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The evening dresses’ trend of the year 2015

The best styles of dresses this year 2015 trends


The past year held his promises on women’s fashion and trend of evening dresses. It was swimming in the pure feminine trend with very different styles. This year, the women’s fashion promises a trend all very modern and chic.


The trend and styles of evening dresses in 2015

The right choice of evening dresses trend throughout this year


For the fall-winter trend, long dresses are not very privileged. However, some models are encrusted in the trend. There are long dresses with a black color models. It is found most in the large collections.


The short evening dress presents itself as the star of the feminine trend 2015. Almost all the styles are allowed. Whether it’s a strapless dress, a trapeze dress or a dress corolla, the corolla dress, the short dress will be ever a good choice.


With the trend of short dresses this year, you can opt for a style draped in order to have a chic appearance. The style of dress with lace inserts will allow displaying a very glamorous style. Whatever colors, black, white or red, dress style will remain.


The chic style in vogue this season autumn-winter moves to the front of all the looks. If we opt for this style, it is better to cover the shoulders of Rhinestones, add a silver or gold, or even stitch feather to tickle a little knees. It’s an ideal style of dress to attend a wedding ceremony.


Some models of trendy evening dresses 2015 with chouchoudress


Here is an example a chic super short dress model. It is a pretty cocktail dress of Princess with a neckline in heart and Suspenders in embroidery. These embroideries give Princess chic effect to the dress. This effect is that makes the unanimous-trend 2015.


In the trend of small dresses, we can include this sublime Devil red cocktail dress. A very chic dress that is perfectly represents the modern trend by 2015. The color and the perfect style give a very feminine appearance.


If you wish to opt for a long evening dress this season autumn-winter and all year 2015, the choice of this style is required. Here is a gorgeous long evening taffeta with a right bustier dress and a scabbard style which refines the silhouette perfectly.


The collection 2015 of chouchoudress’s evening dresses

The new dresses from the 2015 collection arrive on chouchoudress

Many women waited it for a long time in the wardrobes; here is the new collection of chouchoudress. It is sumptuous and elegant evening dresses, all new models in the 2015 collection, which is currently available on the web site of chouchoudress for all fashion fans.


A new collection, a new modern trend

Royal evening dresses styles

For this new collection of 2015, fashion designers have given themselves fully to provide one of the models of dresses totally feminine and Royal. All the advantages of the feminine charm are included in these new evening dresses. This is a set of total elegance and feminine sensuality in fashion.

It has accentuated the side charming dress with corset-style dresses. Our dresses in suspenders, a greater femininity and a great chic side is present on the surface of the dress. The slot at the level of the skirts, the folds as well as ornaments is simply sublime. All these details have a look perfectly in phase and offer a Royal appearance to these new evening dresses.


Some examples of new the new 2015 collection dresses

Here is an example a splendid very elegant evening dress. It has a skirt with a slit perfectly in synthesis with the rest of the dress. The strapless style accentuates elegance, especially through the rhinestones that you can see.

With a blue color King, here is a beautiful wide straps evening dress. Expressing perfectly modern image is chic of a woman; the seam is just simply stunning. At the level of the bust can be seen of the horizontal folds that descend on the front until the vertical skirt.

Women who love the dresses to halters will love this model. It’s a glittery Halter evening dress. Indeed, style halters is decorated with fantastic sequins, which offer a high gloss appearance, a great attraction and elegance to all.

An irresistible model of evening dress, here is the dress with a bustier in heart. It also has a very long split skirt. The slit in the skirt with the strapless heart form a perfect asset to have a Royal appearance to the gown.

A glance on splendid evening jewelry

Necklaces and earrings, chouchourouge is a true Cave of Ali Baba thanks to evening jewelry

Evening jewelry are beads which that beautify the appearance of a woman. Jewels are even considered as a part of female beauty. The jewelry such as necklaces and earrings say even their true beauty. At chouchourouge, it prefers this beauty. Here is the large collection of jewelry from chouchoudress

Chouchourouge evening jewellery collection

Necklaces and earrings, proof of femininity

When we see a woman in evening dress, we still admire its beauty and elegance. But you should know that the party itself dress is not complete, the presence of evening jewelry is sometimes required. Of course, necklaces and earrings are privileged with their elegance.

In the middle of its magnificent evening dresses, Chouchoudress has a large collection of jewelry by evening. Various styles are represented with necklaces and models of classic earrings as well as sophisticated, all in elegance models.


