Maintain her evening dress and her other outfits

The advice to keep his evening dresses and other clothing

 maintain her evening dress

Evening dresses, skirt, blouse and others held of women are all magnificent. However, they are less glamorous when there are stains, fading and when they are damaged. It happens sometimes, but solutions exist to properly take care of his evening wear. Here are a few tips.


Solutions to the common problems of the uniforms and clothing

Tips to maintain her outfits and dress

 maintain her evening dress

Various problems may occur in clothing and evening dresses. The first are sweating tasks that cause discoloration at the level of the armpits, for long-sleeved dresses. It is also a common problem with the blouses.

maintain her evening dress (3)

The solution to the tasks of sweats is simple. You can get the male idea of wearing a t-shirt molding cotton under garments. This allows to remove sweat, bacteria and deodorant. If it is not, you can always opt for disposable cotton protections that are pasted on the blouse and prevents skin to touch the fabric.

maintain her evening dress (4)

The second most common problem observed on dresses and other outfits, these are other tasks. It comes lactation, secretion, and fluid of a light bulb or even rules. These are all troublesome and difficult to clean sometimes issues.

 maintain her evening dress

To resolve this kind of problem, there is a simple Board and it is to wear underwear. All types of underwear are welcome and can help keep the holding. And as for the armpits, his one does not support underwear, choose protection in cotton.

 maintain her evening dress

For visible stains around the neck of evening dresses and blouses, the better it is to prevent making a good skin scrub. It helps to remove traces of dirt and sweat at the level of the throat. Special disposable covers for collar also exist.

 maintain her evening dress

Discolorations, pilling and shrinkage problems are also very disturbing, especially with evening dresses. It must say that always wear and washing clothes several times may alter the color or size.

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To remedy this, the best is to follow the advice listed on the labels of each dress and every outfit. We must be careful when doing the laundry, do sort on all levels. In all, should just take care of treat clothing one by one while being very careful to bleach.


Bandages evening dresses is always beautiful

The beauty of bandage dress, details that sublimate a woman’s body

bandage dress

The bandage dress, be it long or short is always fabulous and offers great elegance. Very taken by women for celebrations or ceremonies, the bandage dress has also been sighted on the red carpet and catwalks this year. Here is the decoding of this super style of dress.

The bandage dress, an assumed woman look

The trend of the bandage dress

bandage dress

The bandage dress is a very elegant outfit and it is characterized by its particular style. Bandage dress is located at the level of the waist, and it serves as a belt integrated into the dress giving a reduction effect to the hip that wears the dress.

bandage dress

Up to now, and since the beginning of the year, we saw many models of bandage dress in women’s fashion. In addition, it has the advantage of being able to be accompanied by all possible styles, some either taste and whatever the type of woman.

Many possible styles with the bandage dress

In many styles of dresses, bandage it is especially the Cup, which emphasizes size making it sharper and more beautiful. For long, the bandage dress’s fashion is very present in women’s fashion that it is the movie star or the simple amateur of mode.

bandage dress

With the side belt integrated, the bandage dress can adopt in several ways. Already cited above, opportunities for weddings, anniversaries or graduations or a baptism are all ideal to remove the bandage dress. He just knows to wear the look and adapt them to each body.


Person renounces the beauty and the modern side of the bandage dress. With their style charming, versatile and particularly are varied. Women love it, it’s the easiest style to the more sophisticated, it will never refuse a dress.

bandage dress

The styles of dresses the most chosen bandages are strapless mullet, the dess with the flowing skirt and elegant long dress. For the top style, we choose detailed styles which tend to always mark the hip. So there are the lace embroidery and sequins.

banfage dress

For the best colors, we can refer to bandage dress of the stars on the red carpet. We love especially shades of blue and red, orange and pink. Also very visible on the red carpet this year, naked, white or black lilac is also perfect.

