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Amanda Bynes, a young but serious star with its evening dresses

The American star Amanda Bynes and her evening dresses which gives it like a true Lady


Amanda Bynes is one of the young stars of cinema the most admired American youth. Thanks to these films and awards she won any long-term s career, she was able to convince the girls of her age and more. On the red carpet, she dresses up as a true Lady with very elegant evening dresses and its very serious look. A description of its most beautiful dresses on the red carpet is brought to you with evening dresses of chouchoudress.


Evening dresses that made the delight of the fans

Amanda Bynes better in short dress than long evening dress

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If it is not used to seeing the star Amanda in a short dress, it is that it is not used. It must be said that keeps better great elegance with an evening of short and sexy evening gown. You will notice that Amanda Bynes is a sexy actress and presents tangible assets more pronounced in short dresses.


Pink short evening dress of the star at the Critics Choice Awards

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Always very feminine with her dresses in his films, she carries this appearance on the red carpet. It is one of the most beautiful dresses she has worn in a ceremony of awards, but also one of the sexiest. The advantage of this young actress is that she has very beautiful body and pretty dresses naturally notice on it. Therefore, for the evening, her short strapless dress in candy pink color was simply sensational, with a very sexy look. Admire its beauty and perfection between his body and the dress.


Another short dress at the MTV Moovie Awards

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Since short dresses him go very well and make him pull out his side sexy and young, the star Amanda Bynes gains at bottom. For the MTV Moovie Awards ceremony, she chose to wear a nice sexy black short dress. a look that has not gone unnoticed before the other stars of the evening. It even made in a little jealous some thanks to its very perfect way to wear her dress. It is a dress very generous strapless black which highlights its beautiful forms. Dress him well draws the contour of her body, a look flawlessly.


MTV Music Awards 2011, a dress that has marked the star

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One can make a small comeback in 2011 with such dress. This stylish strapless evening dress marked the career of star and all his fans. We can say that it is the sexiest dress she has worn outside the plateau, on the red carpet. This is the outfit that puts more forward the tangible advantages of the star. And if the goal is to attract attention, it is successful for Amanda.


What style of skirt do you prefer for your cocktail dress?

Styles of cocktail dresses and skirts, their beauty and their peculiarity

Cocktail dresses are known to be spectacular dresses and which provide other benefits compared to other styles and types of formal dresses. It is remarkable especially on its side sexy and chic. One of its greatest advantages is the skirt and the different styles they have. This is the skirt which is the biggest asset of a cocktail dress because all the beauty of the dress is concentrated. At chouchoudress, it brings great importance to these cocktail dresses skirts so that they appear with splendor to beautify the image of the woman and her posture when she wears cocktail dress.

The peculiarity of the skirts of chouchoudress’s cocktail dresses

A skirt for a cocktail dress style

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Skirts represent the quality and perfection of a dress. And for cocktail dresses, it is very important that a skirt is at the height of the style of the dress. The example of formal dresses, cocktail dresses are very good pace. Style and sewing occupy so much, and those are the principals of the final appearance of the cocktail dress skirt. Chouchoudress cocktail dresses do not let pass this opportunity to highlight the skirts. It is a skirt made of pleats, a puff, a skirt draped or with Rhinestones, a cocktail dress skirts always will be with grace to perfect the look of a woman who wants to dress with class.

Evening dress strapless embroidered with a beautiful skirt

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Enjoy the beauty of this cocktail with its magnificent skirt dress. If you look well the dress, we can already see that the bust is splendid with these ornaments that bring the class to this set. Not to mention the black belt which adds, however, a contrast between the brown colors of the dress? The skirt is beautiful and splendid with this brown color and style is classy and chic.

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The strapless dress brings a splendor to this short skirt. At the end of the skirt, you can see these lace decorations to beautify the appearance of satin. On the basin, the di body shape fits perfectly to cocktail dress skirt. The result is very satisfying because it has a short skirt which is at the height of the dress.

Strapless cocktail dress with a rhinestone belt

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This is one of the cocktail dresses that have the most gorgeous skirt. No need to make a large analysis to know that this skirt is special, special and beautiful. The length of the skirt cocktail dress is different on the front and back. Indeed, it is more length to the level later to give a very large effect to all people who will look at the woman who will wear cocktail dress. Can see, inter alia that the skirt is made of bunk chiffon fabrics. And this is also where you can admire its beauty. The style and shape of the dress highlight fully the skirt. This proves the beauty and elegance of this chouchoudress cocktail dress.


Free delivery of your evening in chouchoudress dress

At chouchoudress, the delivery of your evening dress is free, take advantage of the current offer

At chouchoudress, the delivery of your evening dress is free. Take advantage of the current offer that the chouchoudress site is on its evening dresses, the kind of offer not to be missed if you intend to buy an evening gown. It is an offer that the site made from 15 April 30, 2013 in categories of dresses and evening dresses cocktail in promotion on the site currently. So it’s an offer not to miss at the moment on chouchoudress, and if you want to be among those who will have this chance, feel free to make your purchase from on chouchoudress evening dress, the delivery will be free.

