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The most beautiful evening dresses on the red carpet at the 2015 Grammy Awards

The red carpet of the stars and the sublime evening dresses of stars on the Grammy Awards

Gramy Awards dress

The Grammy Awards ceremony was held on February. This ceremony is awarded annually in the United States the best artists in the musical field. At the same time, it is the undisputed appointment for the stars to scroll on the red carpet and show their most beautiful outfits, their magnificent evening dresses.



Striking evening gowns at the Grammy Awards

The red carpet at the Grammy Awards, a fashion show of dresses

Grammy awards dress

As every year, the red carpet at the Grammy Awards has promised a true fashion show where the stars and famous singers showed their beautiful dresses. Some stars are demarcated with their sublime evening dresses, here are some models.

Grammy Awards dress

The most beautiful dresses are followed. There are a few stars like Rihanna, Kat Graham, Taylor Swift and more. The colors and styles of dresses perfectly reflect the feminine modern trend of this year 2015 among celebrities.


Beautiful evening dresses on the red carpet at the 2015 Grammy Awards

Grammy Awards dress

This is evening dress has chosen the singer Rihanna at this ceremony. This is an evening dress with a very remarkable very puffed a pink style. The volume of the skirt has not gone unnoticed before journalists and photographers. It must be said that it is may be the only time that Rihanna dresses covering almost her entire body.

Grammy Awards

Kat Graham almost transparent evening gown also drew attention. While keeping one side elegant and chic, her dress hides a sexy black corset. We see the reasons in white flowers on almost the entire surface of the long dress that has long sleeves also.

Grammy Awards dress

This Taylor Swift asymmetric skirt evening dress has sublimated the ceremony. Spring Green, her dress appeared with elegance. The singer was able to marry her dress to the morphology of young woman, and the result is satisfactory.

Grammy Awards dress Beyoncé

Well on, cannot forget the stunning diva Beyonce sexy dress. The Queen of music opted for a sexy short black dress to the Grammy Awards ceremony. Her dress is decorated with shiny sequins and has long sleeves with closure. This style highlights perfectly the beautiful body of the star.

Grammy Awards dress 2015

The evening dress or the holding of Kim Kardashian did not go unnoticed either. The style of her dress looks like a gown very chic. Her outfit is a golden long-sleeved and royal decoration. In brightness, the star puts forward her femininity and her bust to display a unique look.


2014 Grammy Awards and the most beautiful evening dresses

The stars fashion and the most beautiful dresses to the 2014 Grammy Awards

 Grammy Awards

As we all saw, the 2014 Grammy Awards took place the 2nd February of this year. This undisputed meeting stars and celebrities of the world helped out outfits and dresses stars totally varied on the red carpet. Here are the most beautiful outfits of stars of this 59th Grammy Awards.

The most beautiful stars dresses to the 2014 Grammy Awards

A stars festival, a look festival

 Grammy Awards

Like every year, the Grammy Awards reward the stars and the most significant celebrities of the year. This time, they were likely to win trophies, but the trophies of the most beautiful look return to only a few.

 Grammy Awards Beyoncé

For Beyonce, she chose a gorgeous dress sexy and provocative stylish Halter of Michael Costello. With its transparent style dress is adorned with very bold white floral. To accentuate her look, the Queen of pop has opted for diamond jewelry.

Other dresses of striking stars

 Grammy Awards Kat Perry

On the red carpet, Katy Perry has chosen a look of Princess for the 2014 Grammy Awards. Her white dress in lace with a long skirt fits him perfectly. Patterns in music theory notice fabulously on the skirt and the bust is simply elegant.

 Grammy Awards

Young Ariana Grande chose an elegant dress with a very young look. It’s the prom dress style that will be in fashion in the year 2014. It is a dress from Dolce & Gabbana with floral motifs. The whole, with its pink satin pumps fits him perfectly.

 Grammy Awards Ciara

Ciara made a great effect in his Pucci dress. The style of the dress well highlights her pregnant belly and her look is super. Long sleeves and neckline enhances the style of the dress with its color Golden patterned.

  Grammy Awards Chrissy Teigen

For the red carpet of the Grammys 2014, Chrissy Teigen chose a beautiful very elegant Silver strapless dress. The strapless style very well highlights her body and flared skirt style siren accentuates even more its young and stylish side.

 Grammy Awards Rita Ora

Rita Ora favours the metallic trend with a futuristic style dress very bright of Lanvin. Its beauty coincides perfectly with the style of the dress and allows it to display a very chic look with long sleeves and a midi skirt.