Fashion accessories to stand out with her dress

Stand other looks of evening dress with fashion accessories this autumn

fashion handbag

All women know that the accessories are important for a perfect look. It’s an evening gown or other types of outfits, choosing the right accessories can make a great shoot to the look. Here are a few basic tips.

Fashion accessories, advantages of chic women

The autumn and props do not miss to sublimate the dress

fashion women shoes

Nothing can be so chic that a woman in a beautiful dress evening which becomes very elegant with accessories. Knowledge in selection of the accessories is important to have a good look.

fashion accessories with dresses (3)

The idea is that when wearing a dress or a chic outfit, it should look similar to ones seen in fashion shows. We will therefore copy their look to be the most accurate possible. It is also an idea that will make a unique effect in departing from other women.

Fashion accessories that will make the difference

fashion accessories with dresses (8)

During autumn, the mittens are encrusted in the feminine look with gold charms and maxi colored stones. Ideally, the leather inner mitts can perfectly accompany a look like a star’s white evening dress. This is an easy but totally elegant style.

The small handbag to embellish the evening dress seems to be a usual look. Set for the fall, we will choose a metal bag and golden color with a minimalist style and a vintage year 50. Whatever the dress or the chosen evening dress, it will become very chic.

women fashion shoes


For your pretty feet, white shoes are perfect accessories. It will become indispensable outfits in the wardrobes; sharp-tipped shoes make a good effect this fall. Choose to accompany it with a dress of black or white.

fashion accessories with dresses (6)

To add the effect to mittens, one can also play on the XXL version ring. The trend of jewelry XXL is always trend because the style is perfect even if it adds more nothing. The best is to choose a ring of geometric shape with a style and a hippie look.

fashion accessories with dresses (7)

We don’t forget the metallic trend which is still very visible this fall. This faith, we do accompany him not with an evening dress or colored pants. Blue would be perfect because it also showcases shoes. Look chic and young will be insured.

The most beautiful evening dresses of the 2013 Emmy Awards

The red carpet of the 2013 Emmy Awards and the beautiful stars evening dresses

2013 Emmy Awards dress

Each year, the Emmy Awards ceremony rewards the finest American TV series and we always discover new stars. This year, the ceremony was held in Los Angeles. Last Sunday, one could see the stars with beautiful evening dresses on the red carpet.


The best outfits and evening dresses of the ceremony

Emmy Awards 2013, a real fashion ceremony

 2013 Emmy Awards dress

As every year, the Emmy Awards ceremony helped to discover the fashion of the stars. Between film prices and the trend of celebrities, all fans of stars have been satisfied. Many evening outfits paraded on the red carpet with class and finesse.

2013 Emmy Awards dress

During the Emmy Awards ceremony, celebrities have opted in general for fall dresses upscale and chic. It comes to dresses with styles full of elegance with ribs chic and charming.


Actresses and their evening dresses

 2013 Emmy Awards dress

The first star who has impressed during the ceremony, it is the singer Carrie Underwood with a stunning evening dress strapless Princess. With a purple color and a full skirt, the singer was very elegant. A belt at the waist level trace gorgeous silhouette.

 2013 Emmy Awards dress

For actress Sarah Paulson, it’s in a beautiful dress long fuchsia that she marched on the red carpet. It is a model with a v-neck and knee sleeves. A chic bow decorates its size; she made a good choice of outfit for the Emmy Awards 2013.

 2013 Emmy Awards dress

Julie Bowen chose an evening gown by Zac Posen for this ceremony of the Emmy Awards 2013. This is a dress Mermaid style consisting of a skirt very structured with ruffled finishes. Very elegant, her body is very well represented through the beauty of clear pink dress.

 2013 Emmy Awards dress

Very sexy, the actress Cat Deeley has opted for an evening gown Armani Privé for the red carpet. Black, v-neck with attributes very sexy, it can be said that it has made a very good choice. It is one of sexiest held on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards 2013 edition.

