Evening dresses, be aware of fashion

How women fans of evening dresses stood abreast of fashion?


Fashion, evening dresses, these words are never separated. For women, fashion has become a part of their concern in everyday life and all means are good to be on the lookout for new dresses and new trends in evening dresses and wedding dresses. Long, evening dresses’ fashion is always attached to the image of women. How women were to follow the trend before?


Fashion magazines and trends
      Follow the trend of evening dresses

Just as modern women read Vogue or other fashion magazines to keep abreast of current fashion trends, women of the 18th and 19th centuries relied on fashion plates. Since all clothing was made by hand, whether by a high-priced designer or by one’s mother, fashion plates were an important resource to ensure that one’s wardrobe remained up-to-date and fashionable.

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The beginning of fashion magazines

The first significant efforts to record contemporary costume appeared in the 17th century. These were published more for education and amusement than as an attempt to set or predict fashion trends. Most of these early costume plates were of male costume. It was until the last quarter of the 18th century that fashion plates began to be issued, designed to guide ladies in their choice of evening dress. They became extremely popular after, coinciding with the publication of several magazines devoted to feminine interests.


The evolution of fashion magazines

The magazines were issued in paper-bound covers, and each monthly issue generally included one or two fashion plates like pictures of evening dresses or wedding dresses, along with other prints. Subscribers could return their monthly copies to the publisher for leather-bound volumes, usually in 6-month sets. So they could make their self fashion. The prints were hand-colored, usually by teams of young girls and women, with the best artists used for painting faces. Hand-coloring by illiterate workers were obtained interesting results.



Follow the trends of today

Nowadays tend to be in terms of dress, you must regularly keep abreast of the latest fashion. There are many ways to be on fashion. Follow blogs on fashion and women’s magazines, visit websites and visit specialized shops selling clothes and evening dresses online. Hyper trend, fashion blogs have invaded the Internet. There are dozens, and some are followed by tens of thousands of Internet users. For example, “robemariée-charlotte ” or “chouchourouge”. You’ll find the latest evening dress and beautiful wedding dresses fashion. The photos are artistic, the decor is sophisticated and people who hold these blogs and work in this area are professionals. And designers are professionals too in the field of fashion and dresses.