A wedding at the sea in spring, a wonderful atmosphere

A wedding at the sea in spring, a wonderful atmosphere

Planning a wedding in the sea in spring, an opportunity to join the sun and the heat


It’s spring, and it is time to return to the sun and wind of spring. Choose to hold your wedding at the sea beach is warm and began to attract everyone. It is a beautiful setting for a wedding in the spring because the sun is still very welcoming and the weather is not too hot. So if you love the sea, cruises or regarding marine activities, why not hold your wedding in the spring at the edge of the sea is an initiative that will allow you to live unforgettable moments and magic. Chouchoudress with advice, know what you need to know for a romantic wedding in the spring by the sea



A wedding, a wedding dress, a beach and spring, a perfect cocktail

The sea and the spring, more than romantic ambiance for a wedding

wedding at the sea


What more could you want for the bride and groom celebrating their wedding that your wedding on a beautiful beach and offer guests a reception very romantic with the sun with a small soft ballad feet in the water. The edge of the sea is a dream setting for the celebration of a marriage. Spring weddings are synonymous with softness and perfect climate. And it is even better if it happens to the water’s edge, it is simply beautiful, a privilege. You will be the happiest married if you have more chance to celebrate the wedding in the beach of an island paradise with all the ingredients. Not to mention that the bride will wear the most beautiful dress that is what the wedding dress.


A dream, a beach decor and spring

wedding at the sea

Mix the beach side, the sea and springs, it is a proper decoration idea for a wedding at the sea in spring. It goes without saying that your wedding dress will be a great advantage due to the atmosphere of spring and all the decorations that you could choose. This is one of the most significant ideas to complete the decoration of a wedding in the spring at the edge of the sea must therefore combine the two sides of the theme with original accessories but the mode.les decorations at a wedding the sea in spring are most often made in blue. You could use all its variations such as turquoise blue, blue water, blue, or sky blue.

wedding at the sea

Even the wedding dress has a touch of blue ornaments. It is so chic and original decorations that represent well the mixture between sea and spring. And since it is a wedding in the spring, it is important not to forget the little touch of nature with the colors of love. You could decorate the sand, with the colors of spring and fall a little in childhood with joys innocent and full. The green and white is flawless assets, which will undoubtedly enhance the wedding dress. Do not impose limits when the rest of the decor, everything that represents spring, you could add to your wedding ceremony.

wedding at the sea


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