The best looks for summer and holidays

The best looks and the trendier for summer and the 2014 holidays

Finally, it’s the summer, with the holidays approaching also. As announced by the fashion designers, this summer will be the best fashion season. Chic fashion chic or the street trend, summer 2014 is very special.

Trends of summer 2014 and holidays

The major looks fashionable during this summer

As announced during the spring-summer parades de the greatest creators, trends de this season are rather open. Indeed, for this summer 2014, it revolves around pleated styles, flowery or artistic prints, the jacket or combinations. summer look It is in haute couture or in stores at low prices, the trend de summer married especially with casual styles. Also, the new styles and creativities de couturiers can go into guard’s dresses with these stores.

Trends headlights of the summer 2014

For the color season requires the most famous will be the summer colors and shades. There will be de green, de yellow and de blue also. As in the spring collection, it turned to prints and floral patterns as in dresses women on chouchoudress. summer trend Even if it is not de fashion victims, may still be impregnated de the summer without problem and without excess rather than fashion. First, there is the mode de t-shirt style jerseys de sneakers sports look. This trend has been sighted in parades de many fashion designers. summer trend In another style, it will also return de the combination, found since the spring of 2014. Was especially seen during the period de mid-season, and it is very chic for women who do not want to abandon this style. For the dresses fashion, the trend is slight flowery style. You can see de very interesting models for example in the ready to wear de chouchoudress collection. It is long and short dresses in floral prints and holiday’s colors.

The red carpet and beautiful dresses of 2014 MTV Movie Awards

The most beautiful evening dresses and the look of the stars on the red carpet at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (3)

The MTV Movie Awards 2014 were held this April 13 in Los Angeles. Everyone expected all this ceremony with impatience. Expected which would receive trophies, but the passage on the red carpet was also expected to see who has the most beautiful dress is and who has the most beautiful look.


MTV Movie Awards, a parade of stars on the red carpet

The beautiful singers and actresses have not gone unnoticed

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (1)

Like every year, the MTV Movie Awards ceremony held his promise on the red carpet. For lovers of fashion and the tendency of the stars fans, this is the most wonderful moment of this ceremony. They are likely to have lit up the red carpet with beautiful gowns and a beautiful look.

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (4)

Rihanna at Jennifer Lawrence or encor Jessica Alba, they have all opted for a beautiful look to traverse the red carpet and being photographed by the paparazzi. The glamour and relaxed style has favoured this year among the stars. Here are some examples of the most beautiful looks.


The beautiful look and celebrities dresses on the red carpet

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (5)

The beautiful actress Jessica Alba has chosen a very glamorous look of Kenzo, she lit up the red carpet with her smile. The star was a set including the white top and the skirt of yellow color with a length at the knees. Accompanied by a drawstring pouch, it is simply lovely with this look.

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (6)

The other star marked the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards, it is the singer Rihanna with her white look. She chose an outfit style bodied lightly dressed without being vulgar accompanied by a fine long coat style dress to complete her look.

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (7)

The actress Leslie Mann chose a glamorous evening for the red carpet dress. Her evening dress is sublime with the side slit skirt and belt integrated into the size. The printed color black and white accentuates more sublime and glamorous look.

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (1)

The young Victoria Justice, for its part, has played all on one attractive dress mini pink color. Effect provided, print and single ramp of his mini dress highlight her body of a young woman. She completed her look with pouch silver very upscale.

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (2)

Very sexy and glamorous, the beautiful Rita Ora also makes its effect on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards 2014. She chose a black evening dress long sensual to the low-cut plunging highlighting its beauty and its forms. She was amazing on the red carpet, especially as her glamorous gown features pockets.

New evening dresses are added to the 2014 spring-summer collection

Chouchoudress introduces new models of elegant evening gowns in the collection 2014

While spring has already arrived and the great designers unveil all their collection, chouchoudress adds to its collections of new dresses. It is indeed of models of purely elegant dresses that will be added to the 2014 new collection dresses.


The spring-summer collection and the most interesting evening dresses

A female fashion for this season

As in every season, this chouchoudress’s collection offers many surprises. Evening dresses models chosen are quite exceptional. The largest feature will be the fact that everything that brand women’s fashion is visible in these dresses.

If the 2014 collection is visible since the beginning of the year 2014, new dresses that come to add to this collection perfectly marks the arrival of spring. It is therefore not the spring-summer season that chouchoudress offers women’s fashion with its new evening dresses.


The new dresses in the spring-summer collection

It should be noted that these new evening wear are in addition to existing models in the collection. New evening dresses reflect the trend young, elegant and upscale fashion spring-summer 2014.