Evening in promotion with a free shipping dresses

Postage in party at chouchoudress

Blue Stain Short Cocktail Dresses

Chouchoudress, the site that has always a gift to you. This time, it is the port in holiday, shipping the evening dress or cocktail dress you order will be free. It comes to many models of magnificent evening dresses and upscale of the chouchoudress collection. Clients will have the opportunity to purchase splendid evening dresses without pay no shipping costs because it will be free. This special offer is going from 15 to April 30, 2013, leaving you two weeks to make your choice of evening dresses to vote purchase on the site. This is the party at chouchoudress, it facilitates the purchase of evening dresses and cocktail dresses so that you have the best service that either.

Short dress cocktail gentle night: one of the dresses free shipping

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Cocktail dress short night sweetness is one of the dresses free shipping on chouchoudress currently. It’s a pretty cocktail dress of black color with a very particular style. Indeed, it’s a strapless dress that gives value to your appearance especially the side bust. Not to mention the short skirt which presents itself in a manner very upscale shaped many layers of veils. This appearance is also offered by these visible ornaments around the edges of the bust with Rhinestones. Specify that it is a dress designed with satin and chiffon and offering you a very sexy look. If you opt for this cocktail dress between 15 and April 30, will be delivered free of charge.


The short cocktail dress magic silver, a dress with free shipping

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Here is an another cocktail dress that you will receive for free without spending any freight charges if you choose to make the acquisition on chouchoudress. This is a beautiful sexy short cocktail dress. This cocktail dress is silver, among the favorite women colors to shine during the festivities and ceremonies they attended. By this, one can find another quality on this cocktail dress, it’s a strapless dress that will give the stage to your bust and your chest.

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A style that all women love and they will not exchange for anything in the world. If you like this style, enjoy the offer of chouchoudress, a free shipping for this cocktail dress that will give you a perfect look of young sexy woman. You have until April 30 to make your purchase of dress on chouchoudress to have this special offer with our evening dresses and cocktail dresses.

Cocktail party for a cocktail dress

What do you wear to a cocktail party? Enjoy the cocktail dresses Chouchoudress


If you want to go to an evening cocktail, the most beautiful and elegant cocktail dresses are on chouchoudress. You will be with ultra fashion models for this year 2013. With very special offers is made in order to satisfy you. Our models correspond to several topics of Evening cocktail. For an evening cocktail lively dress here that will make you beautiful.


Our cocktail dresses
 Evening dress single shoulder strap equipped with a detachable train

Here is a pretty cocktail dress in satin and chiffon wonderfully combined to give this dynamic and elegant. Color dream became a reality in a dress, satin neck waves well controlled then became the single strap that fits well in the back said, classic and refined back and rushed cocktail dress short front legs and beautifully revealed

robe cocktail chouchourouge


For an evening cocktail with coworkers, here the dress that is perfect for you to keep absolute elegance:

For an evening cocktail with coworkers, here you dress will be perfect to keep the absolute elegance:
Glamorous cocktail dress short
Dare to reveal your leg often dream in small cocktail parties with friends. This dress is as light as air and can take you away with its asymmetrical draped bust, with a curved black satin belt with a flower placed on it.



For an evening cocktail birthday

For a birthday party, nothing better than this little black cocktail dress pleated taffeta. With a bust increased slightly for effect glamorous and sexy. Your body will be comfortable with comfort if you choose this dress. Accompanied by high heels, you will be all the more elegant. This cocktail, cocktail dress is for you.

robe cocktail chouchourouge3


Cocktail dress pleated at the bodice, printed at the skirt with her ​​bolero

For more formal occasions, you may choose to buy and wear this very noble cocktail dress, fitted with a bolero. Its pretty skirt delicately printed with the very sensible color gives a very modest and refined its pleated top with such finesse and elegance. When you no longer know what to put, this dress will be always ready for any occasion. It may save you with its elegance and it will not betray you.




All about cocktail dress and its elegance

Cocktail dress and its attributes in history and in the current fashion

We go back the story of the dress to antique Greece or men and women wore the chiton, a huge cloth that wrapped around the body. Of course, there was an evolution since that time, and we are sure that it was not in this time that is appeared the cocktail dress. The cocktail dress, considered also as the short evening dress is an elegant and classy dress with a more relaxed and light look.

The short history of the cocktail dress

The origin of the beautiful cocktail dress

The cocktail dress is a young style dress because its story goes back up only there 1920. In those times, women began to take opportunities to meet with friends and lovers of outfits, from evening dress and day dress. Relatively long dresses and which went generally below the knee, even up to the ankle. Also, there were dresses with a length between the mid-calf and ankle. This dress, which is, obviously more informal than the evening dress, remains however very glamorous and feminine. And often, these dresses were decorated with pearls, with glitter or with paste and is realized with materials such the velvet or the gauze.

beautiful cocktail dress

beautiful cocktail dress

beautiful cocktail dress

beautiful cocktail dress

Its evolution until today

Around the 50s, cocktail dress is called the afternoon’s dress. And since, the cocktail dress has changed over the fashion changes and begins to seduce more women. It is much shorter compared to the models submitted previously. The fashion designers contributed a lot to this change. They were beginning to propose the cocktail dress to the women and integrate them into their collections of clothes the easiest to wear. These dresses were sublimated by pearls, belts and various accessories as brooches, gloves, furs or handbags.

