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Fergie in evening dress, look super sexy and gorgeous of a star

Fergie , the star of the song and his look in evening dress, always very elegant and sexy


We see her more often in his music videos with outfits and extravagant dresses. The American star of the song and member of the group Black Eyed Peas is a fan of dresses to the futuristic air, and this is noticeable on some of her dresses. Another case, it has also a follower of the trend and look sexy and stylish real women’s fashion. Following the example of his public appearances and private evenings, she dresses as a mannequin in renowned designer evening dresses. Here’s a decryption of the look and some evening dresses from the star of the American song, Fergie, with evening dress chouchoudress.


A faithful star to his appearance with sexy dresses

Its special evening dress to miss Golden Globes evening

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In his usual manner, the beautiful singer Fergie still managed to getting noticed in the evening Miss Golden Globes. It must be said that it is a star who knows how to attract attention with its evening dresses. For this special evening, dressed in a strapless fashion dress and shifted, and it is imposed with style, his main signature. This dress was designed by Jean Charles de Castelbajac, a dress that truly flatters the silhouette of the star, as well as its beautiful complexion.

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It is a well decorated dress, especially on the lower level of the skirt. When the bust of this dress short, one little observe a large knot that structure well its pretty silhouette and prints bring a small dose of offbeat. It is therefore a perfect dress that she chose to mix chic and the side fun in a single dress. To complete this set, it opted for black pumps that prolong so its silhouette.


His metallic look of black evening dress in a birthday party

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The star never misses any opportunity to show its unique taste in dresses, and this is the case during this evening of anniversary of one of the members of the group Black Eyed Peas. For this special occasion, she put a little sexy metallic short dress that perfectly follows the contours of her body. It noted these ornaments metal covering a major part of her short dress. Side dress strapless fact, that his chest is well favoured and pronounced. A very rock look for this singer looks like a generous and charming. This tight dress is part of his style.


Fergie and her mini dress with sequins at the Lite Show

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Nothing beats a mini dress to really shine in the evening, and it is especially not Fergie who will say otherwise. To attend the Show Lite, Black Eyed Peas singer l chose to wear a small evening dress green silver color with a nostalgic coupe of the 1980s. It still a beautiful dress that well out his elegant side and her sexy body. Ornaments green curves of the dress only more beautify its appearance and the sequins on his chest evoke a strong artistic trend of star. No need to specify this look suits her perfectly. And to complete this look, she chose fairly simple black pumps, but that perfectly accompanies its sexy look. artcle2 (1)

What hairstyle suits your strapless evening dress?

The best and most beautiful hairstyles that match your style of strapless evening dress


This is something very important in the look of a woman. The hairstyle is a very visible part of women especially in an evening gown. It completes the outfit and highlights the evening gown she has chosen. Where the hairstyle does not correspond to the evening dress, it can also be the cause of a wrong look, even if the evening dress is gorgeous. So you should know well choose the hairstyle to adopt your look and style of your evening dress, because it has much impact on the views of others and it guaranteed a perfect appearance. Details and explanations on what you should know about the hairstyle in agreement with the dresses with chouchoudress.


The most suitable hairstyles for an evening dress strapless

The magnificent and unavoidable bun

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The hairstyle is one point to approach with caution and elegance because having a beautiful dress and a beautiful makeup is no longer enough. For an evening gown, bodice, perfect hairstyle would be and will remain the bun. That it is braided or steps, it remains a beautiful hairstyle that a great class and elegance. Indeed, many movie stars, actresses and singers adopt the bun to perfect their look and their evening dress strapless. Moreover, the majority of them are really beautiful and a beautiful hairstyle can only beautify more.

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The example of s two stars of the film Jessica Alba and Kristen Stewart, the bun has a very charming effect on women who wear a party dress strapless. They also know how to decorate hair with surprising details that enhance with splendor the strapless evening dress. Here, these two stars have chosen a braid plated with class in Crown on the front of the head and extends into the hairstyle. Therefore, it is an evening hairstyle which is really ideal because it blends current trends. Braid and bun mixes so and gives a sporty look and a very romantic and soft touch. Especially the strapless dress is adequate for this type of hairstyle.


Hair dropped to a glamorous and sexy look with a strapless dress

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If you want to opt for another type of hairstyle, celle – ci also will enhance your evening dress strapless and give you real star tunes. This hairstyle successful well almost everyone, provided that evening dress strapless worth. This is the usual choice of star Jennifer Lopez. In her pretty evening dress strapless, she chose to let her hair down by adding pretty glamorous waves which accentuate her beauty and her pretty face.

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Here is a style of cancellation, and the technique is to gather her hair in free fall without support. This has advantages when you think go to a party full of movement and dance. Adequate for a sexy evening dress strapless, it remains more to try and you will see the result, it is surprising and beautiful at once.

Courtney Cox evening dresses, a fabulous movie star

The star who has been proven in the world of cinema and fashion with its gorgeous dresses evening


It is a strong and determined actress, and it is noted in his way of playing, but particularly in fashion. Noticed too often in a look very masculine and rebellious in his films, the star American has still a great asset, real woman’s beautiful body, with a good taste in evening dresses. She stands largely compared with other stars of cinema at private parties or major awards ceremonies. Here is a description of the most beautiful looks of the Courtney Cox star and some examples of its most beautiful evening dresses, detailed with evening dress chouchoudress.


Very feminine and well chosen evening dresses

She is a new woman with her new look

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Long remained discreetly in her looks outside the red carpet, we can say that it is taken in hand and went back to dressing as a real woman. Indeed, during much time, the star remained in the simplicity in fashion and evening dress up to her divorce from actor David Arquette. Now, it develops his style and adopted a look sexy, elegant and captivating. This is the case with this purple short evening dress she chose for an evening between stars. This is a very feminine short dress who married well her skin tone and its forms. It is a short dress with knee sleeves and a cut altogether following her young mother body. So, it’s look that betrays the not real evidence that it is taking in hand with this radiant air.


The actress dressed as joy short evening dress in the series “cougar town.”

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It’s his last series, or the star is wearing a beautiful carefully cut short evening dress. Is this not a true Marvel? She really taste. In this excerpt from the series, it is leaving bins which the magnificent door evening dress. Many people have criticized the actress does not have taste in dress, but this appearance proves the contrary. This is a short grey dress that includes a special neckline that highlights his beautiful bust. The straps that gather in her neck is perfect, and agree well with the belt at the level of its size, just at the bottom of her chest. This is a perfect outfit for the star because she is radiant in this small short party dress.


Its pretty evening dress at a charity in March dinner

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In the meantime the filming of her next film, the American star of the series “friends” does not miss its look for the prestigious red carpet in Beverly Hills, in Los Angeles. It was during an evening of charity in favor of the environment and she is dressed in a prestigious evening dress. A stylish therefore look that distinguishes the other guests of the evening. In fact, she chose a look with class and sobriety. Courtney Cox has chosen a dress all in black in black that gives the side sexy and discreet. The dress was satin and split on the front. It’s a look that marks well with the young MOM who always keeps his class.

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