 2013 Emmy Awards dress

One of the most elegant dresses from the Emmy Awards is Taylor Schilling dress. It is a draped model of white color with a belt at the waist. Chic glamour is the words that summarize this outfit from the star. She was radiant on the red carpet.

What dresses and what outfits to accompany the gold?

A look with gold and the most beautiful outfits and evening dresses

 dresses with gold

It is a very chic and valuable metal. The gold is a beautiful gem that can accompany the most beautiful outfits and evening dresses. As the silver and the most beautiful outfits accompanying, gold also has many strengths that highlight the very feminine look.


Wear gold to accompany her outfit with class

The effects of gold on the look and dresses

 dresses with gold

Gold yellow or gold white, it is a very precious metal which offers a large class that chose him. When it is in the form of jewelry, gold is a marvel. When worn with a pretty elegant long evening dress, he assures the perfection.

 dresses with gold

According to the outfit or dress with which it accompanies a jewel or deliver more in addition to secrets. What you need to know so, is to adequate maintenance so that the desired effect. Because it is also to clarify that gold cannot embellish any outfit.


The different possible looks with gold

dresses with gold

You should know that all outfits and dresses may not necessarily accompany gold. And this is valid also for styles. Depending on the time of day the gold agrees with different outfits and offers varied results. In general, the look is chic or glamorous.

dresses with gold

During a night event, to accompany a beautiful evening dress, you can choose a gold cuff bracelet. This style can offer a very glamorous look. The result can be sexy where the choice is focused on a black dress neckline, it is superb.

 dresses with gold

During the day, the gold can display both a discreet, chic look. The holding will then be a sleeved dress accompanied by a yellow gold ring. For the choice of a necklace, it can be accompanied a beautiful blouse, ideal for going to work. The classy effect will be insured perfectly.

dresses with gold

To keep on the fashion look with gold, nothing beats a gold collar accompanied by a little fluid dress. Another possible choice, these are small earrings accompanied by a pullover v-neck or a light outfit that fit. It will offer a young and casual look while remaining glamorous.
dresses with gold

For colors, it depends on the color of gold. For yellow gold, it is accompanied by mostly outfits of Brown, orange, black or pastel colors. As white gold, it is better with brighter colors such as red, Plum, turquoise or Raspberry. And he does not forget the grey and broken white.

What evening dresse to wear for a wedding in the spring?

What evening dresse to wear for a wedding in the spring?

Attend a wedding in the spring, an opportunity to dress with the most beautiful evening dresses


The smell of spring is everywhere with the wind blowing through our windows. And this is the case in all areas, including the fashion and evening dresses. Many couples decide to get married during the spring season to have a wedding ceremony full of life and very friendly. Thus, evening dresses for wedding wear to attend these ceremonies must be in harmony with the environment and the spirit of spring spring wedding. This is the perfect evening dresses for wedding like spring models Chouchoudress evening dresses.


Evening dresses and spring, an inseparable whole

Characteristics of an evening dress for a wedding in spring

Amazing Trumpet/Mermaid Strapless Floor-length Evening Dress With Bowknot(In Stock)


The idea that there is an evening dress for a wedding in spring is very broad. Often referred to birds, flowers and colors full of life and hopeful that cover the garden. That is to say, a total joy with all smiles and good mood that fill the day. It is to enjoy all that this choice falls on the organizing a wedding in the spring. And the same ideas and powers are discovered also in evening gowns to make during wedding ceremonies in the spring. He then s’gira evening dresses colorful with perfect cuts and a sparkling appearance.


