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Preparations for a wedding, the important points before the D-day.

The important points to clarify and to care for her wedding approach


The wedding is a very important event in the life of a couple. It is the gateway to the common life and this change goes through many preparations that the two lovers must do together. Preparations for a wedding are not confined to the choice of the most beautiful lace wedding dress for the bride. It involves many steps that we specify the most important approach to the big day.


Gestures and actions to be taken before the wedding
      know how to prepare her wedding

The wedding day is fast approaching. The date of your wedding’s day has been fixed long ago, and also booking the restaurant or she will be held with the theme you have chosen. You already bought your lace wedding dress 6 months ago before the wedding. Almost everything is perfect except for organizing the details that can not be resolved until the final moments.


To shop for gift ideas wedding

It is time to remove the wedding list in the store you selected, or choose to hire a professional. It is always better to go together with someone.  You could probably suggest a friend to come with you. You should also remember to put as many gift ideas in mind such as lamps, picture frames and other gift items that you can do. In case you do not have much time, you can request lists types and file in your store will save you time.


Take care of your body some weeks to the wedding’s day

At the approach of the day of your wedding is the perfect time to start a fitness program. If for example your wedding dress does not suit you due to weight change happens frequently. Some salons offer attractive packages with slimming cure, skin cleansing, relaxing massage or other treatments for brides. And, if you want to make a contract of marriage, do not forget to make an appointment with a notary.


Being beautiful and elegant at your wedding

To treat the final appearance on the big day in your beautiful wedding dress, small UV sessions will give the bride a good mine. However, you should be careful not to abuse it to not appear too tanned. The groom can of course do the same. Confirm your appointment for the morning of D-Day with the hairdresser and beautician and recheck your entire schedule with all the people to whom you entrusted a task in your marriage. And most importantly, a very important detail, relax after those long hours of preparation, allow yourself a few days of rest before the big day.



The real story of the wedding dresses in fashion.

The important points in the history of wedding dresses


The wedding dress is the most famous dress in the world. Maybe you have already read the story of the wedding dress in general. But here, we will give you some accuracy in times marked the history of this beautiful dress that all women dream to wear For the current beautiful wedding dress has gone through years of evolution before and instead it today.


Since the beginning of the beautiful wedding dress until today
      The wedding dress in the beginning, various colors


During the Middle Ages, brides did not usually wear a dress specifically for their wedding, but they simply wore for their wedding day the most beautiful of their dress. Thus, the wedding dress has long been a reflection of regional customs. To put their dress to say on other occasions and ceremonies, bride’s popular media have long worn dresses in colors like brown, dove, blue or gray. Even in privileged backgrounds and for weddings, wedding dresses were made of colored fabrics, embellished with trimmings of gold or silver fur and borders, according to the fashion of the moment. According to the story always, Mary would be the first to wear a white dress at her wedding with Francois II, white being the color of the Dukes of Guise.





The evolution of the wedding dress until today

In the early nineteenth century, the Catholic Church resumes and continues the tradition of the white wedding dress that has become synonymous with purity and virginity in the image of the bride. Since then, the trends and fashion have greatly influenced the styles of the wedding dress and she followed the wind. After the Second World War there was a shortage of fabrics in Europe. Robes, and further flared up when feet are at their comeback couturiers such as Christian Dior. And after May 1968, a very different taste appears and reigns in the world of wedding dresses and brides come to the town hall in costume every day or even pants. However, princess wedding dresses are still popular with models with flared skirt, embroidery, beads and lace.


The beauty of the current wedding dresses

Today, there are wedding dresses for everyone, and most are still made lace wedding dresses. The creators have kept an image of nostalgia keeping the lace as the main material of making wedding dress. There is also and especially the openings of the colors of these beautiful wedding dresses or colorful patterns and prints that adorn the dress even more. The wedding dress she has kept elegance indisputable browsing all these years and its evolutions.

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