Strapless Cocktail Dresses

Strapless Cocktail Dresses

Strapless Cocktail Dresses

Strapless Cocktail Dresses

Nowadays, cocktail dresses are worn ​​ more easily and frequently its infancy than in these debuts.. They are worn in many occasions, elegant parties without being formal ceremonies or other occasions. Furthermore, the styles are varied, different and adapted to the taste of every woman and occasion in which she carries. The choice is vast, it is united, printed, long or short, simple or rhinestones and sequins. Cocktail dresses can have fun at very moderate prices.

Flower Strapless Cocktail Dresses

Flower Strapless Cocktail Dresses

Flower Strapless Cocktail Dresses

Flower Strapless Cocktail Dresses

Match the color of the evening dress and the atmosphere

How to match the colors of your clothes, evening dresses and the theme of evening?

Evening gown or tuxedo, man or woman, it is unanimous, it takes a nice assortment of colors if you are invited to attend a party or a ceremony. Because being dressed in a beautiful way is with a beautiful evening gown. But be dressed in matching colors is even better if you know how to do it. Agreements between colors are the visual beauty of a woman who knows how to dress or party whole evening.

The importance of colors in the appearance

Why do we worry about colors?

Knowing to wear and match colors in an elegant way will allow you to develop without being noticed. And also, in the case of a party, to blend in, or at least show that you understand the codes of elegance. In this case, dress well means not only wear evening dress, but clean and elegant as in the way they dress, behave, what to discuss.

Formal evening dress

Formal evening dress

Formal Evening Dresses

Formal Evening Dresses

Knowing how to identify and associate colors

If you are wearing an evening dress, usually its color is the dominant color and at least and at least one must have a secondary color, coat or scarf. In this case, scarf or coat is the color of the dress for a more classic style and a sharp contrast or on your style for a younger and fresh. Of course, your shoes will be the color of your evening dress. You should know that if you do not wear a single color in your dress, you may go for a decorative element, a pole, a wall. The best thing is to have at least two colors.



Groups dipping colors

Note that even if you can have four colors by dressing, there are gathering of colors that are not good for your evening dress. Black and navy blue for example are two dark colors and are not complementary or additive. There are also black and brown, for the same reasons as black and navy blue, black and brown are set to avoid.

Deep Pink Cocktail Dress

Deep Pink Cocktail Dress

Deep Pink Cocktail Dress

Deep Pink Cocktail Dress

Chouchoudress Offer Fashion Cocktail Dresses

Offers of chouchoudress

The evening dresses, wedding dresses and quality products chouchoudress

chouchoudress a website selling 2013 wedding dress, Elegant evening dress, cocktail dress and other accessories in order to meet the needs of all women who want to have the best. Our products are among the best in the field of selling online dress because they were well treated compared to your requests and wishes. What are our offers and what satisfaction guarantee we offer?

The particularity of our sales dresses

The site chouchoudress

chouchoudress has a strong online presence at its superb collection of evening dresses 2012, cocktail dresses, wedding dresses and gowns for various occasions special events. We have selected for you the most beautiful dresses available from our developers and designers, so every woman can find the perfect dress for her special event. The experience of online sales chouchoudress is as good as you purchase your dress from a dressmaker. See the categories of wedding dresses, prom dresses, evening dress cocktail find what you are looking for. We ordered our dress collection by different categories of style to better help you find your dress in an easy and simple. Our collection of dresses for special events grouped by categories, so that the navigation between them easier. With our image zoom, you look more closely each dress. Simply click on the dress of your choice and move the mouse on the dress, you will look more closely at the details of the dresses. We also provide pictures of the front, side and back of the dress so you can see how it would be defined once.

Pink short Cocktail Dresses

Pink short Cocktail Dresses

Pink short Cocktail Dresses

Pink short Cocktail Dresses

Collections dresses well defined for every Women

Our collection of dresses represents the differences compared to the size of the body, which forms the variety of different style. We know that every woman is different in nature from the shape of her body to her choice of dress style. Also, we offer a selection of sophisticated and elegant dresses for all types of women for galas, events and festivities, party and wedding. Our extensive collection of evening dresses is also modest needs of women and conservative style, modern style or the boldest. We offer a selection of different colors in most of the dresses in our catalog, which makes the process of finding your perfect dress easier. The selection of dresses includes a wide variety of forms among which include classic evening dresses, long, short and much style that suits you.

Red Long Cocktail Dresses

Red Long Cocktail Dresses

Red Long Cocktail Dresses

Red Long Cocktail Dresses