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Three styles of wedding dresses for three types of women

Different styles of wedding dress for different tastes


Women each have their own tastes and preferences in fashion. And even if there is a similarity in their choices, the details are a little different. These selection criteria are also present when it comes to wedding dress, and more because it is the unique dress that they will once in their lives. Here are three styles of wedding dress tailored to three types of tastes and different women.


Different wedding dresses to fit the tastes and style
The princess style wedding dress

Wedding dresses are made ​​to meet special works the bride during her big day. So the wedding dress should be beautiful, elegant and perfect for her. Her beautiful wedding dress should reflect the best of herself, her choices and tastes in fashion. The first style of wedding dress is the wedding dress princess. As its name suggests, the princess wedding dress will make you look like a princess at your wedding with the prince. This style of dress is often crafted in muslin and satin. It has a long tail to make real image as the princess in fairy tales. Usually it is a semi-cathedral train. Apart from this long tail, there are also decorated and neck with a straight neckline and beaded, and the shape of the skirt with a voluminous ruffled effect. Behind it was the closing zip or lace, the choice is yours.



Strapless wedding dress

Then there are the strapless wedding dress. This type of wedding dress is ideal for women who want to look and benefit their chest. Female character, strong women who care theirs bodies. Strapless wedding dress is a great and incomparable elegance. Strapless wedding dress is incredibly beautiful because it is always designed with attention and with great finesse. In general, the dress is made from lace and muslin, which gives it its quality and sublimity among other wedding dresses. On the chest, neck without, one can notice a slight transparency of the lace for a glimpse of the Bra, a glamorous style. The rest of the dress forms fit perfectly your body will find a perfect fit when you wear your wedding dress. The skirt also allows great freedom of movement for your legs when you go dancing during the ceremony with your husband.



The style of wedding dress that brings out your strengths

Finally, there are wedding dresses for brides with a special body with wide hips or buttocks and bosom. These wedding dresses with cuts fluids with affects lengthen your figure and hide your curves. Fluid materials are preferred for this type of dresses, and we must be careful to choose the right size. For sleeves, wide sleeves and fluids will mark your size to put your curves with a belt that you can wear under your glamorous chest for. You will be perfect in your wedding rob and you could enjoy your body benefits.


The real story of the wedding dresses in fashion.

The important points in the history of wedding dresses


The wedding dress is the most famous dress in the world. Maybe you have already read the story of the wedding dress in general. But here, we will give you some accuracy in times marked the history of this beautiful dress that all women dream to wear For the current beautiful wedding dress has gone through years of evolution before and instead it today.


Since the beginning of the beautiful wedding dress until today
      The wedding dress in the beginning, various colors


During the Middle Ages, brides did not usually wear a dress specifically for their wedding, but they simply wore for their wedding day the most beautiful of their dress. Thus, the wedding dress has long been a reflection of regional customs. To put their dress to say on other occasions and ceremonies, bride’s popular media have long worn dresses in colors like brown, dove, blue or gray. Even in privileged backgrounds and for weddings, wedding dresses were made of colored fabrics, embellished with trimmings of gold or silver fur and borders, according to the fashion of the moment. According to the story always, Mary would be the first to wear a white dress at her wedding with Francois II, white being the color of the Dukes of Guise.





The evolution of the wedding dress until today

In the early nineteenth century, the Catholic Church resumes and continues the tradition of the white wedding dress that has become synonymous with purity and virginity in the image of the bride. Since then, the trends and fashion have greatly influenced the styles of the wedding dress and she followed the wind. After the Second World War there was a shortage of fabrics in Europe. Robes, and further flared up when feet are at their comeback couturiers such as Christian Dior. And after May 1968, a very different taste appears and reigns in the world of wedding dresses and brides come to the town hall in costume every day or even pants. However, princess wedding dresses are still popular with models with flared skirt, embroidery, beads and lace.


The beauty of the current wedding dresses

Today, there are wedding dresses for everyone, and most are still made lace wedding dresses. The creators have kept an image of nostalgia keeping the lace as the main material of making wedding dress. There is also and especially the openings of the colors of these beautiful wedding dresses or colorful patterns and prints that adorn the dress even more. The wedding dress she has kept elegance indisputable browsing all these years and its evolutions.

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2013, the year of beautiful wedding dresses

Models of beautiful wedding dresses on our website for this year 2013


This year marks a revolution in the field of fashion in chouchoudress because it is the year of the wedding dresses. These dresses will be highlighted and will have the opportunity to surprise and dazzle you with the beauty of their making. Our designers work to provide details to the dresses are perfection for you. This will be our wedding gift for your most special day.

Beautiful wedding dresses new generation

      A new vision of the wedding dresses

Wedding dresses, ever considered like works of art have always kept this quality and designation. Because since the class they offer is unparalleled in fashion. In this new view, the wedding dresses are a part of yourself, and you will become a piece of art work wearing another beautiful wedding dress. Wedding dresses today have a life which is offered by the bride. The assurance of a perfect beauty in the wedding day will depend on the wedding dress and all made ​​with the bride.


Our gorgeous models of beautiful wedding dresses in 2013

Since this is the year of wedding dresses, lace wedding dresses available will be very special. Our wedding dresses are up to your expectations with styles and care of the details of these dresses. We spent a great deal of work on wedding dresses lace dresses lace as are preferred by our clients. In addition to this, the lace dresses this year 2013 are pure wonders. Thus, our designers have stepped up their efforts in order to satisfy all the desires in varying styles and expanding the styles of wedding dresses. We offer you a wide choice on our lace wedding dresses throughout the year.


Beautiful wedding dresses for brides

To brides, here are some perfect wedding dresses that will satisfy you. You will have to choose between these outfits wedding. Evening dresses in lace have the honor to be put before the scene this year; their particular style has its own personality to the dress. With this new model lace wedding dress as an example, we immediately notice that out of the ordinary. This is possible by the excellent performance of her sewing, small details and ornaments that constitute it. Apart from the style A-line wedding dress, its white color, this wedding dress lace is embellished on the front of the bust with embroidery and wonderful. These beautiful decorations are also visible at the straps to give this dress looks classy present. This wedding dress is available in the website of chouchoudress in his new collection of wedding dress 2013.