The best looks for summer and holidays

The best looks and the trendier for summer and the 2014 holidays

Finally, it’s the summer, with the holidays approaching also. As announced by the fashion designers, this summer will be the best fashion season. Chic fashion chic or the street trend, summer 2014 is very special.

Trends of summer 2014 and holidays

The major looks fashionable during this summer

As announced during the spring-summer parades de the greatest creators, trends de this season are rather open. Indeed, for this summer 2014, it revolves around pleated styles, flowery or artistic prints, the jacket or combinations. summer look It is in haute couture or in stores at low prices, the trend de summer married especially with casual styles. Also, the new styles and creativities de couturiers can go into guard’s dresses with these stores.

Trends headlights of the summer 2014

For the color season requires the most famous will be the summer colors and shades. There will be de green, de yellow and de blue also. As in the spring collection, it turned to prints and floral patterns as in dresses women on chouchoudress. summer trend Even if it is not de fashion victims, may still be impregnated de the summer without problem and without excess rather than fashion. First, there is the mode de t-shirt style jerseys de sneakers sports look. This trend has been sighted in parades de many fashion designers. summer trend In another style, it will also return de the combination, found since the spring of 2014. Was especially seen during the period de mid-season, and it is very chic for women who do not want to abandon this style. For the dresses fashion, the trend is slight flowery style. You can see de very interesting models for example in the ready to wear de chouchoudress collection. It is long and short dresses in floral prints and holiday’s colors.