Chouchoudress, still party with evening dresses in May

Evening dress Chouchoudress is still holidays with offers at the beginning of the month of May 2013

In Chouchoudress evening dress, it never stops, news raining, styles evening dresses trendy, unique designs, and especially promotions and offers not to be missed. In April, we had the great opportunity to take full advantage of the big sale flash on many models and multiple cocktail dress on Chouchoudress. To clarify this flash sale will not end until May 5, so there is still time to catch up and buy your cheap cocktail dress. But by the flash sale, other deals are still active on this May evening dress Chouchoudress.

Models of evening dresses and cocktail dresses for clients

Evening dresses cheap always present in offers

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At the beginning of May and throughout this month, Chouchoudress do not forget to encourage clients and customers by providing all the benefits of buying a dress on our website. This time, bids are in the category of news. Dresses that feel new and fashion. This is the last model year with details that are simply beautiful as we imagine. For you, to satisfy you, the new evening dresses are currently in great promotion on Chouchoudress. And the beginning of May is the right time to take the initiative to buy cheap dress your future. You can choose from many new on the site.
Evening dress short strapless crisscross

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A new model evening dress on this Chouchoudress. In the spring, if you thirst for nature and freedom, this is probably the style of short evening dress for you. This is one of the most sumptuous dresses short evening Chouchoudress, high demand right now. This strapless evening dress crisscross turquoise color is gorgeous as the provision of pleated fabrics is innovative. Indeed, these pleated fabrics are some of the peculiarities of this turquoise dress as found on most of its surface.

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It should be noted, of course, this chic neckline associated with bust to give a very good result. A design that fits well with the mobile web which is associated with it. For a perfect dress, our designers did not hesitate to add some contrast to this short evening dress by adding a belt chiffon brown color, with a large bow-shaped pink on the front. Currently 50% of its price, this new short dress is only $ 79.99.
The long evening dress with square neckline

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Here is one of the favorite styles of our clients, the long dress square neckline. Review and pioneered by our designers, this new evening dress will surely convince you with its beauty and all its attraction. First, what is the most visible are the straps and waist decorated with rows of rhinestones. You’ll probably understand, the rhinestones will shine this evening dress to give great splendor during the evenings.


Abaout the rest of the dress, nothing to say, everything is perfect and beautiful with this skirt designed with multiple thin layers of chiffon to beautify the appearance of which will dress. Views will be very lucky to have a long evening dress of this quality with its cheap price on current Chouchoudress. For promotion, this evening dress with square neckline is only € 99.99.



Choose an evening dress for your birthday

The evening dresses of Chouchoudress, ideal for your birthday party

The birthday party is a great festive occasion. And now, fashion is to organize a party or reception to invite all his friends and some family members. The choice is wide, there are a large reception and other, smaller but equally festive and hectic atmosphere. For a birthday party, it must be stylish, especially one that is the main question. And this is where Chouchoudress comes into play with its many models of evening gowns or cocktail dresses appropriate to make you sexy and elegant at your birthday party. You can choose among Chouchoudress.

A birthday party, an opportunity not to be missed to be beautiful
A dress that knows how to class at the perfect time


Dress to wear to her birthday party should always be beautiful, and this is normal. It is especially during the most important moments of our lives need to know to show beautiful, especially if it is a festival or celebration. In this instance, we must think about being the best dressed of the party, because it would be a little weird and unhappy if another person is more elegant, beautiful and gorgeous as you, then it is your party of Birthday. You have to have a perfect appearance, a real princess makeup, hair and well made especially a birthday dress that effect and undid all that surpasses everything and convinces everyone invited to your party.

Cocktail dress birthday in orange suspenders

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This beautiful cocktail dress Chouchoudress is one of the most beautiful dresses in our collection. It is a dress that will make you beautiful birthday cocktail will give you the grace and class. This is a dress made with chiffon and gives you unconditional the beauty you need to celebrate. Very comfortable, it will allow you to dance easily and comfortably in the middle of the dance floor.

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So if you like the short dress style is a perfect fit for you. Other features this short birthday dress is that it has straps that put great value in the bust and chest from that door. You will be the center of attention, not only your birthday, but especially with this beautiful and sublime birthday dress that can be jealous of your look will be.

Birthday long evening dress strapless

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If you’re more in love with long evening dresses and everything related to it, with the class they have this long birthday dress is probably the one for you. The birthday long evening dress is attributed to upscale women who love the mixture of splendor and discretion. Indeed, his long robe side brings him this discretion will not betray you because even if the dress is discreet, it has all the qualities and beauty to say before all other robes. It is a true wonder if you know how to add other details and that all is perfect, like a beautiful makeup with a sophisticated hairstyle and fashion.