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The most beautiful evening dresses on the red carpet at the 2015 Grammy Awards

The red carpet of the stars and the sublime evening dresses of stars on the Grammy Awards

Gramy Awards dress

The Grammy Awards ceremony was held on February. This ceremony is awarded annually in the United States the best artists in the musical field. At the same time, it is the undisputed appointment for the stars to scroll on the red carpet and show their most beautiful outfits, their magnificent evening dresses.



Striking evening gowns at the Grammy Awards

The red carpet at the Grammy Awards, a fashion show of dresses

Grammy awards dress

As every year, the red carpet at the Grammy Awards has promised a true fashion show where the stars and famous singers showed their beautiful dresses. Some stars are demarcated with their sublime evening dresses, here are some models.

Grammy Awards dress

The most beautiful dresses are followed. There are a few stars like Rihanna, Kat Graham, Taylor Swift and more. The colors and styles of dresses perfectly reflect the feminine modern trend of this year 2015 among celebrities.


Beautiful evening dresses on the red carpet at the 2015 Grammy Awards

Grammy Awards dress

This is evening dress has chosen the singer Rihanna at this ceremony. This is an evening dress with a very remarkable very puffed a pink style. The volume of the skirt has not gone unnoticed before journalists and photographers. It must be said that it is may be the only time that Rihanna dresses covering almost her entire body.

Grammy Awards

Kat Graham almost transparent evening gown also drew attention. While keeping one side elegant and chic, her dress hides a sexy black corset. We see the reasons in white flowers on almost the entire surface of the long dress that has long sleeves also.

Grammy Awards dress

This Taylor Swift asymmetric skirt evening dress has sublimated the ceremony. Spring Green, her dress appeared with elegance. The singer was able to marry her dress to the morphology of young woman, and the result is satisfactory.

Grammy Awards dress Beyoncé

Well on, cannot forget the stunning diva Beyonce sexy dress. The Queen of music opted for a sexy short black dress to the Grammy Awards ceremony. Her dress is decorated with shiny sequins and has long sleeves with closure. This style highlights perfectly the beautiful body of the star.

Grammy Awards dress 2015

The evening dress or the holding of Kim Kardashian did not go unnoticed either. The style of her dress looks like a gown very chic. Her outfit is a golden long-sleeved and royal decoration. In brightness, the star puts forward her femininity and her bust to display a unique look.


A glance at a star of women with its most beautiful evening dresses

Louise Bourgoin, a women’s representative in the middle of fashion with its splendid dresses

beautiful evening dresses

Louise Bourgoin, a former TV presenter is currently illustrated in the film world. His career allowed him to put themselves at the service of women in the world and become a representative in the field of fashion. Become a reference and idol of the current women in dresses and fashion, here are the most beautiful evening dresses of this star on the red carpet.

Evening dresses for all women styles

A woman of a thousand looks with her dresses

beautiful evening dresses

Each time, she caused a sensation, and she wants to be the representatives of the amateurs of fashion in the world of celebrities. This image that she wants today earned him the admiration of the public who now feels closer to fashion couture.

beautiful evening dresses

It may have all the possible looks and become any woman choosing an evening gown. In general, she wants to prove that every woman can look like she wants by choosing the dress she wants. A glamorous style with a sexy style, everything is possible if one knows to do.

The different looks by Louise Bourgoin

beautiful evening dresses

Because she wants to redefine the fashion of evening dresses, the star may have different images on each dress she chooses. Everything is possible ” said for a woman who really loves fashion. And we can say that she is quite right because it has been proven in dresses and women’s outfits.

beautiful evening dresses

For a glamorous style on the red carpet, the French star chooses a black dress Satin with sleeves long blue color. To keep its elegance, her skirt is very long, which lengthens it the silhouette. It is a touch of elegance made in France.

beautiful evening dresses

In order to have a sexy look, the beloved actress of the public does not hesitate to reveal her legs tapered with a superb and Super sexy mini. The result is surprising and especially satisfying for these women who refer on the star to dress.

beautiful evening dresses


Louise Bourgoin did not hesitate to try all the styles to prove to fans that the mode is accessible to all women. For a preppy look, she opts for a dress with floral printed such a young girl, and it works. She knows how to take advantage of its strengths to not to lose its innocence with his dresses.

beautiful evening dresses

In one of his last appearances on the red carpet, the actress again chose a composed look sexy and elegant. She chooses a transparent dress that has filled the eyes of everyone. It is a composition of belt skirt that leaves its pretty look legs and a body in lace bewitching.