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Beautiful evening dresses on the red carpet of the 2014 World Music Awards

The most beautiful evening dresses paraded down the red carpet of the 2014 World Music Awards

red carpet dress

The biggest music stars in have been present. The World Music Awards took place in Monaco this year and we could see pretty looks of actresses and celebrities. To discover the tastes of the stars for look, here is a small summary of the red carpet at this festival with the finest evening dresses.


World Music Awards and the beautiful evening dresses

The price of the music, the red carpet of evening dresses

red carpet dress

It is well known that the World Music Awards is a ceremony that rewards the most beautiful songs of the year. It is also a meeting between the artists and the current stars ceremony. In music, it is one of the largest awards ceremonies.

red carpet dress

Beyond the awards and music awards, it is also a great fashion show happening on the red carpet. This year, it’s a real fashion show that has occurred. It must be said that celebrities don’t miss no opportunity to appear in style.


Beautiful dresses stars of World Music Awards

red carpet dress

The elegance is in order for this ceremony of music in Monaco. The most beautiful dresses made their appearance on the red carpet. Sublime dress Nina Dobrev, Tal and other singers who marched in style has noticed.

red carpet dress

The beautiful Nina Dobrev has opted for a splendid and elegant brilliant Golden evening dress. Its appearance is very sublime even if her dress was considered a little bling bling for the red carpet. In any case, the mermaid dress style fits him perfectly and his body is highlighted.

red carpet dress

Accompanied by her lover, the young French singer, Tal, has opted for a light dress very chic. Her dress perfectly married her body of a young woman in casual style. Hot summer color, wide ramp and a slit in the skirt, her look is part of the most beautiful red carpet.

red carpet dress

For the chic and glamorous side, the magnificent Anggun perfectly assured. She was accompanied by her fiance on the red carpet. The singer chose a beautiful black bustier dress. At the level of her skirt, patterns in black and white and trolling ensure perfectly the role to ornaments.


The red carpet and beautiful dresses of 2014 MTV Movie Awards

The most beautiful evening dresses and the look of the stars on the red carpet at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (3)

The MTV Movie Awards 2014 were held this April 13 in Los Angeles. Everyone expected all this ceremony with impatience. Expected which would receive trophies, but the passage on the red carpet was also expected to see who has the most beautiful dress is and who has the most beautiful look.


MTV Movie Awards, a parade of stars on the red carpet

The beautiful singers and actresses have not gone unnoticed

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (1)

Like every year, the MTV Movie Awards ceremony held his promise on the red carpet. For lovers of fashion and the tendency of the stars fans, this is the most wonderful moment of this ceremony. They are likely to have lit up the red carpet with beautiful gowns and a beautiful look.

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (4)

Rihanna at Jennifer Lawrence or encor Jessica Alba, they have all opted for a beautiful look to traverse the red carpet and being photographed by the paparazzi. The glamour and relaxed style has favoured this year among the stars. Here are some examples of the most beautiful looks.


The beautiful look and celebrities dresses on the red carpet

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (5)

The beautiful actress Jessica Alba has chosen a very glamorous look of Kenzo, she lit up the red carpet with her smile. The star was a set including the white top and the skirt of yellow color with a length at the knees. Accompanied by a drawstring pouch, it is simply lovely with this look.

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (6)

The other star marked the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards, it is the singer Rihanna with her white look. She chose an outfit style bodied lightly dressed without being vulgar accompanied by a fine long coat style dress to complete her look.

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (7)

The actress Leslie Mann chose a glamorous evening for the red carpet dress. Her evening dress is sublime with the side slit skirt and belt integrated into the size. The printed color black and white accentuates more sublime and glamorous look.

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (1)

The young Victoria Justice, for its part, has played all on one attractive dress mini pink color. Effect provided, print and single ramp of his mini dress highlight her body of a young woman. She completed her look with pouch silver very upscale.

2014 MTV Moovie Awards (2)

Very sexy and glamorous, the beautiful Rita Ora also makes its effect on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards 2014. She chose a black evening dress long sensual to the low-cut plunging highlighting its beauty and its forms. She was amazing on the red carpet, especially as her glamorous gown features pockets.

