Luis Vuitton at the Paris Fashion Week

The evening wear and the Luis Vuitton spring-summer collection at Paris Fashion Week

 Luis Vuitton Paris fashion week

As one of the greatest designers, the collection spring-summer 2014 Luis Vuitton has been a great revelation. During the Paris fashion week, evening dresses and other women’s suits marched with splendor. It is a collection that will delight many amateurs of fashion.


Paris Fashion Week, a successful bet

Marc Jacobs and Luis Vuitton collection

 Luis Vuitton Paris fashion week

The Paris fashion week is very successful for Marc Jacobs with his very surprising and feminine collection. It is a real fashion show he offered and all her outfits are very inspired with dark tones and perfect structures.

 Luis Vuitton Paris fashion week

In this future collection spring-summer 2014 Luis Vuitton, all outfits are directly inspired by the look of the muses the couture House. There is also a small inspiration filled with energy inspired by the styles of American urban outfits.


The outfits for the Luis Vuitton spring-summer 2014

             Luis Vuitton Paris fashion week

For models of dresses and outfits properly said, color dark and Black colored clothing are privileged. The models that we have seen on the podium were dressed and coiffed with trimmings of feathers and sometimes even of an extravagance for which it is used.

Luis Vuitton Paris fashion week (7)

We don’t forget to note the sophistication and sexy collection, visible side on many outfits. So, these are outfits to the sexy look with very attractive dark colors and sophisticated styles.

 Luis Vuitton Paris fashion week

Outfits that have marked this collection are especially long skirts like evening dresses, jeans to FishNet encrusted and blue sweaters. These are all models that will surely delight fans of fashion.

Luis Vuitton Paris fashion week
We also love the superimposition of jeans to the masculine look and long tulle evening dress. It also offers a sophisticated look. The midi skirt and flat boots with small dresses black offers a look rock roll more masculine gender.

 Luis Vuitton Paris fashion week

If summarizes this large collection of Luis Vuitton, the daring of Marc Jacobs has led to greater freedom and madness. These very artistic creations are simply fabulous. And these very feminine evening wear have sublimated the Paris fashion week.

The denim skirt at work, an autumn look idea

Choose a denim skirt to go to work, an alternative look at the dress

denim skirt at work

The arrival of autumn announces many things. And with fashions lovers, this is the ideal time to highlight their pretty legs. To secede from cocktail dress go to work with an autumn look, the denim skirt is there.

Looks for those who have a lot of tastes

The look in denim skirt who seduces many women

denim skirt at work (4)

The fall season is really a blessing for women’s fashion. We have already seen many styles as the luxury evening dresses of the autumn trends that will all have their place in fashion for fall. This one of the last to make his entrance will be the denim skirt for women who want to go to the office with a nice look.

denim skirt at work

Already announced since the beginning of the year, the denim skirt will take an important place in this fashion for fall. Thanks to his style and especially the outfits and accessories with which one can accompany him, it will be perfect. It’s time to take the step and follow this trend.

The looks that one can have with a denim skirt

denim skirt at work

Being a piece of timeless fashion, the style skirt jean returns in full force to give the look. It is ideal if wear you at the office, an appointment, the beach and even in other circumstances. Various styles are possible with the denim skirt. Need to try it at any price.

denim skirt at work

Elegance will be ensured with a jean skirt if it is well along. A simple United shirt will case and not bulky style. It is perfect for going to the office. Add a XXL leather bag and you will become a much-admired woman.

denim skirt at work

To have a pretty casual look, the denim skirt is perfect, especially if it’s a style you want to have during the day at work. To accompany it, nothing better than a shirt in light cotton. For colors, electric color or tart prints will enhance this look.

denim skirt at work (1)

For the ladies who love colors and want to opt for a denim skirt, it is still the Bohemian-style. Accessories, large earrings and colorful bracelets are all welcomes. Everything is allowed, even printed for the top holding, but avoid only extravagance.

denim skirt at work

Of course, other styles can be adopted with the denim skirt. These are just the looks of bases that will have the most success the coming months which will come. You choose the look that makes you the better for your day at the office, with the denim skirt and versatile styles.