Superb models of necklaces and earrings

Here is a luxurious and charming pair of beautiful earrings named two-tone earrings for women. It’s a very chic template with a green color and a bright effect of stones. It is ideal to accompany a superb long evening dress.

Richer in color, here is a luxurious and elegant pair of earrings Crystal pendant. With more color, yellow, blue and green, the appearance is more vivid and more chic at the same time. This model is available on chouchourouge with a very interesting price.

Here is a very chic necklace model. This is the necklace gold motif and luxurious elegant flower. This lovely necklace is the result of a perfect alloy and beautiful semi-precious beads. Chouchoudress currently, this fabulous necklace is sold with a price of just$ 13.99.

Some women fans of insects will be attracted to this luxurious necklace set with semi-precious stones with a blue heart charming model. The stone is in the form of Spider with an elegant appearance. On chouchoudress at the moment, this jewel is $ 13.99.

The class in its natural state, it is what appears when you can see the beauty of this beautiful necklace. This is a fancy pattern yellow and transparent Flower necklace. It is a model with a short evening dress. On chouchoudress at the moment, this beautiful necklace is € 9.99.

The 2014 big destocking with chouchoudress evening dresses

Beautiful evening gowns and cocktail dresses are in destocking

For this summer, this is the offer not to be missed currently on chouchoudress. Destocking is happening currently with totally cheap price. Short evening dresses, long evening gowns and of child dresses are affected by these great 2014 destocking.


Evening dresses destocking, a gift

Pretty dresses in storage

The destocking of chouchoudress lasts until July 31, 2014. For all stock evening dresses, the price is only € 29.99 regardless of the model, as long as it is in stock. For all short evening dresses in stock and the child of honor dresses, priced at just$ 22.99.

In this category of cheap evening dresses, one can see beautiful models, including the best-selling dress of chouchoudress. Colors, styles and trends are present and there are more customers that choose the most beautiful dresses with a given price.


Some dresses in destocking

As mentioned previously, destocking evening dresses are very varied in style and color. But for the price, it is the same for all long evening dresses; it is the same also for short evening dresses and child of honor dress.

Here for example Chameleon cocktail dress. It is a beautiful black color chouchoudress model. It is designed exclusively with the satin and chiffon with an asymmetrical neckline and an ornament pleated at the waist.

As elegant and € 29.99 only, here is the magnificent neckline strapless long evening dres

s. It is also designed with satin and chiffon with a color Viola to give a totally stylish effect. This dress style is currently in storage on chouchoudress.

The children of honor dresses are also prevalent in this destocking. They are $ 24.99 only as this beautiful child of honor dress purple color flowers dress white. This beautiful child dress is available in sizes 2 to 16 years on chouchoudress.

Total elegance is affordable with this magnificent long tulle evening dress. With a silvery color and its plunging neckline, this stunning long dress provides elegance. Also in storage, it is $ 29.99 only until July 31.

The most beautiful evening dresses at the Cannes 2014 closing ceremony

The closing ceremony of the Cannes Festival 2014 and beautiful evening dresses

 2014 Cannes dresses

It is one of the events of the year. The 2014 Cannes Festival ended this last Saturday and the red carpet has kept its promises. Fashion and clothing trends of biggest stars succeed in elegance and beauty. Here is a summary of mode of this closing ceremony.


A ceremony of closing with beauty

Very calculated styles and trends dresses

2014 Cannes dresses

It was a very special ceremony that actresses have wagered all on their appearance. Dress, shoes, necklaces, hair, everything was calculated for the biggest stars of cinema in order to appear as princesses.

2014 Cannes dresses

In addition, almost all the beautiful dresses seen on the Croisette at this closing ceremony are the creations of famous designers. One can dream’s best opportunity to see such evening dresses, especially since the show was transmitted live.

2014 Cannes dresses

The watchword for this red carpet of the Cannes Festival 2014 is its closing and haute couture elegance. The styles were especially very chic. The extravagant styles were not present during the ceremony, which makes the happiness of the amateurs of evening dresses upscale.


The most beautiful dresses on the red carpet at the 2014 Cannes Festival

2014 Cannes dresses

The first actress that much impressed this is the actress Paz Vega. It is very elegant in its stunning white evening long-sleeved dress. The style of her dress and perfect with the long drags of the flared skirt. At the level of the shoulder, the dress has a black floral ornament sublime.

