Prepare his engagement, an important step for lovers

Betrothal well organized and well prepared, a promise of marriage perfect in a family atmosphere


The engagement, this is a great opportunity to feast for both future spouses and for the whole family, because it is the first step to a future marriage. For this reason, the feasts of engagement must be perfect and beautiful. Therefore, we must have a well prepared and very professional organization for the whole family. It is a feast of celebration of the love of both future spouses and this is a promise of marriage. With chouchoudress, follow a few tips to follow for a perfect preparation and organization of your engagement party.


The engagement, a preparation for a future wedding

Start an organization of his engagement

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There are many engaged couples who are wondering how to prepare l the engagement party, and wonder also who to invite all members of the family. This is one of the greatest difficulties of an organization of engagement because it mainly depends on the choice of the bride and groom. You can want to do it in the privacy of the immediate family, i.e. parents, siblings and grandparents and godparents. And some think also invite witnesses. Generally, the fiancés have a wide choice on who to invite as they may have preferences for a few people to invite and friends.



The choice to celebrate his engagement

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Celebrate his engagement depends on many things, according to the desires and also the religious denomination. The future spouses may choose to celebrate and to formalize with a dinner in the presence of the two families or with friends. The option of a religious festival is also possible by including the engagement ring in the ceremony. And for the choice of a party, it will take place at the parents of the girl. And guests will be able to give a gift to the girl or both future spouses.



Important details to consider for successful engagement parties

The engagement for a future ring married

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A very important detail for a successful engagement party is the presence of an engagement ring. It is the symbol of love and union between the future spouses. The engagement ring is the center of the celebration. Because it is customary to offer to his future wife a beautiful engagement ring she will of course focus on his left ring finger. And for the choice of the ring, you should know that an entire folder is dedicated to it. You therefore make the choice according to your preference or that of the bride. Don’t forget also to see the price, the meaning of the stones which adorn the ring and all the little details to know.


On the part of the bride, a gift for her man

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Always custom, the bride can also offer a pretty special gift to the bridegroom. This is the same process as for the engagement ring. The gift that she will offer ought to be a special gift and also a gift of value. And the best will be something valuable and significant that the groom will be able to keep all his life, and who wake up memories whenever it looks. Perfect example will be a nice watch, a beautiful pen, a belt, a Signet Ring, a beautiful book, or even classy cufflinks. Of course, other options are possible, offering him something that has marked the past or who has great significance for the two lovers.