The most beautiful evening dresses at the Radio Disney Music Awards 2014

The red carpet at the Disney Music Awards 2014 unveils the most beautiful dresses of the young stars

Radio Disney Awards red carpet A ceremony very followed by young people and adolescents, the Radio Disney Music Awards unveiled the young trend of the moment. On the red carpet of the ceremony the stylish dresses of the young stars of music was very elegant. Here are some of these 2014 Radio Disney Music Awards outstanding dresses in Los Angeles.

Notable styles during the 2014 edition

The Radio Music Awards, a very young ceremony

Radio Disney Awards red carpet As we all know, the Radio Disney Music Awards is a ceremony that reward the young talents of the music. It has seen pass many stars of music such as Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and others still. It is a real bargain for the young stars of the music. Radio Disney Awards red carpet This year 2014, these young stars have held promise especially at the level of the looks. The red carpet of the Radio Disney Music Awards was a real fashion show with the. Evening dresses and outfits hyper trends and youth have impressed more than one on the red carpet. 2014 Radio Disney Awards red carpet dress The first singer who impressed on the red carpet, this is the famous Stefanie Scott. The singer opted for a super elegant dress leaving to display her hips with a body on the top style. With a black color, skirt flaring and asymmetric made him see a totally beautiful appearance. 2014 Radio Disney Awards red carpet dress Then, there are the beautiful and the unique Selena Gomez. The star chose a beautiful dress peplum short skirt and long sleeves mid. With the top in black and two-tone black and white skirt, she displays a very sublime look on the red carpet of the Radio Disney Music Awards. 2014 Radio Disney Awards red carpet dress We also admire the sexy look of Eva Sambora. Indeed, the star opted for a short mini dress with a ultra skirt to display its tangible assets. With a color very upscale, Eva has not passed unnoticed on the red carpet of the Radio Disney Music Awards. 2014 Radio Disney Awards red carpet dress Kelly Osbourne played the two-tone style. Her outfit was in white and black stripes. She lets appear her hips to keep sexiness, and long sleeves allows him to have a classy look. Her short skirt is superb and the whole is splendid. 2014 Radio Disney Awards red carpet dress One of the most stylish on the red carpet is the singer Emily Osment. Her dress is beautiful with the starry color of her skirt and top in black. She and perfectly morphology in value and asymmetric skirt gives a perfectly fabulous appearance. We love very much.

The most beautiful evening dresses at the Cannes 2014 closing ceremony

The closing ceremony of the Cannes Festival 2014 and beautiful evening dresses

 2014 Cannes dresses

It is one of the events of the year. The 2014 Cannes Festival ended this last Saturday and the red carpet has kept its promises. Fashion and clothing trends of biggest stars succeed in elegance and beauty. Here is a summary of mode of this closing ceremony.


A ceremony of closing with beauty

Very calculated styles and trends dresses

2014 Cannes dresses

It was a very special ceremony that actresses have wagered all on their appearance. Dress, shoes, necklaces, hair, everything was calculated for the biggest stars of cinema in order to appear as princesses.

2014 Cannes dresses

In addition, almost all the beautiful dresses seen on the Croisette at this closing ceremony are the creations of famous designers. One can dream’s best opportunity to see such evening dresses, especially since the show was transmitted live.

2014 Cannes dresses

The watchword for this red carpet of the Cannes Festival 2014 is its closing and haute couture elegance. The styles were especially very chic. The extravagant styles were not present during the ceremony, which makes the happiness of the amateurs of evening dresses upscale.


The most beautiful dresses on the red carpet at the 2014 Cannes Festival

2014 Cannes dresses

The first actress that much impressed this is the actress Paz Vega. It is very elegant in its stunning white evening long-sleeved dress. The style of her dress and perfect with the long drags of the flared skirt. At the level of the shoulder, the dress has a black floral ornament sublime.

