Bandages evening dresses is always beautiful

The beauty of bandage dress, details that sublimate a woman’s body

bandage dress

The bandage dress, be it long or short is always fabulous and offers great elegance. Very taken by women for celebrations or ceremonies, the bandage dress has also been sighted on the red carpet and catwalks this year. Here is the decoding of this super style of dress.

The bandage dress, an assumed woman look

The trend of the bandage dress

bandage dress

The bandage dress is a very elegant outfit and it is characterized by its particular style. Bandage dress is located at the level of the waist, and it serves as a belt integrated into the dress giving a reduction effect to the hip that wears the dress.

bandage dress

Up to now, and since the beginning of the year, we saw many models of bandage dress in women’s fashion. In addition, it has the advantage of being able to be accompanied by all possible styles, some either taste and whatever the type of woman.

Many possible styles with the bandage dress

In many styles of dresses, bandage it is especially the Cup, which emphasizes size making it sharper and more beautiful. For long, the bandage dress’s fashion is very present in women’s fashion that it is the movie star or the simple amateur of mode.

bandage dress

With the side belt integrated, the bandage dress can adopt in several ways. Already cited above, opportunities for weddings, anniversaries or graduations or a baptism are all ideal to remove the bandage dress. He just knows to wear the look and adapt them to each body.


Person renounces the beauty and the modern side of the bandage dress. With their style charming, versatile and particularly are varied. Women love it, it’s the easiest style to the more sophisticated, it will never refuse a dress.

bandage dress

The styles of dresses the most chosen bandages are strapless mullet, the dess with the flowing skirt and elegant long dress. For the top style, we choose detailed styles which tend to always mark the hip. So there are the lace embroidery and sequins.

banfage dress

For the best colors, we can refer to bandage dress of the stars on the red carpet. We love especially shades of blue and red, orange and pink. Also very visible on the red carpet this year, naked, white or black lilac is also perfect.


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