The Nicole Kidman film actress with its most splendid star dresses

Star’s evening dresses of Nicole Kidman that have made her a celebrity on the red carpet


Well known for his roles in the films she has made so far, Nicole Kidman is one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood. In addition, it has a very advantageous physique. On the red carpet of the official ceremonies of the cinema, it’s all another advantage it has, its way of dressing and its evening dresses very upscale. Here is the presentation of a few models which scored it.


Always a great class with star’s evening dresses

An evening dress of satin for the Golden Globes 2013

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Nicole Kidman has must be feeling at the Golden Globes Ceremony presenting itself with a beautiful satin evening dress. His style takes a little air of siren and its forms and curves are put in values. Ornaments in lines traverse the entire surface of this strapless dress and we can say that style it is very fine. To customize her outfit, Nicole opted for a few feathers to decorate the bust. It’s a style apart but that works very well.


Dress with straps of Nicole to the 2013 Oscars

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A very recent emergence and success of the star, Nicole was presented with a large class and great splendor to the 2013 Oscars. A strapless gown, everything there is lovely and admirable that she bore with great happiness. It is a sparkling black dress with motifs Golden over its entire surface. The shape of the dress, in his usual tends slightly towards a mermaid style that highlights its forms and all over her body. This is a dress very well characterizes the beauty of our movie star.


Knee dress for a photocall

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Another style that matches very well with the allure of our lovely actress is the knee dress. It was in 2012 at the photocall at the Festival of Cannes. We chose express this to present this evening dress because it is going very well. Color and black and white tiles motifs marry well clear complexion of the star and long sleeves are very favorable. A signed dress Dior, Bare shoulders and a black belt at the waist are a special delicacy to ensure the splendor of the actress.


A dress with asymmetric strap to 2012 Cannes

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The 2013 Cannes festivals are approaching and Nicole is part of the Board members. Waiting to see what dress she will choose for the occasion, let us focus on this outfit that has been set the year last at the Cannes. It had opted for a pretty dress with asymmetrical red ramp. This is a dress with a draped skirt and a top equipped with a belt at the waist. Folds are seen on the skirt and its tangible assets taken on any evening dress.


The star in black gown by Nina Ricci

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