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American star Kim Kardashian is selling more dresses than the English duchess Kate Middleton


Two beautiful fashion icons

Star Royal fashion icon Kate Middleton, was, if we may say dethroned by Kim Kardashian. If one believes that all less dresses worn by the Duchess of Cambridge regularly head up sales for a long time as her blue dress Zara, her pink jeans, fashion designers such as Roland Mouret nevertheless ensures that the star American television Kim Kardashian is selling more than the English duchess.



The designer says that the wife of Prince William does not explode sales as much as the reality American star Kim. One must say that the star is more about it in the news since some time with her boyfriend Kenny West. According to the designer and still, we do not see many women who flock to look like Kate Middletown even if she is dressed as elegantly. There are more commands dresses that Kim Kardashian had worn. These two women reflect a part of the image of modern women’s fashion.



The appearances of the two stars

The logical explanation for this phenomenon is that Kate Middleton is not trying to attract the attention of the media and the public unlike the TV star Kim Kardashian, who made and who makes his life a permanent show by its appearance look in ultra class. There is also a story that attracts the paparazzi from the announcement of her pregnancy or different routes. Unlike her, Kate Middleton does not seem to dress sexy to surprise the whole world. The dresses she wears, she wears for William and for itself. And even the Duchess of Cambridge has also asked the famous fashion designer Roland Mouret to change one of her dresses so it is a little looser.