2014 Cannes dresses

The beautiful Nicole Kidman chose a beautiful and elegant dress from Giorgio Armani for the closing ceremony. It is a style strapless dress that highlights her chest. It is a style all in white with a cup Mermaid skirt. At the level of the waist, there is also a tissue ornamental silver, very sublime.

2014 Cannes dresses

It is simply sublime, Natasha Poly. She is dressed like a Princess for the closing of the Cannes 2014. His body is perfectly put forward with the style of her dress. With a clear bust and skirt styling slightly puffed, she perfectly represents the female sublimity.

2014 Cannes dresses

The white robes are the most beautiful during this closing ceremony of the Cannes 2014. Uma Thurman has been one of the most beautiful and elegant ceremony. The actress chose a long evening dress, flared skirt, adorned bust and size decorated with floral motifs. The style of her dress is also very sublime.

The red carpet and beautiful dresses of 2014 MTV Movie Awards

The most beautiful evening dresses and the look of the stars on the red carpet at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (3)

The MTV Movie Awards 2014 were held this April 13 in Los Angeles. Everyone expected all this ceremony with impatience. Expected which would receive trophies, but the passage on the red carpet was also expected to see who has the most beautiful dress is and who has the most beautiful look.


MTV Movie Awards, a parade of stars on the red carpet

The beautiful singers and actresses have not gone unnoticed

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (1)

Like every year, the MTV Movie Awards ceremony held his promise on the red carpet. For lovers of fashion and the tendency of the stars fans, this is the most wonderful moment of this ceremony. They are likely to have lit up the red carpet with beautiful gowns and a beautiful look.

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (4)

Rihanna at Jennifer Lawrence or encor Jessica Alba, they have all opted for a beautiful look to traverse the red carpet and being photographed by the paparazzi. The glamour and relaxed style has favoured this year among the stars. Here are some examples of the most beautiful looks.


The beautiful look and celebrities dresses on the red carpet

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (5)

The beautiful actress Jessica Alba has chosen a very glamorous look of Kenzo, she lit up the red carpet with her smile. The star was a set including the white top and the skirt of yellow color with a length at the knees. Accompanied by a drawstring pouch, it is simply lovely with this look.

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (6)

The other star marked the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards, it is the singer Rihanna with her white look. She chose an outfit style bodied lightly dressed without being vulgar accompanied by a fine long coat style dress to complete her look.

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (7)

The actress Leslie Mann chose a glamorous evening for the red carpet dress. Her evening dress is sublime with the side slit skirt and belt integrated into the size. The printed color black and white accentuates more sublime and glamorous look.

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (1)

The young Victoria Justice, for its part, has played all on one attractive dress mini pink color. Effect provided, print and single ramp of his mini dress highlight her body of a young woman. She completed her look with pouch silver very upscale.

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (2)

Very sexy and glamorous, the beautiful Rita Ora also makes its effect on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards 2014. She chose a black evening dress long sensual to the low-cut plunging highlighting its beauty and its forms. She was amazing on the red carpet, especially as her glamorous gown features pockets.

White evening dresses of the stars like wedding dresses

The stars and their evening dresses with a wedding dress touch

 stars white evening dresses

Since the beginning of this year, white color has become a flagship among the stars dresses color. With their evening dresses on the red carpet, we can observe more and more dresses become real wedding dresses with all their attributes.


The wedding look of the actresses

The beautiful white dresses of the stars on the red carpet

 stars white evening dresses

This is not a new fad, but this year, the white robes marched on the red carpet more than once. With famous actresses like Miranda Kerr, fashion lovers are left seduced by the white dress of the stars look.

 stars white evening dresses

You think attending a wedding when it sees these white evening dresses. You might also think that these actresses and stars are still dreaming of marriage. And well, it is not certain; but what is certain is that these white dresses are almost like wedding outfits.


