2014 Halloween promotion, sexy costumes

2014 Halloween promotion, sexy costumes

via 2014 Halloween promotion, sexy costumes.


2014 Halloween promotion, sexy costumes

Sexy costumes promotion of Halloween is now on chouchoudress

Sexy costume

During this month of October, women are flocking to the costumes special Halloween. And this 2014 year, chouchoudress’s website presents a great promotion on the models of special sexy Halloween costumes. A good idea for women to surprise their men.


The promotion of Halloween and new costumes

The promotion of the year for women

sexy costume

Always put into honor since the beginning of this year 2014, women will be delighted. This Halloween 2014 promotion is a totally female promotion because price products are stylish and sexy Halloween costumes.



For Halloween, a large collection of sexy lingerie is implemented promotion with a reduction of 70%. Costumes sexy models, the reduction are 65% on all models. It is a chance not to be missed by the end of the year, to spend the holiday of Halloween in beauty.


Some nice 2014 Halloween costumes models

Here is the sexy Halloween costume charming pirate captain. It is a model of costume with a very feminine and sexy side. On the other hand, the rebellious style is also highly noted with black and red color. This sexy Halloween costume is currently only € 18.99.



For the amateurs of history of pirates, they will be satisfied with this costume sexy seductive pirate Halloween. It is a model colored in black and red, with a sexy miniskirt and very remarkable and attractive assets. This model is currently € 18.99 also in promotion.

If some women like to play the evil, this witch costume will be perfect. Referred to as the sexy costume Halloween wicked witch mysterious, this model is very sexy with a cut flush with the body. Its black color and its long sleeves add a very attractive effect on this costume. Promotion, this wicked witch Halloween costume is only€ 19.99.



Some women may captivate their men by choosing this sexy costume. It’s the costume sexy enchanting Halloween violet. This costume is black and purple color very attractive, with a chic super bust adorned with beautiful rhinestones.



The largest promotion of Halloween attendent is on chouchoudress. It is the time to take the opportunity to acquire new models of sexy costumes. Promotional prices and reductions are proposed there for all styles and tastes.

Beautiful evening dresses on the red carpet of the 2014 World Music Awards

The most beautiful evening dresses paraded down the red carpet of the 2014 World Music Awards

red carpet dress

The biggest music stars in have been present. The World Music Awards took place in Monaco this year and we could see pretty looks of actresses and celebrities. To discover the tastes of the stars for look, here is a small summary of the red carpet at this festival with the finest evening dresses.


World Music Awards and the beautiful evening dresses

The price of the music, the red carpet of evening dresses

red carpet dress

It is well known that the World Music Awards is a ceremony that rewards the most beautiful songs of the year. It is also a meeting between the artists and the current stars ceremony. In music, it is one of the largest awards ceremonies.

red carpet dress

Beyond the awards and music awards, it is also a great fashion show happening on the red carpet. This year, it’s a real fashion show that has occurred. It must be said that celebrities don’t miss no opportunity to appear in style.


Beautiful dresses stars of World Music Awards

red carpet dress

The elegance is in order for this ceremony of music in Monaco. The most beautiful dresses made their appearance on the red carpet. Sublime dress Nina Dobrev, Tal and other singers who marched in style has noticed.

red carpet dress

The beautiful Nina Dobrev has opted for a splendid and elegant brilliant Golden evening dress. Its appearance is very sublime even if her dress was considered a little bling bling for the red carpet. In any case, the mermaid dress style fits him perfectly and his body is highlighted.

red carpet dress

Accompanied by her lover, the young French singer, Tal, has opted for a light dress very chic. Her dress perfectly married her body of a young woman in casual style. Hot summer color, wide ramp and a slit in the skirt, her look is part of the most beautiful red carpet.

red carpet dress

For the chic and glamorous side, the magnificent Anggun perfectly assured. She was accompanied by her fiance on the red carpet. The singer chose a beautiful black bustier dress. At the level of her skirt, patterns in black and white and trolling ensure perfectly the role to ornaments.