2014 Cannes dresses

The beautiful Nicole Kidman chose a beautiful and elegant dress from Giorgio Armani for the closing ceremony. It is a style strapless dress that highlights her chest. It is a style all in white with a cup Mermaid skirt. At the level of the waist, there is also a tissue ornamental silver, very sublime.

2014 Cannes dresses

It is simply sublime, Natasha Poly. She is dressed like a Princess for the closing of the Cannes 2014. His body is perfectly put forward with the style of her dress. With a clear bust and skirt styling slightly puffed, she perfectly represents the female sublimity.

2014 Cannes dresses

The white robes are the most beautiful during this closing ceremony of the Cannes 2014. Uma Thurman has been one of the most beautiful and elegant ceremony. The actress chose a long evening dress, flared skirt, adorned bust and size decorated with floral motifs. The style of her dress is also very sublime.

A beautiful shirt for a beautiful wedding

Opt for a shirt for man on chouchoudress for an elegant wedding

If we know that chouchoudress is a specialist in wedding dresses, also be aware that chouchoudress offers a wide range of shirt for men. For a wedding all in elegance, the best choice will be to opt for a shirt for men in the new collection.


Wedding dress and shirt for man, a perfect set

A wedding in elegance with chouchoudress dress and shirt

Recently, fashion jackets and men’s costumes has been invoked in a previous article. It must be said that the men’s costumes offered by chouchoudress are all splendid beauty. A wide choice is offered to men, especially for those who want to spend before the altar.


There’s also the new 2014 bridal collection, available since the beginning of this year for future wives. Styles and beauty of these wedding dresses testify to the quality of the work done on these clothes.


The finest shirts for men for the most beautiful weddings


Obviously, men’s shirts are also very popular and the latest models have been carefully designed. To look perfect, at a ceremony of marriage, for example, what are perfect choices? Here is a presentation of some very elegant models.



Here is a very interesting first shirt model. It’s a very splendid elegance white cotton shirt. This will be a perfect choice to accompany the wedding white and long dress. The particularity of this shirt is its simple and chic effect at the time.



For fans of the striped shirts, it is perfectly ideal. For a ceremony very upscale or for a wedding, this cotton model is sublime. This shirt has a very chic look with these m long reeds and its price is very affordable.


And if you prefer to have a little color, this stylish shirt for man blue color is perfect. This model has sleeves and white collar of great elegance apparent. Note that this shirt is also available in light pink color.


The most beautiful evening shoes for 2014 spring-summer

The most beautiful selection of evening shoes in chouchoudress for this spring-summer collection

For a wedding, engagement or baptism, spring and summer are privileged moments to celebrate in. And to be at the top of the look, nothing beats a beautiful pair of evening shoes. Chouchoudress then presents its most beautiful evening shoes trends to ensure a very feminine look.


Accompany the dresses of spring with the perfect shoes

Trends of spring evening shoes

To make the good choice of evening shoes this spring-summer 2014, should see the collection of chouchoudress. In terms of colors, styles and trends, models on the site are in total agreement with the seasons. Splendor and glamour are some of the peculiarities of these shoes.

And even if sometimes it often faces a difficult choice, chouchoudress offers dune effective solution. What is certain, regardless of choice of footwear, they adapt perfectly to the spring-summer fashion because styles refer to spring fashion.



Sublimate the evening dress with these shoes

To ensure a female extra look for this spring-summer 2014, here are some suggestions of shoes that will delight certainly many women. Considered the most important fashion accessory after the evening dress, one must choose the most beautiful shoes.

In the first example, here is a beautiful and splendid pair of evening shoes black upscale with glamorous red ribbons. With an outdoor composition leather, it will be perfect to accompany a long evening for a night wedding dress.

Then, for Moon Festival in the summer, here is very interesting models of shoes with heels. They are designed with the satin embellished with beads on the edges. Ideal for attending a wedding, these beautiful shoes are also available in several colors and models in blue are sublime.

Now here’s sensual models accompanied by a pretty short cocktail dress. These are models very sexy which include ankle bracelets. The effect is guaranteed and these shoes are intended for women who want to be seen in a sensual short dress.

Finally, future brides will be happy to admire the beauty of these evening shoes special wedding. Perfect for the spring-summer season, these evening shoes encrusted with shiny beads are perfect to accompany the beautiful wedding dress.