Look of a star, the fabulous Julia Roberts and her dresses evening dresses

Evening dresses of the star that has a reputation for well dressing; Julia Roberts and her evening dresses


This is an actress who will always continue to surprise in his roles in the films and his personality. The American movie star is one of the actresses who always appear with splendor at every ceremony and each output. More than 40 years, Julia Roberts is always elegant and sexy if necessary, in its pretty evening wear. It is one of the famous women best-dressed at the moment in the world of American cinema. Chouchoudress presents here some of these gorgeous evening dresses that the star has worn during the official ceremonies of the cinema. She is one of stars that have the most beautiful dresses.


A star who closely follows fashion with its evening dresses

Its splendid evening dress at the 2013Golden Globes

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This evening dress remained in our memory from the day where she put it. It is his most recent appearance, the ceremony of the Golden Globes 2013. It was simply dazzling in its stunning strapless black evening dress. Usually, it is still very elegant in formal ceremonies and on the red carpet of star; and, this time, it was still right. The American star was able to choose her dress for the ceremony. Of course, it is rarely mistaken in the choice of his evening dresses; but this time she put the package by choosing this beautiful dress.

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On the stage of the ceremony, she appeared very cheerful and relaxed wearing his long black strapless evening gown that went it perfectly. This dress comes in a style without neck to well to highlight his pretty chest. The shoulder straps go very well with her body and her hair. And the bustier is therefore highlighted as the star always keeps a posture and shapes of a young woman in his robes. With a long style and a-line dress follows the body up to his feet without losing its class.


A black evening dress by Yves Saint Laurent at the 2010 Golden Globes

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Always during the Golden Globe Awards, but in 2010, Julia Roberts put the package. This black dress is part of its most beautiful evening dresses. We can say that the black color is the favorite of our beloved star, as during the most beautiful appearances of the actress, she wears most of the time a black evening dress. And black dresses him go all, especially if they have a very good style. And this is the case during this ceremony. In addition, she had the opportunity to walk on the red carpet and to receive an award.

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If it describes a little this actress black short evening dress, you can see a belt of same color very well between the side bustier and the side skirt. The particularity of this black dress is that it has long sleeves. Sleeves that marry well the short dress style and also complements the presence of the belt at his waist. With a V-shaped neckline, Julia adds elegance to his body which is already very generous in elegance and beauty. Julia Roberts will therefore remain one that will always look with its evening dresses.