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The new handbags of chouchoudress are there

For women, the new handbags arrive in the chouchoudress collection


Here is the great novelty of chouchoudress, the handbags for women. It’s all new models that are encrusted in the large collection of 2014, and with very attractive prices. Female tastes are very varied, and that is why these new bags have very different styles also.


The new handbag collection very upscale

For more feminine women handbags

In this new collection of hand bag, there is precisely a valorization of femininity. This is noticeable especially on the outward appearance and colors super trend. Styles are also very modern to stay in the wind of fashion.

For other details, one can observe also the pure elegance with diamond styles, floral patterns, material and capacity of bags which is proportional to the size. Whatever the style sought, it is present in this collection of handbags from chouchoudress.


The selection of handbags in the collection of chouchoudress

For lightness and a very young style for the summer and fall, here’s a very special handbag. This is the purse broad trend color summer hit. Ideal for a stroll in the city and even to go to the office, this bag has a zip closure very trend.


For more elegance and class, there is the choice of this beautiful cream-colored handbag. This model features ornaments gold with two zip closures. In the chouchoudress collection, this bag is only € 23.99.

To play the glamour trend, the right choice would be this rectangular stylish plaid handbag. Wrists m i-long steel of tungsten is its peculiarity. Ideal to accompany a short evening dress, this bag is only € 26.99 currently on chouchoudress.


For the most elegant women and upscale, the choice is easy on chouchoudress through this model of handbag. This is a bag with wrists in semicircles very elegant, modern style. Ideal for a pretty dress, this bag is € 25.99.

For women who love the colors, here is the perfect handbag. It is a model of form envelope with multiple slides. This bag is in blue, and also available in other colors. On chouchoudress, this bag is only € 29.99.


Summer sales on chouchoudress and beautiful evening dresses

Summer sales with the most beautiful evening dresses arrived on chouchoudress

Currently, it is the summer sales on chouchoudress. The promotion on evening dresses is range up to a 75% reduction. For the summer and summer only, here is an opportunity not to be missed for women who want to have the most beautiful evening dresses.


The most beautiful evening dresses are in summer sales

A promotional offer up to – 75%

Just after the promotion of the feasts of mothers, here’s arrival on chouchoudress summer sales now. Like every year, it proposes to beautiful and splendid evening at broken price dresses. This time, it was even more with a reduction in arrival up to 75%.

-75% is the price offered in the summer of this year sales. And for the proposed evening dresses, they are quite simply splendid. There are different models among which you can choose because the choice is very wide to suit all tastes.


Some models of dresses in summer sales

As it was already mentioned before, many models of dresses are present in these summer sales. If we talk that long evening dresses, buster’s styles are very present. Some strapless evening gowns fill the collection with very diverse styles.

Here is for example a beautiful and sublime evening dress long strapless balance summer. It is a fully designed Pink dress with muslin. The apparent style is totally elegant and for these summer sales, this dress is only 109.50, €99.

Also, here is the evening dress long “mystery woman” in summer sales. This stunning evening dress is accompanied by a beautiful bolero for just €114,99. Of course, its color is also sublime style.

We greatly admire this strapless evening dress during the summer sales. This is ultra-jolie green evening dress. This model features shoulder straps as well as ornaments at the level of the bust. Her skirt long and wide is perfect to affirm its simplistic but elegant side.

Very sublime also among the dresses of summer sales, this elegant dress with a neckline in the heart. The bust is adorned with folds, as well as the size, where also a magnificent belt. It is one of the dresses cannot miss during the summer sales.

Dresses and look, fashion’s good tips to dress in spring

To prepare 2014 spring with the ideal look and perfect dresses

spring look

Everyone looks forward to hosting the beautiful days of spring, and this is the time to prepare. The cold has lasted long enough and it is time to get a nice light evening dress and the spring look that all everyone likes.


The looks don’t miss this 2014 spring

The indispensable for a good choice of look and spring dresses

 spring look

Pending the arrival of spring, you should know that the good choice is necessary in order to have a perfect look. These basic tips can help make the right choices on dresses, clothes and other fashion accessories.

 spring look

For the 2014 spring fashion trends tend to solid colors and lightness. Skirt, jeans, black pants or jacket, the important thing would be to avoid scratches and reasons in order to have more combinations possible.