The stars and their white dresses this year

 stars white evening dresses

The wedding trend is adopted by the stars and actresses for years. But today it is more present and white evening dresses are more resemble real wedding dresses. They are likely to have opted for this look.

 stars white evening dresses

Miranda Kerr during the launch of his latest film, she chose a modern-looking white evening dress. Her outfit is composed of inserts in tulle and satin. Such a wedding dress, it is curved to the size suggests a little legs.

 stars white evening dresses

Jessica Biel and her beauty is perfect with the white dress in the style of wedding. Visible at the premiere of the latest film from Justin Timberlake, it was elegant. The actress has opted for a style draped long sleeve, it is magnificent.

 stars white evening dresses

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker chose a white evening cup meringue dress in New York. It is a strapless dress with satin ribbons of pink color with a long skirt. As a young bride, she marched with a class on the red carpet.

 stars white evening dresses

Another actress fan of white evening dress, it is Gwyneth Paltrow. Her outfit gives him a great sweetness to its look, a real sweetness of a wedding dress. Elegant white dress, refined cup skater, she was sublime at the front first of his latest film.

The beautiful look of Carly Rae Jepsen

The beautiful look of Carly Rae Jepsen

Her way of dressing is too top


Everyone or almost knows the young star of music today. She has booming youth and teens who who adore her musical compositions. Here, we shall treat the look in fashion, her style of dress on occasions and preferences in fashion.


Everything about the young singer and her look

Biography of the young singer

Carly Rae Jepsen


Carly Jepsen
Carly Rae Jepsen is a Canadian singer was born on November 20th, 1985. She auditioned audition on Canadian Idol in 2007 and she arrived third of the competition. The next year, Carly Rae Jepsen takes out her first album ” Tug of war ” on which we can listen to titles as “Bucket” and ” heavy Face-lift “. The young Canadian takes out in 2012 her second album “Curiosity “. The first single “Call me maybe” is a real success in tubs. ustin Bieber supports Carly Rae Jepsen in the promotion of this new album by recording a funny clip with her friends.


Her preppy look in Japan

Carly Rae Jepsen became a queen in Japan. His album “kiss” is on iTunes and number to thank her fans, the singer went to see them for a concert. Arriving at the airport, Carly Rae Jepsen was revisited preppy look that suited her admirably. She wore a slim white with shiny black derbies round toe. She also wore a white top with small squares and a long white scarf with black designs. For travel, the singer had donned a black coat with a ¾ leather collar and zippers at the wrists.

Carly Jepsen


Carly Rae Jepsen in Japan

To give of the pep to her dress quite in black and white, the singer had chosen a big fluorescent yellow handbag. She also had nail polishes with two tones of blue different and put down a little pink glossy lipstick on her lips. Carly Rae Jepsen cultivates well its slightly acid style, as for her look quite in colors. A big black hat put on the head and the tour was played. We find her too cute with this dress and she impressed her Japanese fans.


The look of Carly Jepsen for this New Year

During the celebrations of the New Year on Times Square in New York, the spectators having defied the cold were able to discover the magnificent young woman dressed in red and black. Then Miss if Carly Rae Jepsen offered an incredible show of fashion and she showed him on stage. Then in this ocean of red and black, she was magnificent.

Carly Rae Jepsen


the artist on the scene

For the occasion, she focused on the habit of breaking the whole evening with a touch of rock. As it was very cold, we then discovered a small black bra top with a long red skirt. It was a real princess; our heart would love to look more glamorous Carly Rae Jepsen. In addition to its incredible performance in these songs, it’s beautiful. Who would not want to dress?

Carly Rae Jepsen



Kate Middleton’s pregnancy

Kate Middleton’s pregnancy

Kate Middletown’s pregnancy makes a big effect to Englishes generally


Everybody knows the story of the duchess. In November, 2010, William the proposal of marriage and spends her ring of her mother, a 18 carat sapphire was surrounded with 14 diamonds. She became member of the British royal family by alliance, since her marriage in April, 2011 with the young prince William.