Of course, styles and cuts are very inspired. Short sleeves, asymmetrical strap or straps, it can not to overlook these women’s preferences. For all the eager women, here are a few models of evening dresses.

With a spring color, here to the shoulder straps of silver rhinestone long evening dress. It is a pink elegant super evening with the bust and pleated, stylish size dress, adorned with a row of silver rhinestones attached with the ramp and back.

For a formal ceremony this spring, here is the red evening dress Princess with a bustier style and adorned with rhinestone silver to the size and the back line. Her flared skirt and Red offer very elegant appearance. This beautiful dress from the collection spring-summer 2014 is only € 166.99 currently on chouchoudress.

Designed with chiffon, this stunning unique to the color of spring and strapless evening dress is beautiful. This yellow strapless dress features a pleated bust and a wide silver belt decorated with spring flowers. The skirt close to ground is simply splendid provides elegance.

Winter with beautiful evening wear and outfits

The looks and beautiful evening outfits for 2013-2014 winter

 winter fashion outfits

The end of the year 2013 comes and also winter season. For the fashion lovers, it is already time preparing to face up to low temperature with the adequate outfits. For a little help for fashion women, here are fashion tips for 2013-2014 winter trends.

Face up to winter with outfits very trendiest

Clothing trends for a cold climate

 winter fashion outfits

Evening dress, other evening suits or casuals dress, the trend of winter will allow many women to confront the cold of winter with a nice look. From the styles seen on the catwalks of the fashion shows, here is some fashion tips.

 winter fashion outfits

Trend ideas always come from great stylists and their fashion collections. Inspirations are many, and we must choose good to stay stylish in winter clothing, in the total cold.


The styles of outfits and look to have 2013-2014 winter

winter fashion outfits

The first essential held these are dress them and fur accessories. And Yes, the fur is everywhere next winter. And even hairy Alexandre McQueen shoes will make many happy women during the cold season.

 winter fashion outfits

To keep the heat while being stylish, there’s also the leather. Announced in women’s trends of autumn-winter season, the leather can seize all female silhouettes with an adventurous look. Choose to associate it with very chic high boots and a coat as seen on the parade of Givenchy.

 winter fashion outfits

In winter fashion, we can’t forget fancy gloves with shoes styles of mountain. Also visible in the autumn-winter collection of great stylists, there is no hesitation to copy the look.

 winter fashion outfits

The most elegant outfit which will allow facing up the icy cold is surely the mesh. It has very attractive assets and at the same time offers a chic and sweet, look in the middle of a masculine and feminine style.

 winter fashion outfits

And for dress, fashion couture offers elegant and dark long evening dress. An outfit that was adopted easily with a fur coat, a scarf accompanied by a little seeing fashion accessories. The goal is to be especially stylish.

Bandages evening dresses is always beautiful

The beauty of bandage dress, details that sublimate a woman’s body

bandage dress

The bandage dress, be it long or short is always fabulous and offers great elegance. Very taken by women for celebrations or ceremonies, the bandage dress has also been sighted on the red carpet and catwalks this year. Here is the decoding of this super style of dress.

The bandage dress, an assumed woman look

The trend of the bandage dress

bandage dress

The bandage dress is a very elegant outfit and it is characterized by its particular style. Bandage dress is located at the level of the waist, and it serves as a belt integrated into the dress giving a reduction effect to the hip that wears the dress.

bandage dress

Up to now, and since the beginning of the year, we saw many models of bandage dress in women’s fashion. In addition, it has the advantage of being able to be accompanied by all possible styles, some either taste and whatever the type of woman.

Many possible styles with the bandage dress

In many styles of dresses, bandage it is especially the Cup, which emphasizes size making it sharper and more beautiful. For long, the bandage dress’s fashion is very present in women’s fashion that it is the movie star or the simple amateur of mode.

bandage dress

With the side belt integrated, the bandage dress can adopt in several ways. Already cited above, opportunities for weddings, anniversaries or graduations or a baptism are all ideal to remove the bandage dress. He just knows to wear the look and adapt them to each body.


Person renounces the beauty and the modern side of the bandage dress. With their style charming, versatile and particularly are varied. Women love it, it’s the easiest style to the more sophisticated, it will never refuse a dress.

bandage dress

The styles of dresses the most chosen bandages are strapless mullet, the dess with the flowing skirt and elegant long dress. For the top style, we choose detailed styles which tend to always mark the hip. So there are the lace embroidery and sequins.

banfage dress

For the best colors, we can refer to bandage dress of the stars on the red carpet. We love especially shades of blue and red, orange and pink. Also very visible on the red carpet this year, naked, white or black lilac is also perfect.