The clothes and styles to have at any price this spring 2014



We know all that the wardrobe must adapt to all opportunities that arise. It must therefore be the clothing habits, traditional outfits, casual clothes and the necessary for small outputs weekend end.

spring look

Therefore, having basic garments of the spring to enjoy the most and vary them then. These essential and basic clothes are the jacket, the little black dress, jeans and black pants. If you have these clothes, on little easily match its look.

 spring look

For spring dresses, style will depend above all opportunities. For evenings and cocktails, the best would be a pretty solid color cocktail dress. A spring color would be better like this yellow strapless cocktail dress unique coquette and feminine.

spring look

For a usual output or weekends at the beach for example, the dresses will be preferred. If we do not want to choose the little skirt, the ideal is to choose a solid color and to accessorize the look.

spring look

To ventilate the look in the spring therefore, do not forget the accessories. Make the right choice of accessories to completely change its look. The choice is wide in the spring trend enter the necklaces and scarves. Whatever the choice of clothing, it works.

Evening shoes to choose in December

Heeled shoes, many choices of shoes for 2013 December

Evening shoes

We are in full season of autumn-winter women’s fashion, and December is the most interesting time of this season. It is the month of festivals and evening dresses. It is also therefore a time preferred to highlight the beautiful evening shoes.

The best famous evening shoes of December

The importance of the evening shoes

Evening shoes

Everybody knows the beauty and magnificence of an evening dress, especially when on the door during a festive month. The choice of beautiful evening shoes is therefore necessary, and this choice depends on a few aesthetic details to ensure elegance.

Evening shoes

Evening shoes can enhance the elegance of a dress if you made the right choice. In the event of bad choices, we can have the opposite result. The example of the pumps, they are ideal for a good maintenance of the ankle and they are very comfortable.

Different evening shoes to choose from in December

Evening shoes

To accompany a beautiful dress evening long, nothing better than beautiful evening high-heeled shoes. It is even indispensable for keeping the elegance. You should know that flat-heeled shoes tend to pack the dress and it gives a less glamorous appearance.

Evening shoes

A classic solution for long evening dresses are surely black heels. The look offered by this choice is always elegant and glamorous regardless of the style of dress. If you want to choose the pumps, should be that they are not too conspicuous.

Evening shoes

To accompany a cocktail dress, this evening shoe flowering is the ideal. It is a model with flower ornaments that can perfectly embellish a short dress. It is to clarify that the external composition is made of silk, which is a great apparent advantage.

Evening shoes

If you want to go for a glamorous and elegant long dress for a wedding in December, for example, these shoes of evening classes champagne color will be perfect. Its beauty is noticeable especially with her high heels and its upscale color.

And finally, here is a pair of stunning evening shoes. It is a closed and mid model high. Perfect for short dresses, this model is graceful, designed with leather and fits perfectly with many styles of dresses.

The beautiful looks of pregnant stars

The most beautiful dresses and outfits of the pregnant stars to copy          

pregnant star look

To have good influences, stars must still be elegant and attractive with the clothing, outfits and dresses that they choose. And even when they are pregnant, they are sure to choose the most beautiful dress and the most beautiful female outfits to the effect.

Dresses and pregnant stars

The gorgeous dresses and evening wear

pregnant star look

They are likely to have adopted a very good look when they are pregnant. Movie stars and singers are real dummies in all situations. And at the time when they are pregnant, they choose the most beautiful clothes for women.

pregnant star look

The first to surprise with her beautiful outfit it is Kim Kardashian with a lace tunic. It has transparent sleeve with curved size which flared at the hip level. To accompany him, she chooses a nice leather pants. It is a perfect set.

 pregnant star look

Then there’s the mini-dress of the beautiful Camila Alves who appears to have made a good choice. This mini-dress offers simultaneously comfort and style, this is a style to copy. Her dress is not long, and thus a greater femininity, but it is not too short either.

 pregnant star look

The most beautiful look of sport is attributed to the beautiful Alessandra Ambrosio with this figure hugging outfit dark. This color dark and being pregnant does not prevent him being very feminine. To copy this look, the better it’s not overload and opt for comfort.

 pregnant star look

Woman famous or not, the wonderful little dress can offer a flattering look to a pregnant woman. You can choose a model not too tight and adjusted to the body. The advantage of the little black dress is that the little black dress showcases the generous chest.

pregnant star look

The maxi dress is an outfit that did never betrays any pregnant woman. Observed on the red carpet, the maxi dress with a smooth style is superb. It helps to have a beautiful silhouette. It can even vary this style with motifs and forms fitted to the chest.

 pregnant star look

We cannot forget the printed evening dress. Pregnant women are not forced to dress with dark and united colors. If you have a fairly discreet body, a printed in the weight or a retro-style evening dress is perfect.