 Beautiful evening dresses at the Empire Awards 2014 ceremony

The red carpet and the most beautiful dresses at the Empire Awards 2014 of London

Empire Awards

It was the last appointment not to be missed for the stars, actors and actresses for the month of March. The ceremony took place in London this Sunday, March 30 where it was observed the most elegant evening dresses and required of celebrities on the red carpet. Here is a summary of the most beautiful looks of this ceremony.


A film festival and a fashion red carpet

Empire Awards 2014 became inevitable

Empire Awards

Since 1996, the ceremony of the Empires Awards reward of many actors and actresses of film. It is in fact awards by the British magazine ‘Empire’ devoted to film for the best and most beautiful films of the year.

Empire Awards

Of course, it is also an opportunity for the stars, forward on the red carpet. English actresses are considered to be the most trends and fashionable, and they prove it on the red carpet at the Empire Awards 2014 with gorgeous evening dresses.


The stars shine on the red carpet with their evening dresses

They are likely to have chosen gorgeous dresses for evening at the Empire Awards 2014. But some only have illuminated the red carpet with extraordinary evening outfits. Some examples of these dresses beautiful and magnificent.


2014 Empire Awards

Sexy short dress of Sophie Turner was one of the most beautiful dresses of this ceremony. It is indeed a model of designer Mary Katrantzou dress. It is a short green dress patterned with short sleeves and a cut near the body which puts forward his beautiful morphology.

2014 Empire Awards

On the red carpet, this long evening dress marked elegance. It is the dress that actress Sarah Harding has chosen to mark this evening. The red color and the perfect cut of her dress with wide straps have much attracted. She has produced an excellent choice of evening dress.

2014 Empire Awards

Always in red evening dress, Margot Robbie has chosen to have a classic look that fits him very well. It is drooping strapless dress with a thin black belt at the waist. She is very glamorous with this look at the Empire Awards 2014.

2014 Empire Awards

Stephanie Leonidas has opted for an evening dress black with a knee skirt. Its short sleeves fit in perfectly with the style of her dress that perfectly follows his body. This actress has also marked the red carpet at the ceremony in London.

2014 Grammy Awards and the most beautiful evening dresses

The stars fashion and the most beautiful dresses to the 2014 Grammy Awards

 Grammy Awards

As we all saw, the 2014 Grammy Awards took place the 2nd February of this year. This undisputed meeting stars and celebrities of the world helped out outfits and dresses stars totally varied on the red carpet. Here are the most beautiful outfits of stars of this 59th Grammy Awards.

The most beautiful stars dresses to the 2014 Grammy Awards

A stars festival, a look festival

 Grammy Awards

Like every year, the Grammy Awards reward the stars and the most significant celebrities of the year. This time, they were likely to win trophies, but the trophies of the most beautiful look return to only a few.

 Grammy Awards Beyoncé

For Beyonce, she chose a gorgeous dress sexy and provocative stylish Halter of Michael Costello. With its transparent style dress is adorned with very bold white floral. To accentuate her look, the Queen of pop has opted for diamond jewelry.

Other dresses of striking stars

 Grammy Awards Kat Perry

On the red carpet, Katy Perry has chosen a look of Princess for the 2014 Grammy Awards. Her white dress in lace with a long skirt fits him perfectly. Patterns in music theory notice fabulously on the skirt and the bust is simply elegant.

 Grammy Awards

Young Ariana Grande chose an elegant dress with a very young look. It’s the prom dress style that will be in fashion in the year 2014. It is a dress from Dolce & Gabbana with floral motifs. The whole, with its pink satin pumps fits him perfectly.

 Grammy Awards Ciara

Ciara made a great effect in his Pucci dress. The style of the dress well highlights her pregnant belly and her look is super. Long sleeves and neckline enhances the style of the dress with its color Golden patterned.

  Grammy Awards Chrissy Teigen

For the red carpet of the Grammys 2014, Chrissy Teigen chose a beautiful very elegant Silver strapless dress. The strapless style very well highlights her body and flared skirt style siren accentuates even more its young and stylish side.

 Grammy Awards Rita Ora

Rita Ora favours the metallic trend with a futuristic style dress very bright of Lanvin. Its beauty coincides perfectly with the style of the dress and allows it to display a very chic look with long sleeves and a midi skirt.

