

evening dress

These tips will ensure to give a nice look and a very feminine look to women who prefer pretty simplistic evening dresses. As stated above, is not necessarily the most extravagant or very sexy dresses that are the most elegant.

evening dress

The first thing to know is you need to know to be comfortable in her evening dress, whatever the style. Simply to choose models adapting to his body and its physical features and know how to accessorize all.

Few simple dresses all in elegance style

evening dress

The particularity of the simple evening dresses is that they always have a positive result. The choice of a too sophisticated dress can become a double blade sharp. The air and the look will complement this feature in order to have a good look with a simple evening gown.

evening dress

Here is an example of a evening gown simple style, dress evening at the pleated bustier. The strapless style is a classic model that always puts forward the bust. The body is very uncomfortable and the appearance that results is as elegant.

evening dress

This evening dress style a-line is also is also part of the classic and simple style. This blue black color model has a straight neckline. A small apparent asset is added through the precious embroidery bust level.

evening dress

Evening long and wide dress is also a fairly simple dress style but keeps in it any great beauty. It is very elegant with belt integrated to its size. The color and the muslin make it graceful.

evening dress

The simple strapless evening dress is also an elegant classical style. Here is of course the ramp which brings elegance to the dress even though the style remains simple. In addition, it has a black color, perfect to stay in the simplicity while being elegant.

Choose his evening dress when one does not like her legs

Tips to choose her outfits and evening dresses when we don’t like our legs

 choose evening dress

It is a complex that often happens to women. Disliking his legs involves choosing a special evening dress and specific outfits. That you should know, it is quite possible to have a nice look even if one does not like her legs. These helpful tips will help.


To choose her outfits when you do not love her legs

Leg complexes and the feminine look

 choose evening dress

Many women do not like their legs and would even hide them if it is possible. As a result, some dare more wear cocktail dresses and short evening dresses or mini-skirt for fear put forward his legs.

choose evening dress

Contrary to belief, does not like her legs does not mean that they are not beautiful and that others will not love not more. Choose her outfits can confess be an effective solution for those who do not take their legs.


Look and held to love more the legs

choose evening dress

The first step to having a nice look even if one does not like her legs, is firstly to accept. Naturally, those who will watch will do no judgment if it wears with appropriate clothing.

 choose evening dress

Whether dressing is a very good way to tame portions that seem to bother. And rather than focus only on the beneficial parts and ignoring others, it is better to dare the reverse. The idea therefore is to flatter areas we love not or that it is ashamed to show.

evening dress

An idea of holding it is the game of transparency by opting for an evening dress or semi-transparent skirt. The best is even a tulle model revealing little legs. You can accompany it with casual shoes, it offers a perfect look.

evening dress

Another idea of dress evening and attractive style, this is the choice of a Bohemian look with a red evening dress in cotton voile. It offers a chic and hippie appearance. Opt for an air chiffon skirt will produce the same effect, and the impression of not liking her legs will disappear surely.

choose evening dress

It also specifies the choice of shoes that will accompany these long and mid long dresses. Shoes offer a lightness legs where one chooses ballerinas turned to soles, thin sandals with heels or without heels.