Pamela Anderson, the star who does not look with her dresses

Actress Pamela Anderson, evening gowns and her look that continues to impress the world


The actress most famous promotion do forever cease to surprise us with its evening dresses. And Yes, Pamela Anderson still effect with her look and her dresses in his appearances. To specify that the star has always known prevail over its rivals in the apparitions in the evening in Hollywood, and this from a young age. Today, she continues to impress more than one person with a total look young and always as sexy as before. Chouchoudress invites you to discover the evening dresses and the look that have marked this sexy and extravagant, star with its evening dresses the most elegant that she wore.


Evening dresses always top for the star

Her dress of evening at the London fashion week

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We all know that the star is a real follower of fashion and after fashion week in New York, she has made the trip to London. A great opportunity therefore for it come and admire the new collections of famous creators. It has distinguished itself in the middle of the present young stars during the parade, like Beyoncé or Claudia Schiffer. Indeed it has put a more than interesting evening dress, an evening dress short bustier. It is a black evening dress who still star with his chubby body beauty. Even if it is no longer in the youth, she still has much to offer with its body model. Her dress had shoulder straps that go it to delight.


A sexy draped long dress for an evening in Los Angeles

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The star remains an icon for a whole generation. Considered Queen of surgery among the actresses of her promotion, she was able to assume. It is part of the stars who go at the end of extravagance when it comes to dressing, and is the case during this evening in Los Angeles. Indeed, this gown she has chosen is just sooooooo sexy and daring. It’s a long white evening dress; a strapless dress that fully exposes his generous chest which she is proud. The skirt, draped the two side we recall his true daring style and the sexiness of the dress that follows its forms adds pepper to this very sexy evening dress.


The star in a low-cut and sexy party at the White House dress

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It was at a dinner at the White House in Washington. This was a real honor for any actress or movie stars. For this special dinner, it has step betrayed his usual look and she was faithful. And the star made the difference among these other actresses in the evening. She chose to wear an evening gown very Halter with air still as sexy as usual. Her dress graciously exposes his bust and more, it is an evening gown Halter. It was a dress still hot so for the actress, even for a dinner in the most prestigious House with the most important personalities of the United States. This is where his side sexy and daring that it assumes perfect whatever the situation and what is the respect of its fans for this special actress.




Dresses and fashion on chouchoudress

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Styles of dress in accordance with the current fashion

Long white evening dress refined

Long white evening dress refined


Imagine yourself wearing this beautiful and gorgeous evening dress white evening in a trendy and formal. The effects it will give you top this dress as part of the new collection 2013. It is part of the new trend.

Long white evening dress refined


Grace and elegance with this designed in pure white muslin silky and refined that will give you an air of glamour and modern princesses. Equipped with a single strap, she sensually reveals the irresistible charms of magic curves of your shoulders and your back.

robe de soirée mode4


The bust of her dress is composed of a crisscross pleated fabric thoroughly allowing appear on the sides of beautiful embroidery of pearls in whiteness and semi-precious stones in water transparency, extending into the back of the dress. A sophisticated touch gives a lush effect.


Another style evening dress and also fashion trend
Long evening dress mystical

Long evening dress mystical


Fashion is you. Dream and mystery are part of the charm of this beautiful evening dress long strapless purple fine. Its chic strapless neckline lively careful folds right to life under the hand of the creator. It is contained by a breaker too lively but folds perpendicular to those of the bust and waist tightening to give the dress a feminine silhouette and its refinement makes the quality of the cut.

Long evening dress mystical

A large knot just casually brings the final touch to the belt for a bit of fantasy and refreshing to mitigate this side too strict dress that also wants festive. Finally, the long skirt fluffy, wrinkled too, just enter this beautiful evening dress colors mystics.

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