White evening dresses of the stars like wedding dresses

The stars and their evening dresses with a wedding dress touch

 stars white evening dresses

Since the beginning of this year, white color has become a flagship among the stars dresses color. With their evening dresses on the red carpet, we can observe more and more dresses become real wedding dresses with all their attributes.


The wedding look of the actresses

The beautiful white dresses of the stars on the red carpet

 stars white evening dresses

This is not a new fad, but this year, the white robes marched on the red carpet more than once. With famous actresses like Miranda Kerr, fashion lovers are left seduced by the white dress of the stars look.

 stars white evening dresses

You think attending a wedding when it sees these white evening dresses. You might also think that these actresses and stars are still dreaming of marriage. And well, it is not certain; but what is certain is that these white dresses are almost like wedding outfits.


The stars and their white dresses this year

 stars white evening dresses

The wedding trend is adopted by the stars and actresses for years. But today it is more present and white evening dresses are more resemble real wedding dresses. They are likely to have opted for this look.

 stars white evening dresses

Miranda Kerr during the launch of his latest film, she chose a modern-looking white evening dress. Her outfit is composed of inserts in tulle and satin. Such a wedding dress, it is curved to the size suggests a little legs.

 stars white evening dresses

Jessica Biel and her beauty is perfect with the white dress in the style of wedding. Visible at the premiere of the latest film from Justin Timberlake, it was elegant. The actress has opted for a style draped long sleeve, it is magnificent.

 stars white evening dresses

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker chose a white evening cup meringue dress in New York. It is a strapless dress with satin ribbons of pink color with a long skirt. As a young bride, she marched with a class on the red carpet.

 stars white evening dresses

Another actress fan of white evening dress, it is Gwyneth Paltrow. Her outfit gives him a great sweetness to its look, a real sweetness of a wedding dress. Elegant white dress, refined cup skater, she was sublime at the front first of his latest film.

The most beautiful evening dresses of the 2013 Emmy Awards

The red carpet of the 2013 Emmy Awards and the beautiful stars evening dresses

2013 Emmy Awards dress

Each year, the Emmy Awards ceremony rewards the finest American TV series and we always discover new stars. This year, the ceremony was held in Los Angeles. Last Sunday, one could see the stars with beautiful evening dresses on the red carpet.


The best outfits and evening dresses of the ceremony

Emmy Awards 2013, a real fashion ceremony

 2013 Emmy Awards dress

As every year, the Emmy Awards ceremony helped to discover the fashion of the stars. Between film prices and the trend of celebrities, all fans of stars have been satisfied. Many evening outfits paraded on the red carpet with class and finesse.

2013 Emmy Awards dress

During the Emmy Awards ceremony, celebrities have opted in general for fall dresses upscale and chic. It comes to dresses with styles full of elegance with ribs chic and charming.


Actresses and their evening dresses

 2013 Emmy Awards dress

The first star who has impressed during the ceremony, it is the singer Carrie Underwood with a stunning evening dress strapless Princess. With a purple color and a full skirt, the singer was very elegant. A belt at the waist level trace gorgeous silhouette.

 2013 Emmy Awards dress

For actress Sarah Paulson, it’s in a beautiful dress long fuchsia that she marched on the red carpet. It is a model with a v-neck and knee sleeves. A chic bow decorates its size; she made a good choice of outfit for the Emmy Awards 2013.

 2013 Emmy Awards dress

Julie Bowen chose an evening gown by Zac Posen for this ceremony of the Emmy Awards 2013. This is a dress Mermaid style consisting of a skirt very structured with ruffled finishes. Very elegant, her body is very well represented through the beauty of clear pink dress.

 2013 Emmy Awards dress

Very sexy, the actress Cat Deeley has opted for an evening gown Armani Privé for the red carpet. Black, v-neck with attributes very sexy, it can be said that it has made a very good choice. It is one of sexiest held on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards 2013 edition.

 2013 Emmy Awards dress

One of the most elegant dresses from the Emmy Awards is Taylor Schilling dress. It is a draped model of white color with a belt at the waist. Chic glamour is the words that summarize this outfit from the star. She was radiant on the red carpet.