What outfits and what dresses worn with silver?

How and with what outfits can be silver for having the most beautiful look

 dresses with silver

It’s very special white glow as the moon color and its beauty makes silver a very precious metal. In the field of fashion, it is the most used precious metal in jewelry. Silver offers a chic and fabulous look regardless the circumstance, but you need to know with what outfits and what dresses can accompany it.

The beauty of silver in a trendy look

A gem which offers a very nice look

 dresses with silver

Silver is much more affordable than gold, and it is also easier to use. With a silver jewel, it is always chic and stylish when you made the right choice. Its greatest peculiarity is that it illuminates all outfits with which it accompanies.

dresses with silver

With this immense elegance he brings, almost all women’s outfits can find shine. It was a look classic or distinguished, silver is not likely to change the appearance in a look bling-bling or vulgar. The basic rule to meet it is to avoid wearing gold and silver together.

The most beautiful possible outfits with silver

 dresses with silver

To have a stylish look in a beautiful evening dress, silver little be accompanied with other jewels, even if gold is sometimes excluded. There is for example the charm bracelet that allows mixing perfectly these two gems.

 dresses with silver

We can select silver also colors and skin tones for good to express its beauty. It is ideal for those that have red, blond or light brown hair. For women who have skin malt or dark are also prevalent, as well as those who have black, dark brown, blue, green or hazel eyes.

dresses with silver

During the day, one can be chic and discreet both in associating silver to a black dress or with cold tones as the off-white and gray. For the fashion style full day, nothing beats the suits or dresses in bright, vibrant color highlighted naturally by silver, like turquoise, red, yellow or plum.

dresses with silver

During a hot day, we can adopt without hesitation the agents Spartans. You can associate the look dresses with high-heeled Court shoes. It will be a pretty simplistic look, but it will make its effect. We can say that this style can dress up any dress and offers a totally different look.

dresses with silver

And during evening events, we can opt for a refined and very glamorous style with an evening dress and silver. The whole thing is to associate silver with other wonderful gems such as pearls, rubies, and even diamonds. For more effect, a small discreet bracelet and a pretty sexy pendant will do the trick without any error.


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