Kate Middleton


The duchess of Cambridge compared with Victoria Beckham

A surprising comparison

Kate Middleton


Appeared in an entitled article ” Kate Middleton, even thinner than Victoria Beckham at the same stage “, the magazine asserts that after four months of pregnancy, the duchess of Cambridge did not still take one gram, and reminds that everybody expected to see the woman of prince William with some curvatures, just two months after the confirmation of its pregnancy. A false coat is to be afraid of respect Public who regrets that Kate Middleton submits himself to the diktat of the size 0, following in it Victoria Beckham among whom ” we wondered where she could well hide her baby “.


A mother-to-be in diet

Kate Middleton


We see nothing on the horizon. The stomach is indefatigably flat; a stomach formerly greeted by the fans of fashion becomes cause for concern today. Kate Middleton’s eating disorders are pointed. According to her close relations, Kate did not gain weight during her pregnancy because she pays attention that she eats and what to get fat, it is her obsession. The same friend asserts that the latter would refuse to follow the diet in 3000 calories a day recommended by the doctor to her release of the hospital last December. She does not exceed 1500 calories a day and refuses systematically food fat, according to the source.


Increase of the sales of tests of ovulation and pregnancy in the United Kingdom.

The icon of the English

Kate Middleton


Everybody became used to it, after each of Kate Middleton’s public appearances; the sales of ready-to-wear clothing explode. Women of whole world want to look like her and are ready to succeed there in making madness’s of their credit card. But maintaining that the wife of Prince William is pregnant, the mimetic madness goes farther. More than a dress or a pair of low-fronted shoes, it is from now on the baby whom English want to welcome in their home.


After the princess announced to be pregnant, the sales of tests of ovulation and pregnancy increased by more than 50 % in the United Kingdom.

Kate Middleton


Indeed since the official announcement of its pregnancy one month ago, the sales of test of ovulation and pregnancy increased by more than 50 % in the United Kingdom. It is necessary to say that there has been never such an increase previously according to a person in charge of a mark specialist of pregnancy test and he asserts that they were very amazed by discovering the statistics and those they noticed that the peak had taken place just after Kate’s announcement.

Kate Middleton


The British so much wish to look like their new icon, which they try to have a baby to live their pregnancy at the same time as that of Kate and to match the round stomach and their morning nausea to those of the Duchess. Not satisfied to have made inflate the textile economy, Kate Middleton thus gets ready to cause a demographic increase.

New of stars: Pitt and Jolie will adopt a child.

The glamorous couple and famous Hollywood about to adopt another child

The most famous pair of current cinema will adopt another child, the seventh. This is the new of the year. Until the beautiful actress Anjelina jolie is pregnant, she and her husband decided to adopt a Chinese. This is not surprising because the couple has six children, even if they are not officially married.

article6 (1)


Why the famous couple wants to adopt another child?

The seventh child



It seems that their six children were not enough. The most glamorous couple in Hollywood would throw indeed welcome a newcomer to the Jolie-Pitt family. Almost everyone thought she falls pregnant. But if Angelina Jolie could indeed welcome a new child, it would be through adoption and not by natural means. With six cherubs, the couple formed by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie seems filled and would not raise another child.

The origin of the future family member

article6 (2)


And it is likely that this newcomer comes from China. The two stars want children around the world. In addition, they believe that China will soon be the most powerful country in the world and what is more it has one of the finest crops in the world said a source close to the couple. This is in order to be filled they think they want to adopt a seventh child.

Everyone participates 

article6 (3)


The entire little band puts in order to interact with the future family member. Even the father of Angie would be called on to do his homework in small. Inevitably, such an activity has raised many questions and some think Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in the idea of ​​adopting a new child, a little Chinese. Captivated by this great country of Asia, the couple who will soon marry in May in France aims to provide a brother or sister to their six children.