A look at the autumn-winter collection of Victoria Beckham

A look at the autumn-winter collection of  Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham and her autumn-winter collection 2013


It was during the fashion week in New York that Victoria Beckham presented her new collection autumn winter 2013. It is true that fashion week has already passed other caps, but the collection of the former singer deserves a little look to satisfy his fans. I must say it was one of the major changes since its inception in fashion. Some details about this news of the star and its collection of designer clothes Chouchoudress evening dress.


Singer stylist offers a beautiful autumn-winter collection

What you should know about the artist

Victoria Beckham

There are those who really know Victoria Beckham for her singing career in the group Spice Girl or woman of great footballer David Beckham. It is time for you to discover his creative side, the side mode. I must say she is a fan of fashion ever since. It was first launched alongside the brand Dolce & Gabbana 2003 and for several seasons. After that, she decided to create her own brand and fly with its own wings. Its brand name is Beckham dVb, created in 2008. She won numerous awards for his talent. Continuing in this way, and presents his Fall / Winter 2012-2013 at Fashion Week in New York, with a parade with a very sophisticated.


Styles of dresses sophisticated and extraordinary

Victoria Beckham


Victoria is a designer who has a vision of fashion very broad and modern. For this collection, she presented beautiful dresses. Like dresses fall below the knee, but fitting with thin belt marking the waist to the glamor. Or as chic collar to give a touch but with strict attention python. There are also dresses with long sleeves very marked, necklines refined in shades of gray and brown with hints of electric blue and jaune.

Victoria Beckham


She always uses very luxurious materials combined with coats lined snake. She used eg plaid cashmere and Scotland. Not to mention the blink of an eye, wool caps worn on the back of the head. His creations are very refined and what the highlights, it is also the key declared on accessories that accompany them.


Styles in vogue in the current trend

Victoria Beckham


It must be said that creative artists have adopted a completely new style this year. For many fashion designers have opted for clean cuts and minimalist palette like Victoria Beckham showed his collection. In addition, there are more and more fashionistas who are tearing their latest creations, especially the former singer, and that is why this collection was the attraction of Fashion.

Victoria Beckham

Stylist Katie Holmes will not parade in York Fashion Week deNew

Stylist Katie Holmes will not parade in New York Fashion Week 

New fashion designer and actress Katie Holmes will not present his collection at the Fashion Week in New York

York Fashion

Also called the stylist apprentice, the young actress stylist Katie Holmes will not make his autumn-winter collection during fashion week in New York. It should been in collaboration with the actress Jeanne Yang it would introduce its first collection.The explanation with Chouchoudress

 young actress

The actress who has changed stylist

A brand for girls

A brand for girls

The ex-wife of Tom Cruise has decided to launch with designer Jeanne Yang, a new line of clothing for girls only. A decision after her divorce. She said last year she and the designer began to work together and then a few moments. And that the designer has a six year old daughter and both had mothers who sewed. “It seems that the two fashion designer would also like to propose a collection for women. But it remains to be seen and proven.

Disappointment for the new stylist

Disappointment for the new stylist

This is the news of the moment in the world of fashion. Katie Holmes, actress stylist does not scroll during Fashion Week in New York. It’s really hard for this apprentice stylist, actress Katie Holmes because it will not present its Autumn-Winter 2013 collection during Fashion Week in New York. While the program Fashion Week recently unveiled the brand new Katie Holmes & Yang, is not scheduled.

A difficult start in the world of fashion

world of fashion

We must say that the new young designer Katie Holmes has not quite achieved the success expected in September with the presentation of his Spring-Summer 2013. For we can say that it is rather the mediation of his divorce with actor Tom Cruise has prompted fashion editors to be interested in his work for four hands, these fashion editors have some criticism on the side too original fashion pieces presented. In her work as a stylist, we can say that Katie Holmes has had a difficult year 2012, and six months during which she multiplied activities.