The new handbags of chouchoudress are there

For women, the new handbags arrive in the chouchoudress collection


Here is the great novelty of chouchoudress, the handbags for women. It’s all new models that are encrusted in the large collection of 2014, and with very attractive prices. Female tastes are very varied, and that is why these new bags have very different styles also.


The new handbag collection very upscale

For more feminine women handbags

In this new collection of hand bag, there is precisely a valorization of femininity. This is noticeable especially on the outward appearance and colors super trend. Styles are also very modern to stay in the wind of fashion.

For other details, one can observe also the pure elegance with diamond styles, floral patterns, material and capacity of bags which is proportional to the size. Whatever the style sought, it is present in this collection of handbags from chouchoudress.


The selection of handbags in the collection of chouchoudress

For lightness and a very young style for the summer and fall, here’s a very special handbag. This is the purse broad trend color summer hit. Ideal for a stroll in the city and even to go to the office, this bag has a zip closure very trend.


For more elegance and class, there is the choice of this beautiful cream-colored handbag. This model features ornaments gold with two zip closures. In the chouchoudress collection, this bag is only € 23.99.

To play the glamour trend, the right choice would be this rectangular stylish plaid handbag. Wrists m i-long steel of tungsten is its peculiarity. Ideal to accompany a short evening dress, this bag is only € 26.99 currently on chouchoudress.


For the most elegant women and upscale, the choice is easy on chouchoudress through this model of handbag. This is a bag with wrists in semicircles very elegant, modern style. Ideal for a pretty dress, this bag is € 25.99.

For women who love the colors, here is the perfect handbag. It is a model of form envelope with multiple slides. This bag is in blue, and also available in other colors. On chouchoudress, this bag is only € 29.99.

The 2014 big destocking with chouchoudress evening dresses

Beautiful evening gowns and cocktail dresses are in destocking

For this summer, this is the offer not to be missed currently on chouchoudress. Destocking is happening currently with totally cheap price. Short evening dresses, long evening gowns and of child dresses are affected by these great 2014 destocking.


Evening dresses destocking, a gift

Pretty dresses in storage

The destocking of chouchoudress lasts until July 31, 2014. For all stock evening dresses, the price is only € 29.99 regardless of the model, as long as it is in stock. For all short evening dresses in stock and the child of honor dresses, priced at just$ 22.99.

In this category of cheap evening dresses, one can see beautiful models, including the best-selling dress of chouchoudress. Colors, styles and trends are present and there are more customers that choose the most beautiful dresses with a given price.


Some dresses in destocking

As mentioned previously, destocking evening dresses are very varied in style and color. But for the price, it is the same for all long evening dresses; it is the same also for short evening dresses and child of honor dress.

Here for example Chameleon cocktail dress. It is a beautiful black color chouchoudress model. It is designed exclusively with the satin and chiffon with an asymmetrical neckline and an ornament pleated at the waist.

As elegant and € 29.99 only, here is the magnificent neckline strapless long evening dres

s. It is also designed with satin and chiffon with a color Viola to give a totally stylish effect. This dress style is currently in storage on chouchoudress.

The children of honor dresses are also prevalent in this destocking. They are $ 24.99 only as this beautiful child of honor dress purple color flowers dress white. This beautiful child dress is available in sizes 2 to 16 years on chouchoudress.

Total elegance is affordable with this magnificent long tulle evening dress. With a silvery color and its plunging neckline, this stunning long dress provides elegance. Also in storage, it is $ 29.99 only until July 31.

The most beautiful evening dresses at the Radio Disney Music Awards 2014

The red carpet at the Disney Music Awards 2014 unveils the most beautiful dresses of the young stars

Radio Disney Awards red carpet A ceremony very followed by young people and adolescents, the Radio Disney Music Awards unveiled the young trend of the moment. On the red carpet of the ceremony the stylish dresses of the young stars of music was very elegant. Here are some of these 2014 Radio Disney Music Awards outstanding dresses in Los Angeles.