The most beautiful evening dresses of the 2013 Emmy Awards

The red carpet of the 2013 Emmy Awards and the beautiful stars evening dresses

2013 Emmy Awards dress

Each year, the Emmy Awards ceremony rewards the finest American TV series and we always discover new stars. This year, the ceremony was held in Los Angeles. Last Sunday, one could see the stars with beautiful evening dresses on the red carpet.


The best outfits and evening dresses of the ceremony

Emmy Awards 2013, a real fashion ceremony

 2013 Emmy Awards dress

As every year, the Emmy Awards ceremony helped to discover the fashion of the stars. Between film prices and the trend of celebrities, all fans of stars have been satisfied. Many evening outfits paraded on the red carpet with class and finesse.

2013 Emmy Awards dress

During the Emmy Awards ceremony, celebrities have opted in general for fall dresses upscale and chic. It comes to dresses with styles full of elegance with ribs chic and charming.


Actresses and their evening dresses

 2013 Emmy Awards dress

The first star who has impressed during the ceremony, it is the singer Carrie Underwood with a stunning evening dress strapless Princess. With a purple color and a full skirt, the singer was very elegant. A belt at the waist level trace gorgeous silhouette.

 2013 Emmy Awards dress

For actress Sarah Paulson, it’s in a beautiful dress long fuchsia that she marched on the red carpet. It is a model with a v-neck and knee sleeves. A chic bow decorates its size; she made a good choice of outfit for the Emmy Awards 2013.

 2013 Emmy Awards dress

Julie Bowen chose an evening gown by Zac Posen for this ceremony of the Emmy Awards 2013. This is a dress Mermaid style consisting of a skirt very structured with ruffled finishes. Very elegant, her body is very well represented through the beauty of clear pink dress.

 2013 Emmy Awards dress

Very sexy, the actress Cat Deeley has opted for an evening gown Armani Privé for the red carpet. Black, v-neck with attributes very sexy, it can be said that it has made a very good choice. It is one of sexiest held on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards 2013 edition.

 2013 Emmy Awards dress

One of the most elegant dresses from the Emmy Awards is Taylor Schilling dress. It is a draped model of white color with a belt at the waist. Chic glamour is the words that summarize this outfit from the star. She was radiant on the red carpet.

What outfits and what dresses worn with silver?

How and with what outfits can be silver for having the most beautiful look

 dresses with silver

It’s very special white glow as the moon color and its beauty makes silver a very precious metal. In the field of fashion, it is the most used precious metal in jewelry. Silver offers a chic and fabulous look regardless the circumstance, but you need to know with what outfits and what dresses can accompany it.

The beauty of silver in a trendy look

A gem which offers a very nice look

 dresses with silver

Silver is much more affordable than gold, and it is also easier to use. With a silver jewel, it is always chic and stylish when you made the right choice. Its greatest peculiarity is that it illuminates all outfits with which it accompanies.

dresses with silver

With this immense elegance he brings, almost all women’s outfits can find shine. It was a look classic or distinguished, silver is not likely to change the appearance in a look bling-bling or vulgar. The basic rule to meet it is to avoid wearing gold and silver together.

The most beautiful possible outfits with silver

 dresses with silver

To have a stylish look in a beautiful evening dress, silver little be accompanied with other jewels, even if gold is sometimes excluded. There is for example the charm bracelet that allows mixing perfectly these two gems.

 dresses with silver

We can select silver also colors and skin tones for good to express its beauty. It is ideal for those that have red, blond or light brown hair. For women who have skin malt or dark are also prevalent, as well as those who have black, dark brown, blue, green or hazel eyes.

dresses with silver

During the day, one can be chic and discreet both in associating silver to a black dress or with cold tones as the off-white and gray. For the fashion style full day, nothing beats the suits or dresses in bright, vibrant color highlighted naturally by silver, like turquoise, red, yellow or plum.

dresses with silver

During a hot day, we can adopt without hesitation the agents Spartans. You can associate the look dresses with high-heeled Court shoes. It will be a pretty simplistic look, but it will make its effect. We can say that this style can dress up any dress and offers a totally different look.

dresses with silver

And during evening events, we can opt for a refined and very glamorous style with an evening dress and silver. The whole thing is to associate silver with other wonderful gems such as pearls, rubies, and even diamonds. For more effect, a small discreet bracelet and a pretty sexy pendant will do the trick without any error.