Long evening dress for marriage split

Gorgeous A-line Beading Sweetheart Strapless Graduation /Ceremony Dress(IN STOCK)


This is an evening dress for wedding, perfect for a spring wedding. Its white color is its main advantage, an advantage that the spring defines the purity of the color. How not to love this gown. If we look in detail this beautiful evening dress, you can see its elegance. Indeed, it is designed with chiffon and satin, to keep the class in spring gracefully accompanies its white color.

article2 (1)


Slit dress is also characterized by the V-neck is one of the most ideal styles to wear to attend a wedding in the spring. Apart from this, we see obviously decorated and draped skirt that fits well the shape of the A-line dress. The bust is carefully decorated with semi precious stones and has a neck closure straps behind the neck. Therefore an ideal choice with colors, ornaments and shape of this long evening dress for spring wedding. This dress promises a result ensuring Chouchoudress.


Blue chiffon evening dress for wedding

Sheath Scalloped Neck chapel Train chiffon Prom Dresses With Ruffle


Here we find the color that characterizes the arrival of spring and spring style. This evening dress for wedding color is light blue, a color that radiate in a wedding day. This strapless evening gown style A-line fills completely the conditions to be worn in spring. The entire length of the dress is made in beautiful and folds at the waist, you can see this black belt mixed thoroughly into the fabric of the gown. Obviously, we can not forget that behind the offer with this lovely dress. Looking for evening dress for wedding to attend a romantic wedding in the season of love this spring dress is yours on Chouchoudress.

Try purple evening dresses from chouchoudress

Try purple evening dresses from chouchoudress

And why not try the chouchoudress purple evening dresses, beautiful dresses

Evening dresses, clothes that will never cease to surprise. There are styles and the many models that make all women, real stars. As an evening dress can give you all like you want and each evening dress a characteristic that distinguishes and differentiates the other. At chouchoudress, you could pamper yourself with its many models of evening dresses by choosing your favorite style. This time, we will see talk special evening dresses by color Viola chouchoudress t, its responsibilities and the beauty of seams.

Purple evening dresses, detailed mode works

What makes the beauty of a chouchoudress evening dress?

Purple evening dresses

The purple color is a color that has attributes special because it is a color which adapts to various other components such as white, black or brown. It is an amazing color, especially when it comes to dress. But in other cases, it is also special and beautiful. We know especially with this electric and attractive look, but behind these strong qualities, violet is also a color of sweetness and dream.

article1 (2)

The evidence is seen especially in these divine evening dresses, and it is mainly why it is so interesting, it is the color of the dream. The purple color is the result of the whole contradictory red and blue, a perfect set which gives a beautiful color, especially in fashion and evening dress. Not to opt for a color evening dress purple for acquire you all these advantages it offers so feel.


Chouchoudress evening dresses

Embellished floral line evening dress

A-line/Princess Sweetheart Purple Evening Dress Embellished With Draped Floral


Thirst of elegance and beauty, this purple evening dress will be perfect for you. It’s an evening dress strapless splendid and sumptuous. Made with chiffon, you will be satisfied with these floral ornaments that traverse all the dress. It is an evening gown short with a doubled by a fine veil long skirt that iterates through the dress since the size. The bustier is carefully decorated with floral these folds that revive it and this ornament at the level of this bust.

A-line/Princess Sweetheart Purple Evening Dress Embellished With Draped Floral


These floral ornaments are also visible on the skirt with details on the ends of it to perfect this appearance. The pace offered by this chouchoudress dress is impeccable, over this gorgeous dress has an a-line style, perfect for women who have tangible assets or those who want to appear with an incomparable beauty. This splendid evening dress veil is part of the chouchoudress evening dress collection, which offers daily the best of fashion.


Dress evening long gown

A-line/Princess Sweetheart Purple Evening Dress Embellished With Draped Floral


You will be one of the most beautiful and most elegant women of the evening if you choose this evening dress long gown. Because it is a discreet, elegant and glamorous evening dress. Violet Purple, it stands as a very classy to give you dreams tunes. Made of chiffon, it comes in the form of dress single strap which assembles the front and back of the dress in the back. This careful appearance of the evening dress is very visible, and this is one of the beauties of the chouchoudress evening dresses, and it is also the advantage of purple evening dresses.