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White evening dresses of the stars like wedding dresses

The stars and their evening dresses with a wedding dress touch

 stars white evening dresses

Since the beginning of this year, white color has become a flagship among the stars dresses color. With their evening dresses on the red carpet, we can observe more and more dresses become real wedding dresses with all their attributes.


The wedding look of the actresses

The beautiful white dresses of the stars on the red carpet

 stars white evening dresses

This is not a new fad, but this year, the white robes marched on the red carpet more than once. With famous actresses like Miranda Kerr, fashion lovers are left seduced by the white dress of the stars look.

 stars white evening dresses

You think attending a wedding when it sees these white evening dresses. You might also think that these actresses and stars are still dreaming of marriage. And well, it is not certain; but what is certain is that these white dresses are almost like wedding outfits.


The stars and their white dresses this year

 stars white evening dresses

The wedding trend is adopted by the stars and actresses for years. But today it is more present and white evening dresses are more resemble real wedding dresses. They are likely to have opted for this look.

 stars white evening dresses

Miranda Kerr during the launch of his latest film, she chose a modern-looking white evening dress. Her outfit is composed of inserts in tulle and satin. Such a wedding dress, it is curved to the size suggests a little legs.

 stars white evening dresses

Jessica Biel and her beauty is perfect with the white dress in the style of wedding. Visible at the premiere of the latest film from Justin Timberlake, it was elegant. The actress has opted for a style draped long sleeve, it is magnificent.

 stars white evening dresses

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker chose a white evening cup meringue dress in New York. It is a strapless dress with satin ribbons of pink color with a long skirt. As a young bride, she marched with a class on the red carpet.

 stars white evening dresses

Another actress fan of white evening dress, it is Gwyneth Paltrow. Her outfit gives him a great sweetness to its look, a real sweetness of a wedding dress. Elegant white dress, refined cup skater, she was sublime at the front first of his latest film.

Lindsay Lohan and her evening dresses, a star who has many looks

The young and sexy Lindsay Lohan in her most chic evening dresses


It heard a lot talking to her, the actress who moves everything in its path. For a time, it was feared for her. But the star stood and took everything in hands, and this is also the case in its way of dressing. This is not new, the star Lindsey Lohan is one of the young actresses of Hollywood’s best-dressed. She has this way to impress with his style and his body that promotes the splendour of an evening gown. Chouchoudress offers some of the most beautiful evening dresses the star worn on the red carpet and during the official ceremonies of the world of cinema.


Lindsay Lohan and her evening dresses that highlighted it

Lindsay and her evening dress at the dinner at the White House

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It was the return of the star and it caused a sensation, because it was one of the most beautiful evening dresses that she wore during his career. And Yes, the actress always has great potential to seem like a real star in his dresses on the red carpet. During this dinner, Washington, she chose this black evening dress who gave him splendid and amazing tunes.


Of course, many of the stars and renowned actresses who were present at the evening, like Kim Kardashian and others. But it has established itself with its look. She put a long evening of neckline black dress what has completed with beautifully arranged hair and a well done makeup. The dress has a sexy and elegant neckline and a size tight, a wise choice.


Its sublime evening at the Amfar gala dress

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This is one of the evening dresses the most expensive that the star has worn, because it cost more than $ 1,000. It is on the occasion of the charity evening of Amfar in New York she has put it, and it caused a sensation at the near the other guests invited to the evening. Amfar Charity Gala then gathered funds for l medical research. Among the guests there were stars of all kinds with very gorgeous evening dresses.


But as always, Lindsay was able to make the difference with its silver long evening dress which shone in the middle of all the others. It is a strapless evening dress decorated on its entire surface of precious stones, which gives all this elegance to the dress. Furthermore, forms of the star fit in perfectly at the cup of evening dress.


A very nice dress from evening to evening Cartier

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This was a success for the actress appearance because she has been able to put an evening gown with a very prestigious evening class. In fact, she appeared fabulous in her long black and white evening dress. This is an evening gown with straps that gather in his neck. Assembly and the result between the black and white color are perfect, and the dress is a real success. Motifs in horizontal and diagonal lines perfect beauty of this evening dress, and the forms of the young actress do even more. Complete with a black handbag and pretty bracelets silver, she pulled it off. It is a look to Lindsay Lohan, the star who has great taste and often works.

Look of an actress really top, Natalie Portman and her evening dresses

Natalie Portman with her evening dresses, the movie star and its body of supermodel


This is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, and above all, it is favored by its slender body of true dummy. In addition, her supermodel body him win more than a contract, whether in the world of cinema in the world of fashion. And it is not for nothing that it is so famous, as the young actress knows how to go. At each of its output or appearances in public or on the red carpet, it always makes sense with splendid evening dresses and gorgeous outfits of true model. Chouchoudress present you some of his prettiest evening dresses that have marked his appearances.


A true supermodel in renowned evening dresses

Her pretty evening at the Oscar ceremony dress

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This Natalie evening dress will long remain in our memories because it is the dress that has established itself during the festivals of the Oscar in 2011. The pretty star was then pregnant and she chose to wear a beautiful very surprising purple evening dress. And Yes, she was the Queen of the evening. Purple color very well highlighted light and ample evening dress at the same time hiding her pregnant curves.


In addition, her dress was a very perfect cut for a pregnant woman with those suspenders combined in short sleeves and these pretty bright rhinestones that embellish the tone of the color of the dress and the complexion of the star. Again for other assets, folds covering the dress highlight also the radiant beauty of the actress with her true Princess smile.


Natalie Portman and her evening dress at the Amfar Gala evening

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A glamorous evening and a very glamorous evening for star Natalie Portman dress. For this gala evening, the actress did not hesitate to put a pretty dress of Princess blanche to have the most beautiful appearance between all persons present in the evening. Indeed, it has put a small white short evening dress, a princess dress model that fits him perfectly. The dress has different straps, and the details of the dress make it so special. The short skirt of her dresses of Princess Unveils her legs and make a very good effect, with ornaments that give a very remarkable amplitude effect.

A long evening dress pink on the red carpet of the Golden Globes 2013

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During the Golden Globes this year 2013, the star Natalie Portman chose one of its most beautiful evening dresses to differentiate among the many actresses and star presented for this evening. It’s a pretty pink strapless evening dress with a puffed skirt that gave him real Prom Queen tunes. It’s an evening dress strapless Lanvin, one of the prestigious designer of haute couture. Her dress well highlighted its beauty and body model. The bust is sufficient to give a good effect to the eyes and the lines of his body are well represented through the cut of the dress. A skirt with some folds him goes very well and also had its effect.