Maintain her evening dress and her other outfits

The advice to keep his evening dresses and other clothing

 maintain her evening dress

Evening dresses, skirt, blouse and others held of women are all magnificent. However, they are less glamorous when there are stains, fading and when they are damaged. It happens sometimes, but solutions exist to properly take care of his evening wear. Here are a few tips.


Solutions to the common problems of the uniforms and clothing

Tips to maintain her outfits and dress

 maintain her evening dress

Various problems may occur in clothing and evening dresses. The first are sweating tasks that cause discoloration at the level of the armpits, for long-sleeved dresses. It is also a common problem with the blouses.

maintain her evening dress (3)

The solution to the tasks of sweats is simple. You can get the male idea of wearing a t-shirt molding cotton under garments. This allows to remove sweat, bacteria and deodorant. If it is not, you can always opt for disposable cotton protections that are pasted on the blouse and prevents skin to touch the fabric.

maintain her evening dress (4)

The second most common problem observed on dresses and other outfits, these are other tasks. It comes lactation, secretion, and fluid of a light bulb or even rules. These are all troublesome and difficult to clean sometimes issues.

 maintain her evening dress

To resolve this kind of problem, there is a simple Board and it is to wear underwear. All types of underwear are welcome and can help keep the holding. And as for the armpits, his one does not support underwear, choose protection in cotton.

 maintain her evening dress

For visible stains around the neck of evening dresses and blouses, the better it is to prevent making a good skin scrub. It helps to remove traces of dirt and sweat at the level of the throat. Special disposable covers for collar also exist.

 maintain her evening dress

Discolorations, pilling and shrinkage problems are also very disturbing, especially with evening dresses. It must say that always wear and washing clothes several times may alter the color or size.

maintain her evening dress (8)

To remedy this, the best is to follow the advice listed on the labels of each dress and every outfit. We must be careful when doing the laundry, do sort on all levels. In all, should just take care of treat clothing one by one while being very careful to bleach.

The Prada parade at the Milan Fashion Week

The future spring-summer 2014 collection of Prada at the Milan Fashion Week

   Prada Milan fashion week

The future female outfit’s collection of Prada will be very artistic. It is observed during the Milan Fashion Week where it was able to see a preview of that will be the spring-summer 2014 fashion. Fashion lovers will be spoiled next year.


Prada and its collection of hyper-feminine’s outfits

A feminine style claimed with the street style

Prada Milan fashion week

It is a real claim to a women’s fashion that Prada will make in its future spring-summer collection. We can even say that women will take the power of fashion thanks to assets of staggered seduction, fantasy and very artistic look.

Prada Milan fashion week

Miuccia Prada has spared no efforts to replace women on the fashion front. Indeed, the designer has opted for very flashy looks. Whether its dresses, coats, and other women’s evening wear, everything is very visible.


Models of gaudy female outfits

Prada Milan fashion week

Very inspired by the ‘street art’, the spring-summer collection of Prada at the Milan Fashion Week is so skews toward looks younger and more colorful. What makes this is a collection 100% feminine with dresses and very feminine outfits.

  Prada Milan fashion week

The brainchild of designer is based on the fact that women must be seen, heard, and above all views. Between representation of style of strong woman, active and more sensual and delicate touches women fashion could find their ideal in this collection.

Prada Milan fashion week

First example, we can observe evening dresses colored like this. It is a dress very model representing a woman very visible, reassured and who pays. The style is very feminine with features that highlight the silhouette and tangible assets.

  Prada Milan fashion week

Still in the women’s field of the ‘street style’, the collection spring-summer 2014 Prada also includes models of dress with a presence of assets of embroidery and graphic design. The artistic side is very visible with the style of the skirt.

Prada Milan fashion week

This very artistic collection goes as far as amazing classic styles. For example, there is this portrait dress that puts forward the fantasy and seduction. In most of these “street styles”, there is even the style of supports throat very militant to highlight the power and the femininity of the outfits.