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The collection 2015 of chouchoudress’s evening dresses

The new dresses from the 2015 collection arrive on chouchoudress

Many women waited it for a long time in the wardrobes; here is the new collection of chouchoudress. It is sumptuous and elegant evening dresses, all new models in the 2015 collection, which is currently available on the web site of chouchoudress for all fashion fans.


A new collection, a new modern trend

Royal evening dresses styles

For this new collection of 2015, fashion designers have given themselves fully to provide one of the models of dresses totally feminine and Royal. All the advantages of the feminine charm are included in these new evening dresses. This is a set of total elegance and feminine sensuality in fashion.

It has accentuated the side charming dress with corset-style dresses. Our dresses in suspenders, a greater femininity and a great chic side is present on the surface of the dress. The slot at the level of the skirts, the folds as well as ornaments is simply sublime. All these details have a look perfectly in phase and offer a Royal appearance to these new evening dresses.


Some examples of new the new 2015 collection dresses

Here is an example a splendid very elegant evening dress. It has a skirt with a slit perfectly in synthesis with the rest of the dress. The strapless style accentuates elegance, especially through the rhinestones that you can see.

With a blue color King, here is a beautiful wide straps evening dress. Expressing perfectly modern image is chic of a woman; the seam is just simply stunning. At the level of the bust can be seen of the horizontal folds that descend on the front until the vertical skirt.

Women who love the dresses to halters will love this model. It’s a glittery Halter evening dress. Indeed, style halters is decorated with fantastic sequins, which offer a high gloss appearance, a great attraction and elegance to all.

An irresistible model of evening dress, here is the dress with a bustier in heart. It also has a very long split skirt. The slit in the skirt with the strapless heart form a perfect asset to have a Royal appearance to the gown.