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Gramy Awards 2013, the 55th edition

Gramy Awards 2013, the 55th edition

A highly anticipated event in Los Angeles and in the wave of music

In this February, the American musical world will be very active in the future celebration of the Gammy Awards ceremony. A ceremony which rewards the best and most talented American artists will be presents. The ceremony is followed by millions of viewers worldwide. What does this 55th edition?

Evening Dresses

What’s Grammy Awards

Story and explanations

Story and explanations

The Grammy Awards ceremony is held every year in U.S. February by the “National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.” This award recognizes the best results and the best performance in the recording industry and well-defined categories. For several years, the Grammy Awards ceremony was held at the Shrine Auditorium, the room hosting the Oscars, since the Grammy Awards are considered the equivalent of the Oscars in the musical world. But new categories were created, causing the presence of additional guests and the ceremony has been relocated at the Staples Center.

The difference this year

Evening Dresses

This year, the organizers aim to raise the class tastes. In fact, they have used celebrities to decency and modesty. The point is to show the least bare skin as possible. The organizers certainly do not want to be singers naked on stage. Chain and CBS asked representatives of stars expected at Grammys ensure buttocks and breasts are covered appropriately. Artists should avoid clothing transparent suggesting breasts.

Fashion and advertising prohibited with stars

Evening Dresses

A held by the imposition of decent artists and invited the organizers of the Grammy Awards in 2013 prohibit those present to support a cause or to advertise a brand, in any way whatsoever, by means of accessories, jewelry, or other types of advertising. Stars like Beyonce, Rihanna, Taylor Swift or that must occur on the stage of the 55th edition of the ceremony they will comply with these rules or recommendations drastic they will have the opposite effect on the stars.

Evening Dresses

Evening dresses, be aware of fashion

How women fans of evening dresses stood abreast of fashion?


Fashion, evening dresses, these words are never separated. For women, fashion has become a part of their concern in everyday life and all means are good to be on the lookout for new dresses and new trends in evening dresses and wedding dresses. Long, evening dresses’ fashion is always attached to the image of women. How women were to follow the trend before?


Fashion magazines and trends
      Follow the trend of evening dresses

Just as modern women read Vogue or other fashion magazines to keep abreast of current fashion trends, women of the 18th and 19th centuries relied on fashion plates. Since all clothing was made by hand, whether by a high-priced designer or by one’s mother, fashion plates were an important resource to ensure that one’s wardrobe remained up-to-date and fashionable.

blog 02


The beginning of fashion magazines

The first significant efforts to record contemporary costume appeared in the 17th century. These were published more for education and amusement than as an attempt to set or predict fashion trends. Most of these early costume plates were of male costume. It was until the last quarter of the 18th century that fashion plates began to be issued, designed to guide ladies in their choice of evening dress. They became extremely popular after, coinciding with the publication of several magazines devoted to feminine interests.


The evolution of fashion magazines

The magazines were issued in paper-bound covers, and each monthly issue generally included one or two fashion plates like pictures of evening dresses or wedding dresses, along with other prints. Subscribers could return their monthly copies to the publisher for leather-bound volumes, usually in 6-month sets. So they could make their self fashion. The prints were hand-colored, usually by teams of young girls and women, with the best artists used for painting faces. Hand-coloring by illiterate workers were obtained interesting results.



Follow the trends of today

Nowadays tend to be in terms of dress, you must regularly keep abreast of the latest fashion. There are many ways to be on fashion. Follow blogs on fashion and women’s magazines, visit websites and visit specialized shops selling clothes and evening dresses online. Hyper trend, fashion blogs have invaded the Internet. There are dozens, and some are followed by tens of thousands of Internet users. For example, “robemariée-charlotte ” or “chouchourouge”. You’ll find the latest evening dress and beautiful wedding dresses fashion. The photos are artistic, the decor is sophisticated and people who hold these blogs and work in this area are professionals. And designers are professionals too in the field of fashion and dresses.