Notable styles during the 2014 edition

The Radio Music Awards, a very young ceremony

Radio Disney Awards red carpet As we all know, the Radio Disney Music Awards is a ceremony that reward the young talents of the music. It has seen pass many stars of music such as Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and others still. It is a real bargain for the young stars of the music. Radio Disney Awards red carpet This year 2014, these young stars have held promise especially at the level of the looks. The red carpet of the Radio Disney Music Awards was a real fashion show with the. Evening dresses and outfits hyper trends and youth have impressed more than one on the red carpet. 2014 Radio Disney Awards red carpet dress The first singer who impressed on the red carpet, this is the famous Stefanie Scott. The singer opted for a super elegant dress leaving to display her hips with a body on the top style. With a black color, skirt flaring and asymmetric made him see a totally beautiful appearance. 2014 Radio Disney Awards red carpet dress Then, there are the beautiful and the unique Selena Gomez. The star chose a beautiful dress peplum short skirt and long sleeves mid. With the top in black and two-tone black and white skirt, she displays a very sublime look on the red carpet of the Radio Disney Music Awards. 2014 Radio Disney Awards red carpet dress We also admire the sexy look of Eva Sambora. Indeed, the star opted for a short mini dress with a ultra skirt to display its tangible assets. With a color very upscale, Eva has not passed unnoticed on the red carpet of the Radio Disney Music Awards. 2014 Radio Disney Awards red carpet dress Kelly Osbourne played the two-tone style. Her outfit was in white and black stripes. She lets appear her hips to keep sexiness, and long sleeves allows him to have a classy look. Her short skirt is superb and the whole is splendid. 2014 Radio Disney Awards red carpet dress One of the most stylish on the red carpet is the singer Emily Osment. Her dress is beautiful with the starry color of her skirt and top in black. She and perfectly morphology in value and asymmetric skirt gives a perfectly fabulous appearance. We love very much.

News, swimsuit, beach wear, bikinis and trikinis for summer

The swimming suits, beach bikinis and trikinis for summer fall into the new collection

Here’s the surprise of the year. With summer, chouchoudress unveils its new collection for the beach and vacations. It is of course of swimwear, bikinis and trikinis added in the great collection of women’s clothes. Here is a presentation of these new products with very attractive promotional prices.


The new features that will appeal to women

Swimsuits with very attractive prices

To satisfy the maximum of clients, this new collection of chouchoudress is promoted at very competitive prices. This is the time to take advantage of these new features for this summer and vacation at the beach.

These new products of the chouchoudress site are from just € 22.99 and the choice is very varied, that it is the colors or styles. There are 2 pieces, bikinis, beach dresses and the trikinis inter alia in swimsuits.


Some models of swimwear for women by chouchoudress

Of course, women are preferred for this summer and this year Beach holiday. It’s because all styles are present in this collection. For sizes, its standards, and S, L and M sizes and for some models there are XL sizes.

For only €22, 99, here’s a bikini swimsuit two pieces in this collection. Very sexy looking and very comfortable it is a model sexy push up fashionable this summer at the beach. This model is available in other colors such as white, pink or yellow.

The tendency of the colors also happens at the beach. Here’s an outfit from Beach swimsuits with colorful floral prints. It is fully designed with polyester and comes with a round neckline. At chouchoudress, it’s only €51.99 with free delivery.

Very sexy also, here’s a swimsuit trikini designed with strips naked to the waist and hips level. For only € 37.99, it is a model very tendency this summer at the beach. This model is available in black and fuchsia on chouchoudress.


Very beautiful, there is also this beach swimsuit outfit accompanied by shoulder straps. The upper part is black while the bottom is more colorful with the colors of the summer to stand out to the beach.