Choose the most beautiful evening dresses on chouchoudress.

Want help to choose the dress that suits you and to choose your evening dress?

It is very important to know that when you choose an evening dress, you should trust your body and your waist. This is after you see your style and accompanying details. Here are some explanations for the choice of a beautiful and lovely evening dress.

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The choice of dress depends on a few details

 Your agree morphology still a beautiful dress. 


Dresses appear differently in a woman as its morphology. For example, if you are rather heavy build, you will not be better off if you take a very close-fitting dress, because you will tend to show forms that you will not value. By cons, put on a dress with fluidity, lightness and a little loose, you go wonderfully. If you have chest, put the value in a strapless dress. Of course, all these styles of dresses are available on our sales site chouchoudress.

The dress according to your size

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If you’re petite, avoid long evening dresses which override more your size. Building on mid-knee dresses, that one sees your legs can give the impression that you are great. Obviously, if you are tall, long dresses are your allies. On our website, you order the dresses will adapt to your size and details you want to make.

What is good for the colors? 

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What you should know is that it is necessary to choose the color of your dress according to the party where you need to go. You will not put bright colors for a charity event, for example. You bet on a dress chic, simple and elegant. However, if you choose a dress for a birthday, you can dare the colors that recall the festive and joyful side. Be careful though not to turn you into a clown with bright colors too.

The price for a beautiful evening gown 

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If you know you will use your dress once, take a cheap dress, or take the opportunity. It would be a shame to purchase a dress expensive if it will remain in your closet for a while. Otherwise, take a dress that can both be worn during the day and evenings. At least you’ll pay for your purchase. The beauty of the dress is not in the price, but how do you use. And in chouchoudress, we think make you feel more beautiful and elegant as possible.


Evening dresses relaxed style Chouchoudress

Evening dresses and cocktail dresses with an open style and cool

Evening dresses and cocktail dresses with a casual look and a style very relaxed on our site. These dresses are a hit among young women currently seeking a little more comfort freedom in the way they dress. Try our super trendy look to be the most splendid woman.

Models of dresses cool, casual style
Pink cocktail dress with a good look



Beautiful strapless cocktail dress with a casual style has a very interesting price. Particular bust with a belt tied in front and puts more charm to the dress.



Behind, we note the closing perfectly assembled the dress with the belt across the middle of your back. You will also notice the beautifully fluffy skirt.

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The pink evening dress relaxed style
Do you dream of an elegant dress with a classy and casual side and a bit of freedom. This is for you:



Pink evening dress with a V neckline and draped cross. This set gives this look cool and stylish same time. In addition, it is decorated on the bust with semi-precious stones for keeping the class.



On the short sleeves, you will notice a mixture of printed chiffon fabrics. This same design is also visible at the bust. This is a simply gorgeous look that says its originality with a glamour skirt.

robe de soirée look décontracté3