A wedding on a boat, the perfect place to wear the wedding dress

A wedding on a boat, the perfect place to wear the wedding dress

The place dreaming for dressing the bride dress; hold your wedding on a boat and enjoy the spring


It is a dream accessible to all and many women have dreamed more than once to put the wedding dress and getting married on a large boat. Being on a boat wedding dress, why not? Try the adventure and hold your wedding on a boat that it was unforgettable, because this is the kind of ceremony of marriage which leaves traces and memories for future years. Many have already tried and many are those who will do so, a unique and unusual wedding. Discover with evening dress chouchourouge benefits and explanations for having a beautiful wedding held on a boat.


An unusual and unforgettable wedding on a boat

The idea of a single wedding on a boat

A wedding on a boat


Is a beautiful and interesting idea and no say the contrary. This is the kind of wedding that will forever burn in the memoirs of the bride and groom and also guests. So this is a way to make her wedding a truly unforgettable ceremony. For a wedding boat, there are different kinds, some marry on a large cruise ship taking advantage of the long journey, and others were married at the Town Hall and then embark on a sailboat for the honeymoon. For the second case, some invite guests to extend the Party on a yacht. In fact, everything is possible for lovers of the water and the sea. The case of a marriage at the edge of a cruise that travel a lot, you need to know to recognize then your marriage in your country.


If you want to spend less for a wedding boat

A wedding on a boat


There are companies that specialize in wedding on a boat or on a cruise. These services and companies organize all the preparations and details of the organization. Ofcourse, you have the choice to choose vs preferences and give some ideas that you want to include in your wedding ceremony. Companies offer even special wedding dresses for a wedding boat. All you have to do so is to give some details about what you want to have the ceremony and a cheque for all services and expenses.

A wedding on a boat

But this organization can return a little expensive with all the spending to make. So there is an effective solution for an unforgettable boat wedding and which costs not too much at a time. It is sufficient just to have some ideas and set your budget. Here are a few ideas that still work. First you can with the owner of a vessel, the kind you really want and you want to rent. Well on, you need to know what equipment are present on board by visiting. Check the toilet off and other details that will serve you during the ceremony.

A wedding on a boat


After that is the price; choose the price which suits you best according to your wedding budget. And a detail to remember it is the captain. Because celebrate a wedding on a boat without captain will not be a true wedding. In addition, it is him will lead the ceremony. Be aware that you still have the choice of your wedding ceremony, you could take your guests at the seaside or organize the ceremony on a river for example. This will remain always charming and unforgettable and it lets you in addition to save costs.

A wedding on a boat


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